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The Day of the Rose

...or Why We Like Riven

Bloom is asleep in her bed at Alfea, having a dream. She is in the midst of a blue void, as a voice calls out her name. The voice asks if Bloom remembers her. Bloom recognizes it as the voice that helped her escape Cloud Tower, but does not know who she is. The voice appears as a large, glowing woman, wearing a Mardi Gras mask. The voice says Bloom will find her when Bloom finds herself. The voice tells Bloom to look within. Bloom will find the voice when she finds herself, that it is her destiny, and to prepare for her journey. Bloom has no idea what the voice is talking about, and for Bloom to prepare.

Bloom wakes up, and Flora is at her bedside, staring curiously. Flora mentions that Bloom was talking in her sleep: "Look within." "What's my destiny?" Flora says she's all packed. Bloom asks where Flora is going. Flora says she's going home since it's the Day of the Rose. Bloom asks about classes, but Tecna, packing in the main room, tells Bloom that there are no classes, that it's a holiday where everyone celebrates their parents. Bloom says she didn't realize it was a special day, and as such, had no plans for going home, but Stella says Bloom could stick around with her. You would think the holiday would've eventually just come up naturally in conversation. And for the Flora and Tecna fans out there, you won't see either of them again after this point. Pity that Tecna only had a single line.

Bloom, Stella, and Musa are eating breakfast in the conspicuously empty cafeteria. Stella says she finds it depressing being in an empty room by herself. Professor Wizgiz passes by, mentioning that he's going to see his mother. Stella asks why Bloom's staying at Alfea. Bloom says she didn't know it was a holiday, and wasn't able to read the magic-cal. Some sort of magical calendar, I guess. Bloom asks Stella and Musa why they stayed. Stella talks about her parents getting a divorce, living in separate palaces. She starts getting depressed, then cheers herself back up saying "these things happen." Poor Stella. She so doesn't feel "these things happen." Seems she just doesn't want to depress Musa or Bloom. Stella asks Musa why she's staying. Musa tells them that she lost her mother as a kid, and the day's always been bittersweet for her, and that her Dad is on a realm-wide hip hop tour. Stella apologizes for asking, but Musa says it's OK, that she's just never been good at talking about it. Stella gives Musa a sweet little hug. Bloom says they can still spend the day together, as their own little family. Stella gets a text message from Prince Sky, who wants to meet Stella at the festival in the city, and invite her to the dance later that night. Musa wishes to remain at Alfea, though. The three girls hug.

At Cloud Tower, the Trix sisters are in Miss Griffin's office, with Miss Griffin yelling at them. She shows them the letter from Miss Faragonda telling her about the sisters' sneaking into Alfea. She's especially upset that a group of freshmen pixies caught them, telling the sisters that they've embarrassed Cloud Tower. She demands that the sisters redeem themselves, to break hearts, bones, whatever it takes to crush the pixies by the day's end.


Musa sits in one of Alfea's towers. Musa takes out a hologram thingy that makes a projection of her mother. She tell her about how she used to tell Musa about this tower being her favorite place, where Musa's Mom and Dad first kissed. She talks about how well she's doing in school, about having a crush on Riven, and that she'll spend the whole day with her. Musa is adorable here. It seems there is an actual connection too, not just some illusion spell-thingy, but that her mother's presence is actually there in some way. This is the last we hear of Musa in this episode, but look at it this way: she's uttered not a single slang word the whole episode!

Sky and Brandon walk about, saying how nice the festival is. Riven complains about how lame it is. They meet up with Stella and Bloom, and give the girls flowers, which float down from a ship in the sky. Sky mentions the annual Race for the Rose, which Sky and Brandon are going to be a part of, and mention how intense it will be. Riven says it'll be intense only for them, and that he's such a shoe-in to win, they should just put his name on the trophy right now. He refers to himself as the Rivenator. Heh. Riven teases Sky about how last year he fell off his bike in the first lap. Sky raises his fist, but Stella stops him, and worries about the race being dangerous. Brandon says the race is completely safe, as they wear state-of-the-art padding. One person crashes right at that moment, but is all right. The Trix sisters are watching all this from a nearby alley.

