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The Senior Witches Go to Earth

...or What the Hell Kind of Title is That?!

Bloom's going back to Gardenia again. Remember "Meant to Be," the sweet episode with Bloom bonding with her parents, and was a cute tearjerker? That's not going to happen again, except maybe one small part. There's a witch battle here, and a pretty intense one, not to mention an important battle....

Outside Alfea, the Winx girls are standing around, waiting for Stella. Tecna, being Tecna, has to find a way to involve math in Stella's lateness, of course:

Tecna: From my calculations, she tends to be an average of 14.5 minutes late, which would mean she's about to arrive right... now.

And wouldn't you know that at that exact moment, Stella runs up, out of breath, telling the girls she was color-coordinating her pens and notebooks to make outfit selection more manageable. Bloom wanted to gather the girls to apologize for getting them all in trouble. Wow. Bloom's able to admit that the Day of the Royals Debacle was almost completely her fault. Kudos to her! She tells the girls that she's thinking of leaving Alfea. The other girls try to convince Bloom how important she is to them. Tecna, once again, is completely Tecna, and Stella's just so sincere, particularly with her pouty part in bold:

Stella: No way! You have no idea how much we'd miss you! I caused plenty of trouble, and you always stood by me, so don't even think about it! You are staying!

Tecna: Do you know how low the probability of finding a friend as amazing as you is like?

Bloom appreciates the girls trying to make her feel better, but she still blames herself for the trouble she put her friends in, that they may be expelled because of Bloom. Which is completely true, but they're nice girls; they've already forgiven Bloom. Bloom's just not able to forgive herself. Flora tells Bloom that they won't be expelled, that they were all meant to be at Alfea, but Bloom still has her doubts.

In Bloom's bedroom, she prepares to leave Alfea. She goes on about having gotten her friends in trouble and embarrassing herself in front of everyone. She also talks about Brandon not being Brandon, but really Prince Sky, and how he's never even bothered to call Bloom. Jerk. He really owes it to Bloom to talk to her. While it may not have been his fault that Bloom attacked Princess Diaspro, he's still not completely innocent in that matter, playing Bloom as if he were a player. Bloom figures her mother would know what Bloom should do. Bloom thinks it would be better not to tell her friends goodbye. Of course it wouldn't. Bloom uses a spell to have a tree reach up to her bedroom to bring her and Kiko to the ground. Bloom leaves Alfea, and takes a bus to Magix.

A sad song plays while Bloom leaves Alfea, and walks through Magix. Appropriate, considering Bloom's obvious pain in leaving. Just looking at Bloom's pain in this scene... even if Bloom was a witch with Diaspro, I've forgiven her here, and just want to hug her. It's impossible to stay mad at her. Bloom passes a shop of some sort, with Stormy inside, who looks out the window as Bloom passes. Stormy sneaks behind Bloom to see what she's up to. Bloom goes to the Magix Municipal Station to return to earth, and is transported there in a flash, as Stormy watches.

The Trix sisters are sitting inside a cafe. Likely the same one back from "Spelled." Stormy tells her sisters about Bloom going to earth, and how out of it Bloom seemed. Icy declares that they're going to earth, that without the other Winx girls, the dragon fire will be easy to take from Bloom.


Back in Gardenia, Bloom tells her parents how she messed up. Vanessa tells Bloom how Alfea is a new school with new people in another whole dimension. Both Bloom's parents try to tell Bloom how she shouldn't be too hard on herself about it. Vanessa tries to cheer Bloom up by telling Bloom she'll make Bloom's favorite homemade meal: pizza with extra cheese. Homemade pizza? Sounds like a punishment to me. Bloom asks how they'd feel if she dropped out of Alfea, and went to a regular high school. Michael says they'd support Bloom with whatever choice she made, but Bloom, able to see the inner souls of those on earth, can see that they really would not be happy with Bloom leaving Alfea. I guess Magix has too much "magical interference" or something for Bloom to use this gift. And since Bloom may be expelled, her parents had better get used to the idea of Bloom going to a regular high school: she may not be given a choice.

While Bloom is riding her bicycle, Mitzi is riding in a car, taunting Bloom, telling her she must have been kicked out of reform school, then asking how the heck someone gets kicked out of reform school, and deciding she's too much of a reject to even hang out with criminals. Is that her Father driving Mitzi around? No wonder Mitzi's such a little snot: her father's there, not caring that Mitzi's teasing Bloom for no reason. Heck, he's doing more than ignoring his daughter's behavior: he's supporting it! The moment Mitzi calls Bloom a "bicycle-riding reject," he gives Bloom an incredibly creepy glare and--get this--cackles! It's quiet, but entirely audible! What the hell is wrong with Mitzi's father?!

