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The Great Witch Invasion

...or The Tic Tac Dough Bonus Round

At Cloud Tower, the Army of Decay is marching outward, and the flying monsters are flying around the school. The Trix sisters, somewhere unseen around Cloud Tower, are talking about their battle they are about to win with Alfea. The sisters create three tall thrones, made from the little buggies, to travel to Alfea. They hop into their seats and start their march toward Alfea.

At Alfea, it is pretty quiet. The Winx girls, minus Bloom, are in their room. Flora feels she can't change pumpkin Mirta back. Yay! Mirta hasn't been forgotten! Musa and Stella tell Flora that she should give up, since changing Mirta back human is impossible. Stella says if they put her in a nice sunny pumpkin patch, then she'd at least be around friends. Not one of Stella's more acute observations. Isn't Mirta around friends now? Wouldn't she be, like, not around friends if she were put in a pumpkin patch? She means well, though: Stella is tearing up like she was close to her. Flora hushes their doubts. Flora tries to muster up as much winx as possible in another attempt to change Mirta back human. Mirta starts glowing brightly, and in a vision, Flora and Mirta reach for one another. The room flashes ultra-bright as pumpkin Mirta disappears. The girls wonder where Mirta went, as she tells them she's here, across the room--in human form! Flora and Mirta give a great big hug for one another. They both believe the change back worked because they tried harder than in other attempts, and they both fully believed it would work. Words really don't do this scene justice. It's just so lifting, so great to see Mirta changed back to her normal self. And so sweet to see how happy Flora and Mirta both are.

Stella notices Riven walking outside the building, all pouty, and tells Musa she should go see what's bothering him. Musa shouts that she doesn't care, but she's going to to just take a walk outside.

Musa: Oh, hey, Riven!
Riven: Oh, um, listen, they don't teach us how to do this in heroics class, but I've got to say I really like you, and now I've got to go, bye!
Musa: Huh?

Riven's awkwardness with Musa is cute. The trouble is, since when did he ever like Musa in the first place? The only sign given that he cared about Musa, before this episode, was a scene that was cut from Grounded. That's part of the trouble with cutting random, seemingly unimportant bits from episodes--some parts are more important than they may appear at first glance.

In Magix, Prince Sky is walking around, yelling for the attention of someone, saying he's one of the good guys. Sky spots a person covered in rot, seemingly dead. Prince Sky starts yelling louder for help. Apparently in an effort to attract monsters to him. Smart.


A bug soldier threatens Prince Sky in Magix, who's still yelling for help. The monster knocks Sky's sword out of his hand, and he goes to retrieve it. After he calls it a "little slug," the thing doubles in size. Slug? Sky and the monster proceed to hold a staring contestant, until the monster finally attacks Sky, and he defends with his sword.

Outside Alfea, the four Winx girls and Mirta are walking. Flora asks Mirta if she knows any inside secrets for defeating the Trix sisters. Mirta tells her that the the witches are hell-bent on destruction. In other words, she doesn't know. Stella tries to lighten up the mood with a joke, which Tecna doesn't appreciate. Pepe is also trying to cheer Kiko up, without success. Tecna says Kiko's worried about Bloom, and the other girls say they are as well. Miss Faragonda, appearing out of nowhere, says she hopes Bloom is all right as well. Miss Griffin, standing beside her, gives a "hmm."That was creepy on Faragonda's part, just kinda' spying on them, then coming from nowhere to pipe up.

At Lake Chrysalis, Bloom wades in. Bloom talks to Daphne while walking. Daphne's being cryptic again. Daphne tells her to come beneath the water. Bloom complains that she can't breathe, but Daphne tells her to believe, and she'll be able to come under the water. Bloom recognizes the lake as the same one Faragonda brought her to on her astral journey, but Daphne says that they're not at the bottom of a lake, but rather, Daphne is inside of Bloom, and has been the entire time. Daphne shows Bloom a vision of Daphne's sending her to earth, and her parents with her, and bratty Mizti. Bloom's still a bit confused as to whether she's an Earth girl, or the princess of Sparx. Daphne goes on to tell Bloom that she's both, that who she is is the sum of all her parts, and all that's in her heart is who she is, and can never be taken from her. Daphne tells her that the journey is over, and disappears. Bloom puts her words together, and finds the dragon fire within herself, emerging from the lake, in her winx form, with an image of the dragon behind her. A pep talk. You're kidding me. All this time, Bloom trying to figure out how to reattain her dragon fire, and all it took was a freaking pep talk?! Why didn't Daphne just give Bloom this pep talk several episodes ago?! Would've made things that much easier for our heroes. Sheesh....


Around Black Mud Swamp, the Army of Decay is marching forth, with the Trix sisters still sitting in their thrones, moving along with the Army of Decay.

