Nov. 09. 00.
What a major poll 
 giving people a reason 
to watch CBS
Like my haiku? I've got more... but the other ones are a lot cooler, trust me. I just wanted to say something about the "Presidential" "Race" that got stuck in the swamps of Florida. The only good thing that came out of Florida was the Bermuda Triangle. Anyway, I really don't want to say much about's just, as soon as something interesting happens with this election thing, people get all excited and start using the situation to their advantage. Know what I mean? well, maybe you don't. But there's a stupid frickin' pizza hut commercial that talks about the things going on in Florida..and the news is having a big slumber party about it, so they can stay up late in their pajamas and talk about boys.
I have to admit, the election is more interesting (for me) now than it was before. I mean, it really is amazing that the two split party candidates won almost exactly the same number of votes... So now, whoever does win the job, there's going to be just as many people pissed off about it as people happy about it!   ok, dat's 'nuff 'bout dat.
My Dad's a huge fan of the demi-crats. He loves Clinton. He used to hang pictures of Hillary above his desk. Is that weird? HELL YES!!! 

I write a haiku,
then cut to a commercial !
Kill me for God's sakes !
Kill me on the roof
and climb down thru my window;
turn off the tv.
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