~The Library~

This is our favorite library because it contains guests' fanfics and they are the best...unlike ours...but who cares? Anyway, this place is for all the fics that don't fit in the respective shrines on the main page whether it has to do with the pairing or the genre in general...rpg, anime, etc...

= In progress
= Finished


Love and Friendship: A Zelphie fic! Hope you enjoy!
Chapter 2: Okay...this one is a confusing chapter! I don't know what I was thinking at the time when I wrote this...


Northern Lights: Wow...get your tissues ready because this one's a tear-jerker! For me anywayz...*snifflez* It's really sad...ahh! It involves a Turk and his lil sister!!! Waaahhh!!! How sweet!

Rain Must Fall: Er...a VERY nice story between Reno and Yuffie...hey! I don't mind them being a couple...*coughgaspwheeze* Er...Warning: Slightly citrusy


Sink to the Bottom With You