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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Some Poetry

September 25, 2002

You do suffer and in that suffering you are beautiful, radiant--
Like a spring morning glistening with dew on the lilies
dressed in the cool heat of the vernal sun.
I said to you, "Just don't be guilty"
It is not easy balancing the mundane with the sublime.
Somehow we must find a way, like a zipper
with teeth that grind when out of sync, we must find
the smooth sensual parts of our lives so that the teeth
can bite and we can ride up our lives with ease and satisfaction.

September 30, 2002

We two men, together clinging, not boys,
Next to the vault of heaven.
Cling to me for fear of falling,
Yet allow me to spread my arms wide.
We still dream, yearning to wake and rouse
ourselves from our bodies sweet warmth,
visions of tigers and snakes lingering between raindrop tintinnabulations.
What paradigm will you choose? Will you tell me when you do?
Will you follow me to mine?


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