Fun With the FF7 Characters

Tifa: Why hello! Welcome to our very own page! *smiles warmly*

Cloud: Hehe. This page is basically about-

Scarlet: Me!! Me, me and ME!!! Of course and you know why? Because I'm very beautiful and I'm special! *poses in front of a mirror, puckering up her lips every now and then*

Zephyr: *sweatdrops* I didn't expect for this to happen...

Tifa: Neither did I...

Scarlet: Oh! May I give out the important info about this page? Oh please please please????

Cloud: My! Zephyr!! Don't you dare let her!!!

Zephyr: Who said I was going to? Sephiroth!!!!

Scarlet: Eh....nevermind!! ^^;; *walks away*

Cloud: Thank you! *wraps his arms around Tifa*

Tifa: *giggles* Alright. This page is just a cool off for the webmistresses and us. We work hard and we think we deserve the break. All we do is lie around. There are refreshments, comfy armchairs, soft couches, and of course, us!

Zephyr: Oi....well, look on for rambles!

When There's Nothing To Do- 11/11/00 This is just a boredom thing...not much humor so don't expect anything good out of this...
Out of Boredom- 11/12/00 Title explains it all
Pick On Reno Day- 11/14/00 Er...we pick on Reno. Nuff said.