Lonely Lovers

Tra lala lala *skips towards a very pissed off audience* Um...yes I know...I'm about to be clobbered aren't I? Obvious isn't it? If you must, you may do so...but only after I say a few things okay? Now maybe Reno and Cloud weren't the ones for Tifa *shrugs* That part is pretty much up to you but if there has to be a backup I'd think it'd pretty much be Vincent wouldn't you think? Yes I know. So please enjoy! ^_^ *skips off as a very angered audience follows her with an axe, coffin, shovel, and dead flowers*

Warning: You must be really getting tired of these warnings huh? But it's really for your own good. Please don't go any farther if you totally despise Vincent and Tifa being an intimate couple, okay? Arigato!