Final Fantasy VII does not belong to me. Everyone knows that! I mean, if I did, hippos could fly! That's kinda impossible considering their weight. But yes, if I owned FFVII I wouldn't be even spending time on the internet talking about it, writing about it, and all those other stuff I might do. Geez....who's braindead enough to think *I* own FFVII??? C'mon! Be sensible here! Yes, I'm talking for Shi-chan here also. :p And gee, if I owned FFVII I would actually give Tifa some khaki pants instead of a leather skirt so Anti-Tifa fans would stop blubberin about stupid things! I mean, I really have no problem with her clothes. We've had girls at our school wear skirts SHORTER than that and they aren't considered what you call "sluts"! Hmph...and if I did own it I would have Aerith's dress buttoned all the way! Not unbuttoned! See...that's what I'd do and I'd also have Cloud come to his senses and pick a girl...er...but there'd be no storyline...I mean not as an interesting storyline. So you see, I DON'T *own* FFVII. So bow down to Squaresoft! Hehe just kidding. So anyway, characters and everything else is owned to Squaresoft...not moi! Thank you! ^__^