This is the section where I link to other sites by way of my handy website-linking aparatus. The majority of them have nothing to do with my site, so if you like what you see here, you'd best stick around and avoid going to any other sites but this one. Ever. Why is mine the best one here? Unlike mine, all these sites don't have a links section, (excluding the ones that do). If you want me to add your site, or just a site you like, email me requesting so, and I might even do it.


  • GameFAQs - This here's an obscure site. I don't really remember what's there, but I think it might have something to do with mayonnaise, so everyone wins.

  • GameFAQs Secret Board Archives - I have to put Scum's site next, because I'm basically copying him. This is an archive of a bunch of topics from GameFAQs, but few if any are not secret boards. There's not much difference between his site and mine. I copied his description of the site he copied, too, so suck on that, Scum.

  • - Delicious.

  • 8-Bit Theater - Here's a cool site that makes fun of the first Final Fantasy game. It's a comic strip more than a site, really. Incorporating an interesting blend of high brow and low brow humor alike, it's more than worth the 20 dollars you now owe me for telling you about it.

  • Bob And George - Another comic. This one makes fun of the Mega Man series. This is another sprite comic, and it's actually the first one ever, so in a way, you can thank this site for all those horrible comic strips with video game characters pasted on them with MS Paint you'll find when looking for porn. It's also my favorite, next to the previously mentioned comic.

  • RPG World - Another comic I like. This one also makes fun of video games, and even takes it a step up by mocking a whole genre: RPG's. Takes awhile to get good, though. And later it's not that great. But the gooey center, oh that's wonderfully mayonnaise.

  • Life Of Riley - Comics or bust. This one is about an artist/tech that has the ability to turn into a calculator or something. I forgot. There's also a vampire, a few succubus's, some angels, and a goddess or two. It kicks ass for the first couple of story arcs, but gets kind of weird after that. Still worth a read though, especially the massive paintball war part.

    Update: The site has been offline for like 13 months since early 2004, and now that it's finally come back, they decided to have no more Life Of Riley.. ever again! Their comic is now called "Dreams In Digital", which was an occasional subcomic in Life Of Riley, thrown in between story comics. It's now animated. It follows the adventures of the people on the site through Final Fantasy XI or something. I'll have to watch it sometime. Till then, you can get to the Life Of Riley archives through the "FAQ" link on their site, or if you're lazy, just click here to go directly to the first comic. Be warned, the final comic leaves a lot of loose ends. But that's like 500 comics later, so don't worry. I think that's how everyone's attitude towards everything should be. Just go with the flow. Be it paying your bills, getting kicked out of your house, living on the streets or whatever, all things have a way of working themselves out eventually. Say.. could you spare some change?

  • Movie Comics - This site has some digital art portrayed in a comedic form. I really liked this one, too bad the guy who drew it decided to quit. The archives are still there, so go read it. That may sound like a dumb idea to you, reading something that's been discontinued, but then why are you here? Riddle me that, Batman.

  • Pokey The Penguin - YES! This is the worst web comic ever made that actually has a whole site devoted to it. But, if you're really, really tired and kind of confused, it's hands down the best.

  • Secret Of Mana Theater - This is technically not a web comic. It's actually an continuing animated spoof of Secret of Mana, a great game for SNES. But, since it's like a comic strip in every way but the animation, just pretend it is. I listed it last because, really, it's not that great. The first 37 or so episodes are brimming with deliciousness, but beyond that, it all goes downhill. I don't think the author is even trying to be funny anymore. But don't tell him I said that. That guy scares the crap out of when he's pissed.

  • GamingFM - Here's a good find. It's one of them there free Internet Radio stations. It plays music from video games 24/7. That's 24 hours a week, 7 months a year. Or not. You can also request some music, and listen to it within 2-30 minutes, depending on how many other jerks are trying to abuse the station that rightly you and only you should be listening to. And then I ate them all.

  • Video Game Music Archive - Speaking of music, this's a site that has a bunch of game music on it you can also listen to for free. Except replace "game music" with "mostly crappy fan-made MIDI's".

  • The Video Game Museum - Speaking of music, this site has tons of screenshots and other goodies from various games.

  • Newgrounds - Yes, hidden amongst all the ads for Hentai, there's some cool stuff here. This is basically THE flash site. It's got funny movies and bad games made by nerds from all over! Okay, a lot of it blows harder than an industrial stength blowing machine, but some of it's cool. Look for Legendary Frog's or Knox's stuff. They're both great.

