Wo Ai Ni

*pads in* Yup! You guessed it! Another anime shrine to another cool couple! They are sugoi!!! Tee hee...although I'm having a few doubts I still support them two. If you have heard of this anime then lucky you! We now know the storyline but if not, please feel free to ask what this one's all about. It'll be good to get some email from you guys. Oh...did I mention that those angered audience are waiting for me...? Tee hee...I'll just sneak out the window...shhh and just enjoy! *tiptoes quietly towards the window and disappears*

Warning: *sticks her head thru the window* Eh...forgot...if you know about this anime and support Tamahome and Yui, please leave. You may be insulted by the title and just because I thought of them as some couple. Thanks a lot! Bye now! *leaves again*