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SEGA! Just think of all those great times you had playing your Game Gear during long car rides. Or what about those endless summer nights just chillin' with the Sega CD? And hey, remember how fun the Master System was? Me neither.
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  • Flashback - This topic was created by "yours truly," at least I believe those were BUGWEY's sentiments. Titled "~ BUGWEY's Daily Thoughts And Fuzzy Memories: Part II ~" this is the second conglomeration of BUGWEY's dearest memories and philosophical musings. Sadly, the first one was lost in the flood along with Gramma's photo albums. [Un]Luckily, BUGWEY managed to salvage most of the thoughts from the first topic and re-post them here, so you won't miss too much. I mean, let's face it. You're on this site so I can't imagine your expectations in life are too lofty as it is. Whatever, man. Read the topic. Oh, by the way, since you clearly refused to memorize the color coding system I ordered you to, much props goes to ravenwarrior for sending this cool topic in. We should send him a jar of that mayonnaise he's always goin' on about as thanks. Obsessed, that's what he is. Boy howdy.

    Oh, and an additional big thanks to rav for sending me a text file in lieu of one with at least some coding. It's so much fun to fill in all those tags, right down to the last <b>.

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