August 9, 2001
Looks like Taneesa and I won't be able to make it to the other two concerts...sigh. Some other time. But hey, Modest Mouse is going to tear me a new blowhole, so I'm happy.  Had a nice vacation last week. We stayed at my Grandmother's in McMinnville, got to see my brother and sister and Mom. We went to the museum that holds the incredible huge Howard Hughes Flying Boat (aka the spruce goose). That thing is immense. Its wingspan is longer than a football field. I know, hard to imagine. We also went to an aquarium, and the beach! That was a lot of fun. When Taneesa and I came back (by bus) we found the weather to be much hotter and unpleasant compared to the moderate climate of northwest Oregon.

Kinda bummed, because I haven't seen or talked to any of my friends since I got back. Well, I did see Pete at the store briefly. Tried to contact people today, but no luck. I think some if not most of them are out of town right now. And Sky still hasn't called about the photo paper he promised me. Oh, that reminds me, I've tried a new technique called Photogram, or Rayograph. It's a method that doesn't require a camera. You put objects on photo paper, and expose it to light, and the effect is really cool, looks like X-rays. Here's a link to the first one I did:  Rayograph1

   Today's picture is:
      REM Focus

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bonus art by daniel gervais:
        V- Luv and the Grip
        Wrapping Paper
        Ripping Paper Mountains
        3rd Purchase
        door and cavedrawings
        woodgrain (tilepattern)
        bluegreen stage     NEW!

A tip of the iceberg preview of my new project: Freezer Breeze
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