In Bloom's bedroom, she's drawing the Alfea grounds, but crumbles the drawing up, and throws it on the floor, with several other crumbled-up drawings. She sadly looks out her bedroom window with Kiko. That night, Bloom reads a book in bed, depressed.

The next day, in Miss Faragonda's office, the other four Winx girls try to get permission from Miss Faragonda to go to earth to get Bloom back, but Miss Faragonda tells them that with their decreased powers, it's too dangerous, and out of the question. Apparently returning their powers is out of the question, too. Flora tells Miss Faragonda that she's worried about Bloom, and Miss Faragonda reminds the girls that they're on academic probation, that they're not allowed to leave the school grounds. Perhaps someone should remind Miss Faragonda that the only thing these four Winx girls did wrong was sneak into Red Fountain, which was not even one of the reasons they were punished! Musa tries telling her that Bloom needs them. Miss Griselda is about to reprimand her, as Miss Faragonda definitively ends the conversation, and she tells the girls that they will take care of the situation. In other words, do absolutely nothing: I've had teachers like this, and I know the lingo. I can't say this episode has me liking Miss Faragonda very much.

In the girls' room, they're talking about going to earth anyway. Or Stella is, anyway.

Stella: Well, what does "no" mean, really?
Musa: Um, what are you saying?
Tecna: Don't answer that.

Flora, Musa, and Tecna have no intent on disobeying Miss Faragonda. Tecna, in particular, worries about the consequences of getting caught. Stella is insistent, though, and decides to go get Bloom anyway. Yay Stella!

Back on earth, in Vanessa's flower shop, Vanessa tells a customer that they're out of pink jigsaw blossoms. In the back, Bloom uses magic to turn red jigsaw blossoms into pink ones, and tells her mother that she found some. Are these actual flowers, are just called "jigsaw" blossoms because they're drawn similar to jigsaw puzzle pieces? Vanessa asks if Bloom really found the flowers, and Bloom admits that it was a trick Flora taught her, and then goes on about how she misses Flora. Her mother gives Bloom a hug, and tells her they'll work things out.

Across the street, the Trix sisters are watching Bloom and her mother inside. Stormy makes a surprisingly accurate observation, too.

Icy: No wonder she's such a big dork. Can you believe this planet?
Stormy: It's totally full of lame-o's.
Icy: They shouldn't call it planet Earth; they should call it planet Pathetic.

At night, Bloom is walking with Kiko down a street. She says she can get used to staying on earth, with its good food, TV, and no witches. Now that Bloom mentions it, there isn't TV at Alfea! I'd miss that. Mitzi rides up to Bloom on her scooter, and Mitzi asks Bloom if Mitzi could take her to show and tell, that she'd be more interesting than her scooter, since no one ever brought a reform-school dropout to school. Since when do high schoolers have show and tell? Where did Mitzi ever get it stuck in her head that Bloom was in reform school, anyway? She tells Bloom how she'd be ashamed too if she had no friends. Bloom tells her she's wrong, but Mitzi just tells her that imaginary friends don't count. Bloom asks Mitzi to just pretend she doesn't exist, and Mitzi tells her that it'd be easy since Bloom's a nobody. Mitzi rides off, almost running over Kiko, and Bloom, enraged, turns Mitzi's scooter into a pig, with Mitzi looking scared while bumping along on the pig's back. I wonder if this'll teach Mitzi to leave Bloom alone in the future. Knowing Mitzi, though, she may just write it off as a coincidence. Ah well.

Bloom goes back home, but finds her father hanging upside down by a plant, and Knut threatening her mother, as well as the three Trix sisters. Been a while since we've seen Knut. Icy tells Bloom that they're there to take from Bloom what belongs to them. How did the Trix sisters find Bloom's specific home address, anyway? I'm guessing they followed Vanessa home from her flower shop, but it's not really too obvious.


