The Painted Bog

You begin before you start
You start before you begin
You walk out of the buildings
into your private glade
the bog looks freshly painted today
the sun leaves wide strokes of bright green
on the surface of the water
Your aim is all-inclusive when You approach the act
simply to create
soak up a little of everything
hold it in Your brain/sponge
squeeze it back out, trickling, pouring, dripping it onto everything
everything within Your grasp
You include Yourself in everything You do
and include everything in what is You
Your rush of activity patiently coats Your reality
with fine, heavy brushstrokes
quickly or quietly, gently or greatly
it all falls down and splashes around
Your mega mix, a masterpiece
a repertoire that reaches beyond the first night and last days
of historic and non-historic dimensions

D.G. 9-31-01

To Moonshine