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AZ: Okay...welcome to our infamous...erm...well not Wanna know an interesting fact?
Reno: Oh yeah...they started this site on September 28, 2000 and it's still not even done. Lots of links are missing 'cause they're L-A-G-G-I-N-G!!!
AZ: ...Angel's gonna have your head.
Reno: ...I'll be...leaving now. *runs of to the Submission Guidelines page
Shi-Angel: Okay! Here I am and...where's Reno?
AZ: Who cares. Anyway, this site isn't what I would call "good" but we're starting...maybe change the layout in a couple of months but until we have every shrine up and done...
Shi-Angel: We won't do that quite yet. Just enjoy what's open for your eyes ^_^

«¤Final Fantasy VII Shrines¤»

Love You Forever Unrequited Love Lonely Lovers

«¤Final Fantasy VIII Shrines¤»

Eyes On Me A Sharpshooter's Angel Final Heaven

«¤Anime Shrines¤»

Endless Love Wo Ai Ni Royal Romance
In the Arms of an Angel A Youko's Love Of Water and Wind
Blazing Inferno On the Wings of Love K + K Always & Forever

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