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Let's be honest. I've posted maybe once or twice on a non-secret board throughout Xim's existence. So, I'll need some help with this section, too. Send cool topics to the email address mentioned on the homepage. If you manage to send 10, you're eligible to win a free decoder ring! See box for details.
  • DarkStalkers 3 - Made by Larc, this topic ("Favorite Character?") was the last existing 2000 topic for awhile. It eventually was flooded, but I got to it just as it was happening, so yeah. I eagerly await my prize.
Message Board Help
  • Can't get into my alt, etc - Here's a topic I made on MBH. It chronicles my epic struggle against the CNet beast. This was back when GameFAQs made you """""upgrade""""" your account so you had to use an email address to log in and so CNet could spy on you. Yeah, another useless change that nobody wanted, yet one Ceej felt was necessary to increase his huge, huge profits from GameFAQs, which he wouldn't even have if it wasn't for our contributions to the site. What happened was, I upgraded one of my alternate accounts as a test to see just how badly they screwed the process up, and sure enough, just like all new features after CNet arrived, it didn't work. I ended up losing an alt, but another alt I upgraded worked.. for awhile. Then I decided the email address I was using took way too freakin' long to type, so I decided to switch it to a shorter one that I didn't even have access to, nor even exist. Not that the one I had currently been using existed mind you, but I hadn't considered they would send an email of confirmation to the address, the only way I could still access the account. Well.. anyway.. here's how I got out of it, thanks to Rocky. This is really only here for my benefit in case something happens again, but you can read it if you want. Since you're at this site, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you have nothing better to do.
Site Suggestions
  • Post and I'll tell you everything I know about you. - Scum made this. It's basically him being lazy. He should have put more effort in his descriptions. I don't know how he could stand to be so vague.

  • I want in Scum or a mod account. - This topic, of Blasely Deviant origin, is a good example of Scum prominence. This kind of thing happened a lot back when he was around, random people demanding access. It would seem this guy had a pretty bad moderation history, as he had been banned a lot. It's a good thing the Scums were smart enough to not hand the password over to guys with bad posting histories like Blasely, otherwise Scum might have--

Site Suggestions
  • Change all timezones to Central time. Here's a topic Medea created in the waning minutes of April Fools Day. It's kind of funny how so many people took it seriously. Maybe that's because it was no longer April Fools Day where they were at because they use an inferior, non-Central timezone.
Et Cetera
  • Video Game FAQ Archive - This one is hardly a topic at all. This is what the main page of GameFAQs (known as VGFA back then) looked like in 1996, and it was sent in by ravenwarrior (he likes mayonnaise). This is from that magical time that never actually existed that CJayC often alludes to during site anniversaries and such. You know, his "only for rainy days and weekends" blather. We've all heard it before. Oddly enough, I do actually remember this. Though recent studies have shown it was changed to GameFAQs in early 1997, I could swear I had visited the site before the change. But I could also swear the first time I went to GameFAQs was when I needed help with Final Fantasy VII, which I didn't even own until Christmas of 1997. And I could also swear until the FCC shuts down my site, but maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

  • Aurora Topic List - This is just the topic list on my home board back in that magical summer of 2003 when I became a hunter. None of the topics work, so don't even think about it, pervert. Well, my board may never have been very big.. or popular.. or.. or even.. really that.. cool....

    ..I need a drink.

  • Xim's Profile - Here's my profile from a randomly chosen day.

  • Scum's Profile - And here's Scum's. Thanks to the good folks of CNet, you can no longer see the profiles of banned users. So I'll just tell you Scum had 799 Karma when he was banned.

  • Omni Volt's Profile - This was my.. third(?) main account. The history of Xim is long and fruitless up until I constructed Xim itself. First, there was Lord Gamer (don't have profile), then there was Kelt Jade (scroll down), then Omni here, and finally Xim. I may have missed somebody, but no one cares about him.

  • Kestrel's Profile - This is my good buddy Kestrel's Profile. He was the leader of the first faction I was ever in. We were banned because some cowards from Zamzara (faction that started a war against our peace-loving Kingdom, Kestreliscoolland) couldn't counter our wits and decided to cry to the mods for help. But, as you can see, I don't hold a grudge.

  • Kelt's Profile - Here's my second account's (Kelt Jade's) profile. Was banned for aforementioned reasons. Even though I didn't have the account very long, next to Xim, it's my all-time favorite. Oh, about the sig, just before it happened, Kestrel handed power over to me. There's no telling how big our little social could have become if things hadn't happened the way they had.

  • Ed The Moogle's Profile - Here's Ed's profile. He was my favorite FAQ writer, and one of the only reasons I went to GameFAQs back in the late 90's, before the boards were up. He left because he discovered CJay had been selling his guides to other sites for personal profit, something ceej had no right to do. Ed requested several times for Ceejus to take down his FAQs, but he still received no reply, not even a simple "no". That may seem reasonable with Jeff's schedule, but these requests were spaced several weeks apart. So, Ed left for good, changed his nickname to Spoony, and has since gone ****ing insane. You can also note that this is the reason I don't contribute to GameFAQs anymore, especially now that the crooked CNet has taken over.

    Geez, there's a lot of hostility in the non secret boards section.

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