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You snoopy people! ^.~

About AngelZephyr

Name: My name is....ah...well...wait!!! AngelZephyr or AZ for short! ^_^

Age: I'm younger than 18 and older than 10. Yup yup. Try guessing! ^.^

Height: 5'1''? I'm not quite sure cuz it seems my P.E. teacher messed up with my height. Last year my P.E. teacher (different one) said I was 5'2''...I really don't think it's possible to grow smaller over the summer but it ain't pleasant to be tall either. Not a lot of hiding places for tall people!!! AHHHHH!!! *ahem* Sorry...x_x

Sephiroth: Er...right on AZ.....no one cares...

AZ: Shut up! I didn't ask for YOUR opinion, did I? :P

Weight: I weigh more than a kitten and less than an elephant. Go figure.

Eye Color: It's brown. Wish I had blue though...or even green...love them colors.

Hair Color: Brown also. Now I feel pretty ding dang dong stupid. I have brown eyes and brown hair. It couldn't get any boring could it?

Reno: Actually, yes it could.

AZ: No one asked for YOUR opinion either!

Reno: Hmph!

Zephyr: What a nice way to act towards the person who LET you host the Submission Guidelines page!!! Anyway...

Likes: FFVII (if you haven't already noticed! @_@), FFVIII, Xenogears...sorta...okay, I do. I like writing...only when I'm dead bored...erm..drawing but they're really crappy. And...that's about it...wheee~~!!!

Reno: That sucks.


Reno: Eeep! *runs away to the The Library*

Dislikes: Well...I hate school [who doesn't?] er..."hate" is such a strong word...lemme say that again...I dislike school! ^.^ What else? School...er....school...and everything else related to school. Oh right! And I really hate snobby people!! Really, I do. And I also hate stuck-up girls who dress themselves in frilly dresses! I do know some....*shudders* Oh did I mention I hate perverts??

Reno: *pouts*

AZ: What are you doing here?! I thought you left!!!!

Reno: Oh yeah...that's right...*exits again*

AZ: That good for nothing turk!

Fave FFVII Character: My favorite characterS are Cloud, Tifa, Sephy, Reno, Vincent, Rufus (or Rufy...or even Ruffie...@_@), Elena, Tseng...well not really..., and Cid!!!! I like Tifa cuz she's cool...she knows how to fight!! Yup! There's more but I don't wanna get into details until I get to my dislikes...^^;; I like Cloud because of his hair...have you seen ANYONE who can spike their hair up like that!? I mean, he musta used 10 days worth of gel just to get it to look like that! Anyway, Reno...why Reno? I have no idea...he's just cool...leave me alone. I like Sephy cuz he's evil!!!! Just plain evil...Vincent because he's...well he's....I don't know...he's always calm? @_@ Rufus because he has to put up with his stupid dad...nuff said. Elena and Tseng because their funny...I only think Tseng's funny cuz of that dot on his head. And Cid....he's just the comedic relief and that's why I like him!

Disliked VII Character: Hm...I dislike 5 characters...well one of them is okay...but not good enough to be my fave but she's cool. Really she is! Um... 1.) President Shinra. Why you ask? Because he's soooo mean to Rufus...well it never said anything that he was mean to him but who cares? I still hate him!! Nuff said. 2.) Scarlet. Why? Because her laugh is irratating..you know, that "kyahahaha"? Grrr....it makes me so mad! Sometimes she reminds me of the 'giggle queen of death!' She really pisses me off! Don't you think so? If you don't then....you're abnormal.... 3.) Heideggar. Err...not sure if that's how you spell his name but oh well. He's really not an important character anyway. Besides, he's a laughing maniac too!!! All the "gyahahaha" Oooh...people who laugh like that...should go to the L-O-O-N-Y-B-I-N!! He's practically like Scarlet, only male. 4.) Palmer...that lil fat lard! All he does is eat...and have tea....and he has the nerve to "demand" some tea and icky lard from Shera...how rude! I hope Cid kicks his scrawny lil...nevermind...he ain't scrawny.. And 5!! Aerith Gainsborough. Okay...now honestly, I really don't hate this girl. She's okay. She has the power to summon holy and I think that's pretty gosh darn cool! I mean, you couldn't see Cloud doing that can you? But the hair! The dress! The innocence! *wheeze* I really can't take it but either than that, she's really okay. So I don't like her and neither do I dislike or hate her...tell me which category she goes in cuz I'm getting dizzy trying to think about it!