Icy: You ladies want to hear something funny? The quiz in last month's Teen Witch said "What would you do if you got to take over the whole universe?
Darcy: What did you put?
Icy: I wrote "You'll find out soon enough, loser," and sent it in.

Stormy notices and asks why they're not taking King's Bridge to Alfea. Icy says the path their taking leads to the Invisible Road, the route they're taking to arrive at Alfea without warning. The miniature water nymphs of Black Mud Swamp, listening to the Trio's conversation, decide to go to warn those at Alfea.

Outside Alfea, Saladin and Codatorta are playing some sort of hover chess/checkers game. Codatorta says he's anxious to get on with the battle, already, that he hates the waiting. Saladin tells him to remain calm. Codatorta says he always has a plan. Saladin tells Codatorta that he made a mistake in their game, and Codatorta immediately beats him afterwords. Saladin turns out to be a sore loser.

Riven, Brandon, and Timmy are walking toward the girls. They're worried about where Bloom and Sky, and if Bloom is all right, wondering how she and Prince Sky are.

The undines, arriving at Alfea, contact Miss Faragonda, to warn her about the Army of Decay coming for Alfea via the Invisible Road, and the Trix themselves are coming with the rest of the army. Miss Faragonda tells the undines to rest inside, as Faragonda prepares the others at Alfea to prepare for the upcoming battle. Kiko and Pepe hide in Kiko's little dug-out hole.

Back in Magix, Prince Sky is still fighting the bug soldier. Shortly, a giant soldier arrives, and another bug soldier forms behind Sky. As the three surround Sky, he prepares to fight, but Bloom appears above everyone, with the image of the dragon fire around her. Bloom blasts powerful fireballs at the three monsters to take them out.

Bloom: Nobody messes with my boyfriend!

Bloom checks to see if Prince Sky is OK, which he is, and thanks Bloom for saving him. Sky questions Bloom on her "boyfriend" comment, but Bloom says it was just trash talk. Sure, Bloom. We believe you.... Bloom says her powers actually never left her, but just didn't realize it until just now, and hopes it isn't too late. Bloom asks what happened to all the people, now just rot, and Sky doesn't know. Bloom asks if they can be revived, and Sky doesn't know that either. Bloom worries if her friends back at Alfea are OK, as she and Brandon hop a ride to Alfea via Bloom's dragon. Not just an image of a dragon, apparently. Makes for a nifty ride!


The Trix sisters are all still headed for Alfea in their thrones.

Stormy: I know we're traveling in grand style, but I've gotta' ask: are we there yet?
Darcy: You're kidding, Stormy; you're actually going to start witching now?
Icy: You don't like your throne, I suggest you hop down and walk, otherwise, stay focused.
Darcy: I agree with you Icy, but, um... do you have any ballpark sense of how much longer this is going to be?
Icy: Fifteen minutes or so, now pay attention, all right?!

Gotta' love the sisterly bickering. Icy seems more concerned with making the "Ultimate Villainess Entrance" than her sisters do, who'd rather just do what needs to be done.

At Alfea, the boys are all talking about the upcoming battle, and preparing for the battle. Miss Faragonda and Miss Griffin are standing beside each other. Miss Griffin realizes Faragonda is worried about Bloom, who says she's always felt Bloom was their only hope. But without Bloom, she has to believe there's another way to win. Miss Griffin starts to say something, but Faragonda stops her, agreeing that she's glad Griffin is there. Except it sounded like Miss Griffin was going somewhere else entirely. Like she was about to apologize for not realizing the danger the Trix sisters posed, or something. But no, Faragonda just had to interrupt. Griffin refers to Faragonda as a pixie. She doesn't seem to be using it as an insult, either. More of a "friendly teasing" sort of way.

All this time, a mutated raven--a craven bird, as Stormy calls it--has been watching the two teachers. Icy translates the bird's squawks, and tells her sisters that the bird is telling her that Alfea is ready for them, as expected. Miss Griffin and Miss Faragonda both hear the craven bird, and realize it to mean that the army, as well as the Trix sisters, have arrived.

Other Stuff

Honestly, the episode was somewhat empty-ish. Well, that's not quite true: Bloom did get her dragon fire back. The way she got it back was a cop-out, though, but this is the first we've seen Bloom able to use her dragon fire with such control! The Trix sisters were classic, in their brief moments. And Mirta's back! The entire scene with Flora finally able to change Mirta back is just so sweet.

Since it is a children's cartoon, nothing will probably ever come of it... but Flora and Mirta might make a cute couple. On the other hand, for the fan fiction writers out there, please disregard that comment.

Speaking of Mirta, it was somewhat unusual to see her walking with the Winx girls, outside, in public. Lori says the witches and fairies have probably become a little more tolerant, since this whole Trix sisters conflict. Makes sense to me.

8 out of 10 on the old scale.