Nov. 22. 00.
This week I went back to high school for a day. For the love of God why, you ask? Well, I was just visiting my girlfriend, Taneesa. See, she still has to go to school there, unfortunately. But this is her senior (last) year, so she will soon be released. whoohoo!
It was all right going back to that horrid, suffocating, depressing place. No, really! it wasn't so bad, because I didn't have to do any work, or talk to teachers or any administration. So I had fun just hanging out with Taneesa at school all day. 
I am SOO happy to have finally escaped the dirty trenches of Wa-Hi. Being there and walking around the campus brought back some memories. I think I'll try to focus on the good ones for now...
Well, for one, I was able to do some great art things in high school. The photos I'm posting on this web site were made last year in my computer class, and I think they're just awesome. Also last year I finally got to take photography, and I now have an extensive collection of really great photographs that I developed and printed myself! that is really cool. I would suggest that class to anyone who has ever enjoyed taking pictures. And when I wasn't printing pictures, I was hiding out in the vast attic, writing writing and writing strange & amazing poems that I turned into my online zine C you in the Aftermath. I'm really proud of that stuff. And the environment of the school did have a lot to do with that. Another thing high school did for me was turn me on to the green bud. Now, you might see that as a bad thing or a good thing, but I have to say that it did help me come out of my shell my freshman year, and it definitely helped me deal with things at school. Did Wa-Hi make me a pot head? No, but it sure made getting high worthwhile.
Then there's the girls... man, there were some really frustrating times that involved girls. But it was worth it because in the end (the very end), I found Taneesa, and I love her! She is the best thing that happened to me in all four years of high school! Wow. I got to leave Wa-Hi and take something as great as love with me...
I could write a hell of a lot more about those four years, but it'll have to wait, because this is long enough already. 
Today's picture is of a cool metal structure in the courtyard of the science building at my former school...

Boulder flipped over 
until occurance, entity stands by.
if location 1 pleased, with structure complete:
Black goo + Phlame = Lightheaded
 Today's picture is:
  slow wave

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