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Among other things, my board is located in this category. I don't have much saved from here, but then again, my board is located in this category. Turbo Cd, Turbo-Grafx-16, PC-FX, they're all hiding out here. Take them away, officer.
  • Tales Of Monsterpath - This is "The Quest For The Lost Secret Board" and it's a story I wrote about hunters. This is only the first part, though. It was actually pretty near the 500th post when it purged. Uninteresting note: There was a precursor to this. I actually wrote one chapter of a story entitled "Xim's Adventures In Slime World" before I ever conceived of this one. It was sort of the same thing, except it was only going to focus around me and my male, pet platypus, Penelope. Thankfully, I chose to go with the Lost Secret Board. Otherwise my story might have ended up being silly.

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