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Where a story has multiple parts, see each individual part for rating, warnings and summary.



Three’s a Crowd  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  (EW/TM, NC-17). Set during filming of The Ice Storm.

Freefall  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  (EW/TM). Post Spiderman publicity blues...Elijah has the cure.


Touched  (EW/DM, PG-13). A story about the beginning.

Consequences  Part 1  Part 2  (EW/DM). Post Try Seventeen.

Quiet Heart  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  (EW/DM/VM). Elijah and Dom are having trouble.

Bad Day  (EW/DM, M).  Answering Housemouse’s fic challenge on Closer_Than_Brothers.

Endgame  (EW/DM, M).  A nasty confrontation between Lij’s mum and Dom.

Master Plan  (EW/DM, M).  Ian McKellen does a bit of “sorting out” of the boys while in NZ for reshoots…


Thinking of You  (OB/VM, PG-13).  Viggo keeps his promise to have dinner with Orli (a little epilogue to Quiet Heart)



PWP (if you just want a quick fix):


lovebuzz  (EW/DM, PWP, NC-17). Oooh, a birthday present!

Ice Cream  (EW/DM, PWP, NC-17). Fun at the movies.

Oscar  (EW/TM, PWP, NC-17). Elijah and Tobey get together at the Oscars.

Leather Pants  (EW/?, PWP, NC-17).  Hmm Elijah in leather pants…tasty…

Watcher  (EW/?, PWP, NC-17).  Elijah’s getting frisky with someone, and they have an audience.

All Dressed Up  (EW/DM, PWP, NC-17).  Elijah drags Dom into a costume shop and they have a bit of fun.

...And No Place To Go  (EW/DM, PWP, NC-17). Leather, oil, a leash...and a party they may not make it to.


Feeling Naughty  (OB/VM, PWP, NC-17).  Orli and Viggo are walking home after dinner, and Orli is feeling naughty.

The Birthday Present  (OB/VM, PWP, NC-17).  Viggo visits Orli for his birthday.


The One Nipple Ring Trilogy: EW/DM, PWP, NC-17.

The Nipple Ring of Power  

The Ring Revealed  




Prose, poems, drabbles etc:


Their First Meeting  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, G).  Elijah’s mum meets Dom for the first time.

Phone Call  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, G).  Saying goodbye at the airport.

Now They Know  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, G).  Telling the truth.

Snippet  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, NC-17).  It is what it is.

Whipping Boy  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, R). A little bit of B&D never hurt anybody...

Body Shots  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, M).  Body shot...tasty!

Trees  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, G).  After the NY premiere of TTT....

Carpark  (EW/DM, 100 word drabble, M).  A borrowed van and ten minutes to spare.


Elf Series: OB/SB. All 100 word drabbles, see individual drabble for rating.

Elf Awareness

Elf Satisfaction

Elf Expression

Elf Control

Elf Evident

Elf Absorbed

Elf Help



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