Submission Guidelines

Reno: *grins* We got company!

Yuffie: Oh puh-leeze! You'll prolly just scare 'em to death!

Reno: Hey! I have my flirting techniques and for your 411 I'm rest assured that they won't leave!

Yuffie: *rolls her eyes* Whatever!

Reno: By the way, you're quite the sweetie..*wraps his arms around her*

Yuffie: Ohmigod! GROSSNESS!! Get your filthy hands off me!

Reno: What the hell? I washed my hands and I'm clean!

Yuffie: Not literally ya dork!

Reno: Whatever. Okay...first thing's first. To submit a fanfiction read the following:

1.) It has to be Final Fantasy related. I mean, we can't have a fanfic that has to do with Kenshin cuz this ain't a Rurouni Kenshin site. 'Sides, who'd want him when everyone has me!?

2.) Write the genre down! The webmistresses are too lazy to find the genre. I kinda get their point being the lazy son of a bitch I am! *grin*

Yuffie: What the heck do you think you're doing?! This place ain't rated R!

Reno: Be quiet, toots.

3.) Include a summary. Zephyr is a hot-headed person and she dislikes the fact to write a summary for you but maybe if she's in the mood you don't haveta. If you can't and really don't want to do it, then she'll do it for you...but Shi-chan...if you ever send anything to her that's not following the's shishcabob for dinner! *wink*

4.) Make it an attachment! Period! It's such a hassle having it in the body of the e-mail! And make it .html or .txt format. And I ain't sayin 'please' cuz that just ain't my style.

5.) Er...guidelines about hentai...NONE allowed! Although I really wouldn't mind...*snicker* but as always, Zephyr and lil Miss Death hate that kinda stuff. But if you REALLY REALLY wanna send that kind...make SURE you have the rating "H" and Zephyr will add a password protect on the story because there are some people who are oddly offended by it. And if you send that kinda story and you provide us with the wrong's not gonna go on. But really, THEY DON'T WANT IT SO DON'T SEND ONE!!!!

6.) Uh...Aerith know, she was a looker if I do say so myself but any girl is. But say it's an Aerith fic or an AerithxCloud fic cuz trust me, if you don't, Zephyr and Shi-chan will get soo pissed...they have something against her....but really, if you do say something, they'll adore her! Weird webmistresses if ya ask me...

7.) And last, just follow the above guidelines and everyone will be happy-go-lucky! Ugh...I honestly hate that word...

Yuffie: That idiot! Anyway, for fanart guidelines, check out the following:

1.) Sign your name. We really like to give you credit for anything you send in.

2.) Don't take anyone's art and say it's your own cuz that's just BAD!!!!

And I think that's it. Fanart is more easy to guide cuz there isn't much to follow. *shrugs* Ah well..that's all. Hope you had fun reading it!

Reno: Fun!? I practically died! I only did that for Zephyr!

Yuffie: What about Shi-chan?

Reno: Her?! Are you crazy?! She stares at me like some kind of death god or something. She even tried dressing like Death himself and sayin "It's time". Grrr...that lil retarded bit-

Yuffie: RENO!!!!! *throws her shuriken at him*

Reno: Alright alright! Sheez!