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The Atari systems are an odd bunch. In most families, there is a black sheep. That black sheep embarrasses and humiliates the whole family when seen together. What that has to do with in regards to the Atari systems, I have no clue.
Atari 7800
  • Ninja Golf - Here's a topic by cloud strife omnisla praising Ninja Golf because I said so. It only has one page, if that. Now go read it, you're wasting electricity by reading this! With your attitude, you'd think it just came out of the walls or something!

  • Ninja Golf - "NOOOO OYOU HAVE DISHONORED THE NINJAS!! They're coming!! ever so quietly!!" by Kraftt C Wizz XVII teaches kids the fundamentals of economics and the mafia. It dwindles down towards the end, but it's still worth a look.

  • Ninja Golf - Starman calls this topic "I have no topics started by me on my own board". About the first half of this topic won't make sense to most, so I'll explain. You see, Scum had another topic on the board that.. bah, forget it. Figure it out yourself. I need sleep.

  • Ninja Golf - papa insan named his newborn topic "howdy howdy!!!! im new here". I can't remember anything about said topic, since I haven't read it since I saved it, and I might lose my prestigious position in the Slacking Off Crew if I do so.

  • Ninja Golf - Well, this is called "Come here and talk about things that are bad" and the topic creator is ScottHall. It was supposed to be about bad stuff, but it eventually turned into Scum stealing Starmie's stuff. Again. I only have the first two pages.

  • Ninja Golf - This is the "Claim topic + ASCII art topic" made by our own Deluxe version Starman. In it, Starmie and Scum discuss fine literature and debate on further placement of said topic. There are a few posting glitches that don't work on GameFAQs anymore. See if you can spot them all. 2 pages.

  • Ninja Golf - This topic was made on Christmas by the infamous Christmas Scum and he named it "Christmas!" with a capital Christmas. It's too bad I don't have any topics by the other Scums.. Rebel Scum, Scum Of The Earth, Scum 2.. Yeah, well, it may only be one page long, but at least it's not oranges.

  • Ninja Golf - Ah, the "Battle of Florence Wall!!!!!!!!!!". papa insan knew what he was doing when he made this topic. This topic.. is classic. It's the kind of topic that made Scum legendary. If you only read but one topic on this site, make sure this is the second.

  • Ninja Golf - Here's the "Battle of Trumpet Trench!". It was made by Ninja Golf. Apparently, he and Starmy had a dispute over who the board should belong to, but in the end, they all compromised and decided to hand it over to Scum. There was also the Battle of Pineapple Hill, which was a really cool topic. Too bad I didn't save it. Haw haw.

  • Ninja Golf - CO bluethunder decided to call this topic "back nine" for some reason. There's some stuff in there, trust me. Only one page.

  • Ninja Golf - Man, I should have just called this section Ninja Golf and be done with it, yeah? This one, "Attention all who enter! (pretend this is in bold)", is about Starman leaving for a week. Or at least it was supposed to be. If you haven't caught on to the serious lack of continuity on Ninja Golf by now, you should probably buy some of those cool biker gloves, with the good grip. Luckily, I got to this one just before MI4 REAL found Ninja Golf and ruined the board.

  • Ninja Golf - What a sexy topic! This is another one by ScottHall, and it's affectionately named "[assuming you're a guy] Do you have man boobs?". This was always one of my favorite topics. Pay attention to the sigs.
Atari 5200
  • Buck Rogers - "What a rip!" by Geist des Schicksals, shows us a side of Scum not often seen. No, I'm not talking about that incident with the Swedish foreign exchange student when he was in high school, I'm talking about.. the ANTI-APPLE Scum. That's really the only reason I saved this. There might be some other interesting stuff in there, I don't remember. And despite what those "page links" will have you believe, the topic is really only two pages long. Your Father and I want you to stay away from those Links, they're nothing but trouble.

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