Icy threatens to take Bloom's power. Bloom refuses, so Icy tells her that Knut will take care of her, and that he's been working out. Bloom transforms to her Winx form. Bloom flies above Knut, telling him that buff or not, he'll never be able to defeat her. Bloom looks particularly cute while telling Knut this. Bloom blasts Knut away, and the Trix sisters themselves come for Bloom. Stormy shoots electricity at Bloom, though she dodges. Bloom flies away, but Darcy puts up a forcefield in front of her, blocking her. Icy shoots icicles at Bloom, but she puts up a magical shield to block. Stormy charges at Bloom, physically tossing her aside with her bare hands. Love to see Stormy's hands-on action here! Icy tells Bloom how it's the Trix's destiny to obtain Bloom's power. On a park bench, a couple of lovers admire the "fireworks." Oddly out of place. Not particularly amusing, either. Would've been better left out.

Tired of fighting Bloom directly, Icy tells Bloom that if she won't listen to them, maybe she'd listen to her parents. The Trix sisters teleport off, and Bloom figures Icy was threatening her parents. The Trix sisters have Bloom's parents tied together, hanging over a vortex. They drop Bloom's parents in, oddly without really giving Bloom a chance to hand over her power first. It seems Icy knew what she was doing all along, though, figuring the race to save her parents would tire Bloom enough so the Trio could easily attack Bloom, and they all just blast away at Bloom, causing Bloom to cry. Icy tells Bloom that they knew about her powers having been diluted, that all the chat rooms been talking about it. Icy goes on to tell Bloom what they've been after. She does it so well, I'll just let her do the talking:

Icy: Besides, the dragon fire should be ours, our coven earned the right to have it. They spent centuries tracking its last remaining pieces, and when they finally located it on Sparx, they put a spell on the whole planet, freezing it, turning it into a sea of ice. The ultimate power was within their grasps. But the guardian of the flame tricked them--that nymph hid the dragon fire inside the heir to the kingdom's throne--inside you.
Bloom: You're saying that I'm the heir to the throne of Sparx, that I'm a princess?

By George, I think she's got it! Bloom is shocked to hear all this, but Icy tells Bloom she'll be just a figurehead after they take the flame from her. Icy freezes Bloom within a wall of ice.


Stuck in the wall of ice, Bloom is too weak to fight back.

Icy: This is the part where the little freshman realizes she's been beaten. You weren't by any chance voted most likely to mess up and let the ultimate power fall into the hands of witches, were you?

Such a wonky Icy line, it's classic! Icy continues that, when she first went to Cloud Tower, she wanted to rule the school, but she'll now be able to rule the universe. Darcy knocks Bloom out with another blast.

Icy: If I could feel sorry for her, I would.

Icy, Darcy, and Stormy prepare their Wisperian crystals, and successfully steal the dragon fire from Bloom. The witches and Knut return to Cloud Tower.

Later, Bloom's father wakes her up, asking how she is. The ice wall has melted a bit, and Bloom is no longer trapped in the ice wall. A flash of light appears, and Bloom and her parents fear the Trix sisters are back, but Bloom is happy to see it is Stella. Bloom tells Stella that the witches stole her power, and said it was the dragon fire. Vanessa tells Stella that the witches said they could take over the entire universe with it. Stella encourages Bloom, pretty cheery, which really Bloom could use a bit of now:

Stella: You know what, Bloom? There is no way we are gonna' let them get away with this travesty. Nope. Nah ah ah. I say you and me and Kiko hop the transportus right back to school, find the other girls, and get your power back.

Bloom's parents encourage Bloom, and they hug. Kiko hops into Stella's hands. Stella looks like she's about to cry.

Other Stuff

A good episode. We had a great battle with Bloom versus the Trix sisters, a teary little scene with Bloom leaving Alfea, Tecna reminding us why we love her, and Stella being entirely awesome.

It's nice to see Stormy able to do things on her own, with spying on Bloom to see what she was up to. She likely would have loved to have just attacked Bloom then and there, but she wisely didn't, and went to inform her sisters of what Bloom was doing. Yay Stormy!

It's too bad Mitzi didn't have a run in with the Trix sisters. I'm sure Mitzi would have made fun of them; what I'm not sure is what they would have done to Mitzi in return. I'm sure they would be a lot more vicious with their revenge than Bloom was....

I'm guessing, while they're on probation, if not at all other times, they'd probably get in trouble for having a witch in their room. Of course, neither Miss Faragonda nor Miss Griselda seems aware of Mirta in their room. Good for our girls, and good for Mirta too, who really needs to be with the Winx girls for now.

8 out of 10 on the old scale.