  • eBaum's World - Nice. This place has all kinds of crazy crap. The prank calls are choice, take a look, but be sure to return it when you're done. Looks aren't cheap, you know.

  • MISC Nifty Stuffs - Here's another site with some flash stuff. It's probably all on Newgrounds, but ketchup if I'll ever try to navigate through that site again. Only problem with this one is the loading times. Unless you've got a pretty good compy, you'll be waiting a long time for the movies to load. It's got all of the Stick Figure fights, and if you haven't seen those, why are you still reading? Hurry, you fool! You'll kill us all! Or die trying!

  • Weebl And Bob - Here's the chronicles of Weebl and his friend Bob. It's kind of like an animated comic series, in a way. I have it set so that you see the best first episode right off the bat, so go watch.

  • The Mega Man Home Page - The best site for anyone that likes Mega Man. There's more info on the blue bomber and the spinoff series he has spawned than you or your grandfather can handle. No, tongs will not help.

  • Kirby's Rainbow Resort - Kirby may be kiddy, but he's without a doubt one of the best game characters out there. Think about it. He's round and pink, can steal abilities from his enemies, and can destroy you if you disobey him. This is a great site dedicated to the cute little antichrist.

  • SMK Players Site - Here's a tribute to perhaps the greatest racing game ever made: Super Mario Kart. The original, not Mario Kart 64 or that one for the Gamecube. It has the world records for the time trial modes. If you like the game, go take a look and see how you measure up to the best players in the world. And if you look pathetic next to them, you know what to do. Find out where they live, go over to the person's house and ring the doorbell. When the person comes to the door, be sure to have already left, but leave a jack-o-lantern with a knife stuck in the side of its head with a note that says "You." After that you'll usually feel a lot better, and no harm done.

  • RPGFan - A cool site for people that like RPG's. It's got release dates, artwork, music, reviews, previews, and I think they might have snuck in some bad language, too.

  • RPGamer - See previous description, but add "Not as cool as next site".

  • IcyBrian's RPG Page - Though the title is a bit misleading, this actually is a website and not just one webpage. It's also about RPG's, and the only thing that sets it apart from other sites of its kind is its massive fan art section.

  • The World Of Mayonnaise - See description for

  • The FFTSB MSA - Back to GameFAQs stuff. This is RdDragon's site. It has a plethora of goodies from the good ol' Final Fantasy Tactics Social Board. Oh, I've never been, but maybe I should.

  • The GameFAQs Secondary Message Boards FAQ - Creative name, huh? This site has it all. Everything you ever wanted to know about GameFAQs, but were too afraid to ask. Yes, I did just type that.

  • GameFAQs Archive - Gigantahumongous site by Roadhogg. It has a few saved purged topics. Not as many as here, of course, but one day perhaps. One day..

  • Everywhere You Look - Here's Turd Ferguson's site. It's quite possibly the greatest site ever made, nay, will ever be made.

  • Browser Wars - For too long have those other Internet browsers mocked us. That is why I call you all to arms now. Citizen or not citizen, man or woman, deep down inside, we are all a part of the same Browser somehow.. someway.. There's a little Internet in all of us. If we allow those other Browsers to break through and into our most sacred halls, then we forsake any hope for a future free of tyranny, free of their villainy.

    Arise, rise up my warriors and defend the noble walls of this stern Browser. Let it not fall into the proverbial hands of the enemy, let not those who seek only your servitude rule you, let not the mayonnaise go to waste, for we must not fall into such totalitarianism.

  • Star ASCIImation Wars - I found this site a long time ago, when I was knee-high to a tallywaggle. This is the entire Star Wars Trilogy, done in ASCII, or at least it will be when it's finally finished. I never really thought Star Wars was that great, but apparently this guy did. If you like Star Wars, and have so much time on your hands that it's about to break your fingers, go watch it. If not, please continue to make good use of your time here. Because you definitely are.

  • Java-Based Games - Here's just some games I played frequently during school. It's not really the best site for these kind of little games, not by a long shot, but it will always have a special place in my glove department for all  those class periods I wasted on playing these. Ironically, I mostly played them during my Java Class. So have fun, but not too much. We don't have any spare pants.

  • Captain Zzap Comic - Here's the last site on display for your amusement and my financial gain. It's just a little comic Starmy made. He made it back in 2001, at least I think. It might've been early 2002, don't hold me to that. At any rate, he made it about two years ago, and Chapter 2 should be coming out any time now.

    *waits patiently*

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