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Beck - Arabian Nights                  Lyrics to this song

water by Taneesa, color by Daniel

photo by Taneesa, isn't it awesome?

Devo - Modern Life - Started during the Oh, No! It's Devo! recording period, but left unfinished until 1998 when it (along with the song Faster and Faster) was restored, remixed and completed so that they could be used on the soundtrack to the CD-ROM game "Interstate '82".

Devo - Recombo DNA (demo) - Recorded just after the "Hardcore Devo" era.

This Section contains demo versions of Pixies songs.

  Pixies - Long Ten Years   - This Pixies song is not on any of their albums. I don't know where it's from, actually... but I'm pretty sure it IS Pixies...huh...

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