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The Army of Decay

...or Cry Me a Riven

At Cloud Tower, it's meal time. Which meal, who can possibly tell? Always night over there, it seems. The witches are having random conversations.

Witch #1: What the spell does is turn a fairy inside-out so that her wings are on the inside. It's so funny.
Witch #2: You've got to teach me that one.

The Trix sisters enter, along with Knut and Icy's duck, and the students all start talking about the the Trio showing up at Cloud Tower. Knut picks up the duck. Seems word of their expulsion got around pretty well. Miss Griffin yells at the girls for coming back to Cloud Tower, and shoots a blast at them, but the Trix sisters block it, and Icy shoots ice shards at Miss Griffin, knocking her down. Two other witch teachers come to Miss Griffin's aid. One of them yells at the Trix sisters that their behavior is unacceptable, but the sisters do not care. Stormy creates a tornado inside the building, sucking up all the students, and throwing the two teachers out a window. The tornado dissipates, sending the students falling. Miss Griffin teleports the girls to safety, and they thank her. It's nice to see a different side to Miss Griffin. We've seen that she hates Alfea, but she really cares for her own students. It's not surprising, really, but we haven't really seen this side of her before. Miss Griffin shoots a large pink ball at the Trix sisters, but Darcy stops it and poofs it out of existence. Miss Griffin is shocked, thinking no one is able to do that. Icy shoots Miss Griffin toward a wall, freezing her in a wall of ice. Much like they froze Bloom to a wall of ice in the previous episode. The Trix sisters warn the other students not to mess with them, or they'll wind up like Miss Griffin: powerless and useless. Knut and the duck shake, looking nervous.

Bloom and Stella return to Alfea.

Bloom: I can't believe I let them take the dragon fire.
Stella: I'm sure it's not the end of the world. Well, it could be, I guess.

Bloom's going to tell the others what happened. They get back to their room, though Stella mentions since it's early, that the other Winx girls are probably sleeping. Flora peeks out of her bedroom, looking very tired, but when she realizes Bloom is back, she's quite happy.

Flora: Oh, my goody goodness Bloom, we were so worried about you; are you OK, sweetie?

As if it weren't sweet enough, Flora has the absolute sweetest expression when she's saying this. Tecna and Musa come out of their bedrooms to greet Bloom as well. Bloom tells everyone how happy she is to see them. Miss Griselda comes into the room, as her usual stern self, asking Bloom where she's been, and wanting to know what's up. Bloom just got back, just had her magic stolen, and Miss Griselda's already getting on her case. It may just be a tough exterior in this case, though. It's funny to hear her imitate Musa's "What up?" to Bloom, though.

In Miss Faragonda's office, Miss Griselda offers Bloom some tea to make her feel better. Completely nice about it, too. So Miss Griselda actually can be nice, at least since she seems to have realized what just happened to Bloom. Miss Faragonda asks Bloom what happened. And you know, Bloom can probably tell it better than I could, so I'll just quote her:

Bloom: I was thinking of quitting Alfea. I didn't feel like I belonged. Then I went back home and I found out who I really am and where I come from, and now I kind of wish I hadn't. I'm a member of the royal family of Sparx, and that's cool, but I am the last one left. And apparently, I'm the keeper of a power called the dragon fire, and Daphne, you know, the nymph who's been calling for me in my dreams and stuff, she gave it to me.

That didn't seem to be easy for Bloom to talk about. Miss Faragonda tells Bloom that she suspected all that; Bloom asks why Faragonda didn't just tell her. Miss Faragonda tells Bloom that she could not tell Bloom until she was ready to hear it. Or Miss Faragonda's just lazy. Take your pick. Miss Faragonda seems shocked to hear that "those three witches" followed her to Earth. And despite Miss Faragonda being aware of the Trix sisters being out to get our Winx girls, she does not seem to know what witches were after her. Heck, even Miss Griselda seemed to know about the Trix sisters stealing Bloom's power! Bloom explains that Icy, Stormy, and Darcy had followed her to Gardenia, and stolen her dragon fire, and that they're going to summon some army. Miss Griselda correctly guesses she means the Army of Decay, and Miss Faragonda tells Bloom that they're all in terrible danger.


