November 6
HI!! Okay.. not too many updates between September, October, and November but since nobody seems to come to this site it's okay, ne? Anyways, we set up most of the shrines and I think all of the reasons why so go check it out! ^_^ Oh yea! currently two fanfic pages are open, the Reno and Tifa on and the Vincent and Tifa one.
There *are* fanfics on those pages (why else would they be open?) so go check that out... and I finally posted Beginner's Wish but the links not working (fot all those who actually check this stuff out) and Yuffie posted up Lady Gizmo's fanfic. That's all for now! C ya all who actually come to this site... which must be the few... very few... (probably 1 person.) September 14, 2000
Hiya! Okay...very boring site for the time being cuz there's nothing here to do, but we're working on it. In a short time, this place will be a hit! Sorta...maybe...if our site is willing to be...>.< Ah...I'll get back to you on that. Bye now!