July 18, 2001

"The 3rd planet is sure that they're being watched
by an eye in the sky that can't be stopped.
When you get to the promised land
you're gonna shake the eye's hand."

Today we bought tickets for the Modest Mouse concert in Portland that will occur 20 days, 4 hours, and 57 minutes from now!!! (approximately).
This is very exciting. Will I be in a constant state of excitement for the next month and a half? Yes. Because we also plan on going to a muthaphuckin WEEN concert!!! Excuse me while I soil myself. But wait! that's not all! Because the glory of They Might Be Giants will also be coming to Portland in Sept.!!! If we somehow make it to all three of these performances, I will be a very happy man.

In other music related news, I finally got the new Pixies release in the mail: 'The Complete B Sides'. 
It's my 10th Pixies cd. 
They Might Be Giants will release their first studio album in 5 years, "Mink Car" in a couple months.  geeez. 
It's about damn time.
I heard the new Cake song on the radio, their new (4th) album, "Comfort Eagle" comes out soon. And for those of you who didn't know they had 3 cds already, get with it! 
 This picture is:
    Just as we said it would happen

Trip the Past:
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    Nov 22 - The Devil is Blue
    Dec 15 - Rosie's a ho
    Jan 31 - (tounge)blade
    Feb 16 - mmm, coffee
    Mar 18 - break-spring
    June 7 - darkroom
bonus art by daniel gervais:
        V- Luv and the Grip
        Wrapping Paper
        Ripping Paper Mountains
        3rd Purchase
        door and cavedrawings
        woodgrain (tilepattern)

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