Endless Love

Whew! Okay...I've had enough trouble with controlling this...I'm trying to...oh wait..nevermind. Anyway, getting tired already? Probably so...and to make your day easier this has nothing to do with Tifa and another person. I was kinda getting tired. Anyway, this couple...*sighs* they are just so cool! I actually have nothing against the guy and the gal and I absolutely support them both without having to pair one with another...of course...there is Tokiya [in the manga he did...honest! If you even know what I'm talking about] but forget about that. Hee hee...=^.^=

Warning: If you are only interested in ff7 this is a place NOT to be in because as you can see, this is non-ff7. Basically anime but you are welcome to take a look around as long as I don't get complaints about this. Hey, I did warn you before going any further! ^^