Another great scene here, folks, so tag along. Walking along, Sky mentions that Stella will be rooting for him, and Bloom will be rooting for Brandon, but that Riven has no one to support him. Riven thinks it's a stupid idea, that he needs no one cheering for him, but if he wanted, he could have any pixie at Alfea. Musa, yeah, and maybe Tecna if he made her aware of his existence toward her, but really, he's a bit full of himself, yes? Riven says that Bloom's been giving him the eye, and Bloom looks totally freaked out by his comment. She storms up to him, telling Riven she doesn't like him. Riven shrugs it off as if she were just talking crazy. Bloom goes on a tirade about how awful Riven is, and doesn't understand how Musa could even have a crush on him. Um, Bloom? Musa might not appreciate you revealing her crush to Riven like that. Stella's nervous watching Bloom carrying on, as Brandon and Sky look to each other, worried about Riven's reaction. After she finishes, she looks away with a pouty look on her face. Riven gently takes her chin up to him.

Riven: You are really cute when you're angry, you know that? I dig girls who play hard-to-get.

Brandon himself looks like he's about to kill Riven. Bloom is again shocked at Riven's audacity, and uses her magic to bring a pot of flowers over Riven, dumping the water out of the pot onto his head. Possibly saving Riven's life in the process, as Brandon's laughing now.

Bloom: Still think I'm cute when I'm angry?

As upset as Riven was before, he's now completely furious, and storms off. Bloom tries to apologize, and Sky tries taking up for Bloom, but Riven will hear nothing of it. Stella thinks this serves Riven right.

By himself, Riven walks through Magix. He tells himself how disgusting love is, and how he doesn't want it. Not only is he lying to his friends, but to himself too, apparently. In a nearby alley, the Trix sisters are watching.

Darcy: This guy's got a major attitude problem. I like him.
Stormy: Are you falling in love, Darcy?
Darcy: That is a four-letter word!

Icy intends to turn Riven against the Earth girl. Even moreso, I guess. Icy calls for Knut, who changes Knut to look like Timmy, against Knut's wishes.


Stella and Bloom are walking through Magix, as Bloom gets distracted by a dancer who looks sorta' like the person from Bloom's dream. Timmy--actually Knut in disguise--snaps Bloom out of her trance. "Timmy," speaking in broken English, tells Bloom that he was just talking to the other guys, and they've disappeared. He says he had heard about the fight between herself and "Stiven." Bloom asks who he's talking about, and Timmy quickly corrects himself, that he meant Riven, and says he has just the thing to mend fences between Riven and herself. Timmy pulls what looks like a glasses case out of his pocket, and struggles trying to get the thing to work. It turns into what looks like a pair of headphones, though it's covering his face. He eventually gets it to turn into a helmet, and explains to Bloom that the helmet is the latest, best model. Bloom says that he bought it, that he should get to give it to Riven, but Timmy insists that it'll be a good way for them to make up.

Timmy: It's a way for you two to make up. Tell him you wanted him to crash. Uh, I mean drive well and you hope he likes it.
Bloom: Thanks, Timmy, this was very thoughtful of you.
Timmy: Uh, I've gotta' run, gotta' get to the, uh, science thing at the, uh, place. Bye!

You know, what's incredible here is Bloom's complete gullibility. Timmy is acting stupid. Moreso than usual even. And Bloom never suspects a thing, even with the two biggest clues coming out that something's wrong--telling Bloom to tell Riven she wants him to crash, and his actually calling some science thing a "science thing." Yet does Bloom suspect anything? Oh, no! Sheesh! Also, I'd wondered at first why the Trix sisters needed Riven to wear this special helmet, instead of just casting a spell on his own helmet. I'm guessing the Trix sisters having Bloom give him a "special" helmet is to make her more suspicious than if they'd just put the same spell on his normal helmet.

Back in the alley with the Trix sisters, Icy scolds "Timmy" for his practically spoiling the Trio's plans. He apologizes, and Icy changes him back to his Knut form.

Stormy: Aww, I thought we were going to get to punish him.

