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I've got some new ink drawings added, take a look, they're weird.
Also, just today I did a computer drawing, it's in the computer art
section below. In other news, my brother and I are trading mp3s,
and since I'm uploading them to this angelfire page, you can get
them too!Click here for MP3 Land!
hmm... can't think of much to say right now... Anyone else been
getting those Simpsons Halloween toys from Burger King?
I have the Maggie one, the Mr. Burns one, the Marge one, and
today I got Flanders. Perhaps the only thing ever worth collecting
from a fast food joint's kids meal.

Check out the  new art additions below!

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Today's Picture is:
  Zorak Kicks Ak

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New-ish computer art by daniel gervais:
        V- Luv and the Grip
        Wrapping Paper
        Ripping Paper Mountains
        3rd Purchase
        door and cavedrawings
        woodgrain (tilepattern)
        bluegreen stage
        Psychedelic Poster Art   NEW (!)
        Kissing Cousins   NEW

 New Poems by daniel gervais:
"drinker" poems
The Painted Bog
Pulse Epilogue / Sponge Theory

Photographs by daniel gervais:
Boy With Gun
Boy With Bazooka
Rayograph 1 (Kirk w/ Dynamite)
Brian Points Brain

A tip of the iceberg preview of my new project: Freezer Breeze
Essential Reading: C you in the Aftermath

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