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Declaration of Undying Love

*sigh* I doubt a lot of people know about this...tra's called Inu-Yasha but I'm pretty sure we can fill you in. Just be relaxed and be patient...and enjoy most of all...
^_^ It's one of my favorite manga!! WOO HOO!!! ANNND they're coming out with the anime this october... wait.. it is october os anyways... it's out!! I can't wait until it comes here!! ^_^ okay.. now the warnings...

Warning: Grrr...I'm about to tear these warnings to pieces!!!! Okay..keep my cool...if you're one of them Inu-Yasha and Kikyo....LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE!!!!! THIS INSTANT!!! *giggle* Just can stay but don't flame me okay? I'm just working with different things...see if they work ya know?

P.S. I'm totally against Kikyo, absolutely and totally so you're never ever ever ever going to find fics about her and Inu-Yasha here. Just like the warning says.
P.S.S. For all of you who don't know about the Inu-Yasha world, Inu-Yasha means Dog-Demon and it's the name of a guy... as you probably figured. How's that for a hint? ^_~