June 3, 2001

you don't need to tell me anything
you don't need to read me
it's been so long since I've spoken
but the room's still dark and empty
wowie wow-wow! Taneesa is a very very lucky girl! And I'm lucky to be in love with her...!
Her auntie GAVE her an enlarger. for those who don't know what that is, it's what photographers use to print photographs. it's a real nice one too! and she got it FREE! so wow, that's cool. but wait! that's not all! she also got Mr. Peck to lend her some other supplies like a paper easel and a developing tank, and she got her mom to order some chemicals from the internet (which arrived at the door less than 24 hours later.) And THEN, being the great boyfriend I am, I helped her out with the last pieces of the puzzle and bought more chemicals and paper for her to use, plus the plastic trays that we needed. So at this point she has very nearly everything that she needs for her darkroom. except the darkroom. And wah-lah! we turn the upstairs bathroom into (almost) the perfect place to print and develop photos! So we have our own darkroom and everything we need (including the enlarger which would have cost us a LOT if it wasn't given to her.) We were planning on having a darkroom at some point, but it just happened and we've got it a lot sooner than we planned. This weekend she printed a whole bunch of senior pictures to give to friends, and some other prints, and now she has very little paper left. I hope she leaves some for me! I haven't yet used the room to make pictures, just the toilet, haha!

The picture featured here was taken by me, last year. The person in the picture is me. 
I don't usually wear hats. 
 This picture is:

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