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The Name is Moonshine
Well, folks... I don't know if anyone's been
paying any attention, but that's 10 pages.
Time to do something new and different.
Not all that different, but new at least.
I've got new art things and poetry to show.
No one's really said anything to me about
any of this for a looong time, so who knows
who actually looks at this page, but it's
something to do, and Taneesa always wants me
to update it, so here goes. Please take a look
at my pictures, and read the past entries.
They all have something unique to look at.
It's probably easier to start at the end of
the list, because if you start at the beginning,
there won't be links to the rest of them.
Let me know what it's like to view my work!
Or, let me know what you do with your creativity!
 - Daniel Gervais
( check back here in a couple of days for more! )
Today's Picture is:
   Splatter Pak

   %%%  New Introduction
Trip the Past:
    Nov 2 - Silver Interference             Feb 16 - mmm, coffee
    Nov 9 - Party Green                         Mar 18 - break-spring
    Nov 22 - The Devil is Blue               June 7 - darkroom
    Dec 15 - Rosie's a ho                       July 18 - In Concert
    Jan 31 - (tounge)blade                   Aug 9 - Rayograph
New-ish computer art by daniel gervais:
        V- Luv and the Grip
        Wrapping Paper
        Ripping Paper Mountains
        3rd Purchase
        door and cavedrawings
        woodgrain (tilepattern)
        bluegreen stage


A tip of the iceberg preview of my new project: Freezer Breeze
Essential Reading: C you in the Aftermath

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