February 16, 2001
mmm, coffee
Things Are Looking Good
$payday $
Yeah, that's right... did somebody say Electronic  Funds Transfer?
"I'm hired..! I hope I don't get fired..! In 40 years I'll be retired, but for now I'm simply hired..!"
- from the musical "Hired!" on Mystery Science Theater 3000

I'm working at Bon Appetit in the Prentiss building at Whitman College.
It's a big food place. I'm a salad chef.
  I cut, I chop, I toss, I mix, I slice, and if you ask me nice, I'll even dice.
I deal out fruits, mushrooms, olives, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, salad, salad dressings, croutons, special salads, fresh spinach, ooh yeah, I do a lot. today i'm picking up my first paycheck. I've already spent some of it. heh... pleasing...
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