Back at Cloud Tower, the students are all gathered in the auditorium, with the Trix sisters in center stage. Some of the students seem thrilled; others seem frightened. Lucy looks pissed. Miss Griffin and the other two witch teachers are trapped in floating bubbles. Icy declares herself the new student body president, and that the Trix sisters will take over the whole realm Magix. One of the teachers says she won't get away with it, but Icy says she will, since they have the dragon fire. Miss Griffin is shocked and upset to hear this. Stormy tells her that they'll use it to summon the Army of Decay. Miss Griffin complains that the Army of Decay is too powerful, that it'll destroy everything. The sisters do not care.

Darcy: Ladies, welcome to the newly renamed Darcy Library of Dark Magic.

The Trix sisters enter the library and find the book they need to summon the Army of Decay.

At Alfea, Miss Faragonda is in her office with Professor Palladium and Professor Wizgiz. Miss Faragonda is talking to Saladin via a hologram-telephone-thingy. Saladin says he tried calling Miss Griffin, but only got her answering service, a young voice saying "Love don't live here anymore," followed by laughter. I'm guessing it was Stormy. I can't imagine Icy or Darcy saying something so just plain dumb. Saladin suggests Miss Faragonda put her students on high alert. Wizgiz asks if he should cancel classes, though Miss Faragonda wants nothing of it, as she does not want to scare the students. Like that's not going to happen when the Army of Decay comes around... yeesh.

In her bedroom, Bloom complains to the other Winx girls, that she wishes she never discovered her winx or came to Alfea, that if she never came, then the Trix sisters would have never found her, stolen her power, and put everyone else in danger. I guess that's all technically true, but Bloom's really being hard on her self: it's so not her fault. The other girls all tell Bloom that it is not her fault. They're right, of course. Bloom wishes she knew what to do about everything. Bloom's phone rings, and Stella answers it....

Stella: Bloom's room, how may I help you?
Sky: Hey Stella, is, uh, Bloom there?
Stella: I'm sorry, Bloom is unavailable right now.
Sky: Would you give her a message for--
Stella: Gotta' go now Brandon, or Prince Sky, or whoever you are.

With that, Stella hangs up on him. Score a point for Stella! Riven notices the "trouble in loser paradise" and decides to report to Darcy on it. Shoot me if I ever again utter the phrase "trouble in paradise," but I couldn't think of a better phrasing than Riven's own words. And why does Riven think Darcy would care about a random little spat between Brandon and Bloom? It's not like this was an especially revealing conversation. Except that it makes Stella that much more likable a character, but that's not something that would interest Darcy, now is it? Riven rides off to Cloud Tower, and climbs into the room the Trix sisters are hanging out in.

Riven complains about Darcy not having called him back. Darcy mockingly says she hopes she didn't hurt his feelings, as the doors all close, and Icy and Stormy start laughing. Darcy continues mocking him, asking if he's here to make a date. Riven reluctantly says yes, though he's nervous about what's going on. Stormy walks up to him and scratches his cheek with her fingernail. Tres cool Stormy moment! Darcy says he should have just stuck with dating pixies, that witches make really bad girlfriends. All witches, or just the Trix sisters, specifically? I bet some of the Cloud Tower witches would love having a boyfriend. Riven yells at them, telling them it isn't funny, though the Trix sisters are certainly having a ball with him. The sisters shrink him. Or they grow in size. Can't tell which. He tries throwing poker chips with little spikes at them, but they don't hurt the sisters. The witches shine some sort of light on Riven and he screams.

Darcy: Breaking up is so much fun.


The Trix sisters sit, forming a triangle, to summon the Army of Decay. This causes a rain that forms little pink centipede-looking bugs from every molecule of decay from the last millennium. Oddly, the spell starts working before the sisters finish the incantation. The little bugs merge together to form huge bug-looking soldiers, as well as several flying stingray-looking creatures. Knut doesn't like the way things are going, and wants to get out of the area with the duck, though he has nowhere to go, as the bugs are everywhere.

At Alfea, the Winx girls are in their room. Flora notices something strange going on outside. Tecna declares that there are clouds outside that should not be there considering the current air pressure. Of course we could always count on Tecna to know something like this. Random fairy girls in the courtyard are trying to get out of the rain, and only freak even more when the bugs start forming. The bugs start trying to break into the window for the girls' room. The bugs cause Stella to have a small freakout. Completely understandable. After the bugs get in, Professor Palladium barges into the room, telling the girls to get out.