Hobbies: Playing the piano (actually, I just kinda fell into that...@_@ but I did wanna!), playing sports...erm...specifically volleyball, basketball, and tennis...and maybe hockey...just depends on who I play with and against. I like drawing and writing....and I think that's all....oh yeah...surfin' the internet too!

Fave Weapon: I like dirks, shurikens, and anything I can throw...oh yeah! I like paperclips too and you know why? Cuz I could pinch you with it...one of my friends taught me how to do it in the most painful way and it HURTS!!!! Oh yeah...and paper! Why? Cuz I'm the Queen of Paper Cuts!!!! I can cut myself at least 9 times at school...some of them are really small though and it's happened before! ;_; My poor hand...

Description: Dense as a bubble....nuff said.

Sephiroth: Oh yay...how interesting...

AZ: *kicks him off a cliff* Anyway, everything else such as eye and hair color, etc are all up there...sorta...bleh

Quotes: Booyaka! Hehehe

If you wanna contact me, these are my e-mail address: AngelicYuffie@yahoo.com or I YuffieNinja I@aol.com
My AIM sn: AngelPhoenixfyre or I YuffieNinja I
My ICQ number: 101891345 and I have another one but I forgot it...@_@

About Shi-Angel

Name: Um.... I usually go by Angel or Shi-chan (Death) or all together Shi-Angel... just call me the dark one I guess, heh. ^^

Age: Hm.. we could go both ways. Lemme see... same age as Zephyr or I *could* be ageless since i *am* Deathy-girl. hee hee, figure it out yourselves! ^_~

Height: Um.. pretty short (Not that *that* ever stopped a fire demon that wishes to remain unknown :p)

Weight: Uh... ::thinks:: Lemme get back to you on that as soon as I find a *scale* *pauses* and while *i'm* at it, *shakes a finger* you should find some manners before asking a girl her weight! ^.~

Eye Color: Brown, but I want silver (OH SEPHY-CHAN!!!), blueish-green, or emerald... hm.. maybe contacts?? (HEY SEPHY!!! GIMME YOUR EYE COLOR!! PWETTY PWEASE? I don't mind green... altho... silver hair and silver eyes aren't a bad combo... or maybe Heero-color or Hiei-color eyes... or..) Sephiroth: ... this could take a while... -_-;;;

Hair Color: Black... I want streaks... ::Glares at Reno while he sneaks back:: Babe, don't even try it.

Likes: I like to play basketball, rollerblade, swim, read, total internet addict; I love listening to music, watching anime, astromany and I have a weird obsession with *angels*, so I'm told, blah blah blah blah... I *could* go on but I think you're heard enough about that, ne?

Dislikes: I really dislike my brother( ^^;;), snobbish girls... those really frilly dressed (YECK!!!) and I wouldn't wear a skirt unless I had no shorts or was made to, I happen to dislike *Reno* (tho you still gotta *love* the guy) at the moment 'cause he took my colors!!! (I want my RED back!!!!) I also dislike my English teacher... erm... I mean English class altogether, and for my final dislike (That could just go on and on and on but you'd be dead and gone by the time I finished...)is I really really really dislike school... and all the stuff that goes with it (homework, etc).

