Upcoming Features

Type: Fanfiction-Final Fantasy VII
Title: Heart's Desire
Genre: Romance
Category: In chapters
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cloud leaves Tifa, being the bastardized (not a word but oh well...) person he is in this story, without saying "goodbye". Tifa is hurt by this and visits the Lifestream and asks it to give her a wish. The Lifestream gives her a materia that transports her to a different dimension but she had to sacrifice something: her memory and the memories of her friends. But someone who loves her dearly miraculously remembers and tries to go after her.

Type: Fanart
When is it out?: Er...you wouldn't want to know...maybe it's not a 'coming soon' feature but it'll come sometime in our lives. This is our only problem because we have to get the fanfics, shrines and stuff put together before we do this and when we do have the time, we have to go all around the net to ask people if we could borrow their fanart. If you would like to send one in, look at the Submission Guidelines hosted by Yuffie and our fave bishie, Reno!!!

Type: Lyrics
Title: Lyrical Fantasies
About it: Oi...it's only lyrics from KAI, N*Sync, and all that...but also including *drumroll* Anime Lyrics!! Yay!! Er....but these lyrics have to remind us and you guys of that person, title, group, etc in some way. Um...kinda confusing but you'll see what I mean when we have it up.