The sisters and Knut teleport to a nearby rooftop, to watch the action from below. Icy explains that she'll cast a spell on the helmet Bloom will give to Riven while he's racing, causing him to think that Bloom sabotaged his helmet, and that Darcy will save him, and Riven will think they're on his side. The girls have this fun little teasing session on the roof:

Icy: He'll be so grateful, he'll join our side.
Darcy: I sure hope so.
Stormy: You are so crushing on him.
Darcy: No I am not.
Stormy: Yeah, sure, you just think he'd be useful to us.
Darcy: He'd be more useful than Knut, that's for sure.
Icy: I think Darcy would like to make him her pet project, emphasis on the pet!

The racers, Specialists included, take their hoverbikes to the start line. Bloom rushes up to the guys, telling them to wait up. Stella asks where she's been, hoping she spotted some amazing sale. Bloom says nothing Stella would've liked. Bloom finds Riven, gives him the helmet, apologizes, and wishes him luck. Riven looks almost sorry for how he was acting earlier, though only for a quick moment before he turns away. The Trix sisters are watching from above. Darcy gives a soft "hmm." Bloom tells Brandon to be careful.

Off on the sidelines, Bloom tells Stella that Timmy thought of a way for Riven and her to patch things up. Stella is confused, though, telling Bloom that Timmy had gone home for the Day of the Rose, and that he isn't even in the same galaxy. Bloom's confused, wondering who she was talking to, but then she looks up, and sees the Trix sisters on the roof of a tall building. Seems like Icy is staring straight at Bloom, too. Bloom pushes her way through the crowd, showing Stella the witches up on the roof. She is unable to get to Riven before the starting light turns green, though.


The racers are off! Bloom rushes off, and Stella follows a bit before backing off. Bloom transforms to her winx form, and flies after Riven. The song "Mean Girls" plays as Darcy, face hidden behind helmet, enters the race on her hoverbike from an alley. The computer generated animation during the race, by the way, is fine for the most part, but Darcy's computer-generated hair is just so totally wrong! Darcy fires purple waves at the other races, which disorient them. Bloom continues flying after Riven.

Announcer: Whoa, someone call security! We have an overenthusiastic fan on the track!

As Bloom gets closer to Riven, he thanks Bloom for the helmet, which he says makes him feel like one with the bike. Stormy complains that Bloom will mess everything up, but Icy says it'll make Bloom seem even more suspicious. Just as Bloom almost reaches Riven, Icy puts a spell on the helmet that blinds Riven, and prevents him from taking his helmet off, and Riven loses complete control of his bike, crashes, and goes flying in the air. Bloom tries to hurry to save Riven, but Darcy, on her hoverbike, gets to Riven first, and catches him. Darcy gently places him on the ground. Brandon asks what Bloom did to him, and she tells him it was the witches.

Darcy removes Riven's helmet and puts a spell to have Riven fall in love when he opens his eyes. He does, and sees Darcy, having just taken off her own helmet, with particularly flowing hair, and looking very sweet and innocent. Riven calls her beautiful. Which she is, of course. She introduces herself to him. Bloom tries to attack Darcy, saying she and her sisters caused the accident, but Darcy claims to have saved Riven, as Brandon holds her back. Riven calls Bloom a liar, saying that Bloom did something to deactivate his helmet to let Brandon win. Brandon tries to get Riven to hear Bloom out, but Riven will hear nothing of it, and thinks she is just making lame excuses when she mentions the Timmy illusion. Brandon tries to defend Bloom, making Riven angry that everyone is taking Bloom's side. Darcy's smirking evilly on the sideline, though no one notices. Riven walks away, and Darcy, ever-so-sweety, says she'll go with him. Bloom and Brandon worry about the Trio being after them all.

Other Stuff

Good episode, if not great. Certainly a lot of Riven for the Riven lovers out there. He's easily the best of the boys, anyway. Aside from Bloom, though, the other Winx girls were barely there. Even Stella, despite being "in the action" the entire time, was entirely forgettable after the scene with her, Musa, and Bloom in the cafeteria.

But we did get some excellent sisterly bickering with our favorite witches! That's always a plus! Darcy may not love Riven, but she's definitely got a bit of infatuation.

7 out of 10 on the old scale.