Fave FFVII Character: HM.. I've got *LOTS and LOTS* of fave characters. Most definitely is Tifa! She has to put up with Aeris (Nothing personal but that girl has waaay too much pink) and sticks up for Cloud and takes care of him and he doesn't even thank her!! (sounds like something I should on the raison d'tere page... ^^;;;). And she's just so COOL being able to fist-fight (sp?) and actually fend for herself and not be the "damesel in distress" every ten minutes. (Exaggerating, but you get the drift, right?) I like SEPHY-CHAN!!! He's just so cute! And dark... and a weird past... and the hair and eyes!! I want those hair and eyes!! ^_^ He's just a cool bad guy... and fun to role-play with!! Plus, without him, how would AVALANCHE have something to go after...?? Next up is... VINCENT!!! Man, I *am* a dark person, ;p. He's such an interesting character 'cause you never know that much about his past and it's fun trying to put him in a fanfic. (Check out my fanfic if you wanna see how OOC he becomes!) And it *would* be fun to see how his mind works or what he actually thinks. I also like Reno... tho I'm mad at him right now. (::Grumbles:: Take my colors!) He's the comic relife and a really good one at that. (Reno... one comment and I'll take back everthing I'm about to say.) He's fun to read in fanfics and fun to twist his personality around ::giggles::. Hm.. and last but not least, CLOUD! (Wonder where Yuffie went? She's just not my fave fave... tho I like the fact there's a *ninja*!) Cloud 'cause he's just... just... just him! (Kinda messed up in the game tho). I'll prolly think of more reasons some other time... ^^;;;; Hm.. did I meantion Rude? (We're thd "dark" group altogether! [Rude, me, Sephy-chan, and Vincent!]) Erm... CAIT SITH!!! He's just so CUTE with the moogle!!!!

Disliked FFVII Character: I definitly do not like Scarlet... man that lady is CREEPY!! (And she's a sluuut!!! Sssh! I didn't just say that... ^_^) Yuck!!! 'Nuff said. Erm.. Aeris (bet you figured *that* out already) 'cause of all the PINK!! I never liked pink that much before... I think I've grown allergic to it now... >.< She does have her good points in teh game, being a better magic user than anyone else but... gosh darn it! THE WHOLE PINK THINK KILLS ME!!!

Sephiroth: I think you proved your point.

Shi-Chan: Do *you* like her Sephy-Chan...?

Sephiroth: Eh...

Shi-Chan: 'Cause if you do I could *always* pull stings and resurect her... ::gryns::

Sephiroth: *slightly pales* No thanks...

Shi-Chan: Anyways... back to the topic! Who else don't I like? I know! Hm... President Shinra 'cause he's just the evil bastard. Yep! (I can't believe I forgot him!) And... more that I can't think of right now...

Hobbies: How exactly is that different than "Likes"? Anyways... my hobbies are to rollerblade, swim when I get the chance, read, look up anime! (*drools* 'specially BISHONEN!!)

Reno: Then what about me?

Shi-chan: *nods* YUP! *Anyways* Back to hobbies... besides looking up anime, *watching* it! (Not really a hobby... but I said so so there!)

Fave Weapon: The SCYTHE! (Do you really wonder why? If you do... ^^;;, think about my name...) And I like daggers or bow and arrows... actually any weapon but I usually like to use something I can throw. (Hm.. swords, spears/sais,... guns would be an interesting weapon... haven't tried that yet...) Hm.. I should also get around to "borrowing" Sephy-chan's black materia, hee. Gotta try magic! ^_^

Description: I'm told I'm very nice, smart, helpful, cute, a bit hyper at times, etc... but my closer friends also call me (Zephyr anyways) a devil in angel's clothing. ;p (YoukoAngel/Youkai-Angel) Some people say I'm *such* a *innocent* ^_~ little girly... boy, they don't know me vewy well do they? ^^ And I also revert to a chibby form where I talk wike a wittle kiddy! Shomepeople find it vewy vewy cute. :p

Quotes: Webmistress=absolutely power, Death-girly=absolutely power, Webmistress+Death-girly=ULTIMATE POWER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *ahem*
And another one is, Don't knock on death's door. Ring the bell and run. Death hates that.
I don't suffer from insanity, I revel in it.
Smile! Makes people wonder what you're up to. :) (All my fave quotes!! ^^;)(and i got this froma site but i don't remember which one so if you own the site that hosts these quotes please contact me so i can link you! :) )

If you wanna contact me, e-mail me at: Ashaitenshi@aol.com
My AIM sn: Ix Yamaneko xI