Unrequited Love

Welcome to Shrine #1!! I know...too many shrines, but I figure this shrine is better than that Reno and Tifa one, no? It must be...at least I won't be getting flamed for this one but the fact Tifa is paired up with 3 guys isn't an excuse huh? Well anyway, I hope you enjoy it here at least. It must be *hears the crowd go 'boo'* Darn...ah...can't please a crowd. That's alright.

Warning: Yes, another one. I must say that if you are not a fan of either Cloud, Tifa or both, then I'd leave if I were you. Not many Aerith fans are welcome in here because of comments I might get and comments I will get just because they're into the whole 'Cloud loves Aerith' thing. But yes, if you are into them, leave please. Thank you.