The bugs are overtaking the entire school, in thick layers. Several Alfea students are already in their fairy outfits, battling the bugs. One is even screaming for dear life, being carted off by a flying stingray. The girls go outside, and decide to try to get rid of the bugs. Musa squashes one with her shoe. The girls, save for Bloom, transform to their fairy outfits. Bloom feels bad that she can't help them. She looks so "aww" saying it too, and thanking her friends for being understanding. Stella uses a sun sweeper, a sweeping thing that gets rid of several bugs in a straight line, as if it were a lawn mower. Musa uses boogie blaster, which forms a disco ball above the bugs, does some small explosions, and plays a funky beat. Flora uses a venus gobbler plant that gobbles up several of the bugs.

One of the bugs is carrying Kiko away, and Bloom kicks at them to save Kiko. She tells Kiko that the bugs can't hurt them, but then a large bug-looking soldier appears behind Bloom, and chases Bloom around. Another bug soldier appears behind Musa, though Tecna dispatches it with a digital dispatcher: a green glowy thing that attaches to the monster and explodes.

An army of the bug soldiers, as well as several flying stingrays, are heading for Red Fountain. One Red Fountain student stabs a solder with his sword, but it just sticks inside its body, and a stingray carries him away. Prince Sky goes to slice the monster up, though. Timmy shoots a laser at a monster attacking him, dispatching it. Wow. Timmy actually did something useful for a change! Sky throws a boomerang that takes out several of the monsters. Other random students are taking out more monsters. Codatorta soon leaps in to join in the fight, and takes out several of the soldiers. He's got a fun gung-ho attitude about it, too. Gotta' love Codatorta. The monsters break through the south gate, where all the freshmen are, who aren't going to be able to handle the monsters there themselves. And why are only the freshmen there, anyway? Lack of foresight, it seems.


Back at Alfea, a random student is running from a newly-formed bug soldier. The bug soldier that was chasing Bloom corners her, and Professor Palladium defeats it by throwing a sword into it.

Palladium: Wouldn't want to lose one of my favorite students. Stay put, Bloom, I'll protect you.

Pretty suave. Professor Wizgiz tells the fairies to clear out of the area he is, as he transforms into a large dinosaur-looking creature that just lies atop a bunch of bugs, squishing them.

In Miss Faragonda's office, Miss Griselda walks in to tell her how well the students are doing. Miss Faragonda is talking on the hologram-telephone-thingy with Saladin, who's telling her that the boys of Red Fountain are doing well, but the monsters seem endless. He's cut off before he's finished talking to her, though. Some of the bugs have crept into Miss Faragonda's office. It's probably time Miss Faragonda helps out with the bugs, maybe.

At Red Fountain, a hovership flies above the school. A door opens, and soldiers start gunning down the monsters. Princess Diaspro steps into view, and sends down a rope. She tells Prince Sky to climb up, that she's there to rescue him. She looks genuinely concerned for Sky: she obviously cares what happens to him, regardless of whether she cares about anyone else. Sky tells her that his place is at Red Fountain, fighting the creatures. Diaspro tells him that his place is as a prince, but Sky doesn't care, and just cuts the rope. Diaspro, hurt and angry, tells the pilot to just leave him.

From Cloud Tower, the Trix sisters are watching all the chaos. Icy talks about how they'll rule the universe.

Other Stuff

Excellent episode! Just non-stop greatness from start to finish. We saw the Trix sisters getting their revenge on Miss Griffin. And we saw two new teachers at Cloud Tower. And we got Darcy tormenting Riven. Who deserved it. And the fairies all fighting all the buggies. And Timmy doing something that does not make me want to throw things at him. And Stella's little phone conversation with Prince Sky. And the teachers getting down and dirty. And... well, everything! Seemed like the Winx girls played second fiddle today, but heck, with all the episodes focused entirely on them, they could use that break.

Oh Diaspro, Diaspro... it's difficult to hate her. She was simply doing what she felt she must do, and trying to get Prince Sky to do what he must do, for his world. Just part of her snottish royal upbringing, maybe, but you can't completely hate the girl, especially since she is genuinely concerned for him. In the original Italian, she shows less tact, telling Prince Sky outright to let the peasants die in his place, but it does not really change the fact that Diaspro is doing what she feels is her duty.

Since the other Alfea teachers were helping the students fight the monsters, it would have been the perfect opportunity for the mysterious red-clad teacher of Alfea to join in and show us what she's all about. Unfortunately, she never showed up. Missed opportunity, folks.

Poor Knut... he just got into more than he bargained for when he agreed to work for the Trix sisters; he's a bad guy, sure, but he's not this bad. He'd probably have been better off being a lackey for another witch at the school, but I suppose it's a bit late now.

10 out of 10 on the old scale.