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Hey! I told you guys I would take the thing down next time I update! Let me know if you even notice lol. OKay, the one new thing is an editorial from Max, you can find that below. And a special message to Lucilla, I lost your stories. Lol. I thought I put them up here already, but I guess I didn't. I had the papers in my room...but I cleaned my room, and they might be yeah, anyone reading this, we need story ideas! Okay I'll leave you alone now...PS, I (Yves) have added a link down by Links. I have an invitation for you guys (not a real one lol), so check it out! Thanks! To Max: About the link thing I just mentioned if you look at it, if you want in on that too, then I post your name up too.


Bad Classes, Good Grades
NHS Scams Students Out Of Rightful Place
Funding For Schools
High School Druggies: Smart Or Dumb?
Overcrowded Classrooms
A Day In The Life Of A Smart Person
A Day In The Life Of A Popular Person
Annoying People
Alcoholism In Teens
The Price Of Being A Bully
No Class, No Sass. Band Is An Easy 'A'
Dress Code Enforcement In Taylortucky High School
School Shootings
Teen Suicide
Time For School!
A Waste of Money
A Letter Concerning the Watchers Connection

A Jinx on A Lunch
Ring Gets Embedded In Finger
Littman Passes Ninth Grade
School Fight Of The Century
Student Walks Out Of Classroom
The Soccer Queen
The Obsession
Girl Has Hair Like Alien On 'Babylon5'
The Perverted Teacher
An Ambulance At School
Littman Not Seen In Weeks!

Brains vs Braun: Which Is Better?
Snobs: Why Are They The Way They Are?
Do You Think Aliens Are Real?
What Causes Violence?
Are You For Or Against The Death Penalty
Do you Think Teens Are Too Young To Have Sex?
Do You Prefer Fake Or Real People?
Do You Think African Americans Are Segregated Because They're African?

Non-School Related Topics
Aaliyah: A Fallen Star
Religious Discrimination
Parents, Teens, and Drugs
Violence On Television
Yves's Theory On Guns
Just Who Really Is the Crazy One?
To Your Health
Is Science Becoming Science Fiction?

Staff Opinions
Movie Reviews
Are Aliens Real?
Fake People vs Real People: Who Do You Prefer?
Are African Americans Segregated Because They're African Americans?
Are Teens Too Young To Have Sex?
The Harry Potter Craze
The Death Penalty
Top Tens

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If you have any stories about your school or life, comments, story ideas, or questions that you would like to enter in, please send them in to us. If you enter in a story, please note that we will actually review them and edit the spelling errors only. We will not be making any other adjustments to your writing. Think carefully on how you want to be seen as. We will not put in any threats against schools or people, so don't even try. You can write about people calling in bomb threats or someone threating you, but don't threaten anyone else or else your story will not be put on this site. With that in mind, if you want to send something to us, send them to the two mailboxes below. The top one is the e-mail address of Yves and the bottom one is for Max.



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