The Story of The Secret Boards

By Infinite Rebirth
Part 1

This is the Story of The Secret Boards by Infinite Rebirth. An incredibly cool GameFAQs Fanfic about Secret Board Hunters. You can find Part II on Supercross 3D (where the original was first posted). I'm not in it of course, because my account wasn't even created when he wrote it. But I am in Part II as Scum's bodyguard he doesn't really like very much. Once again, this is Infinite Rebirth's story, not mine. I'm putting it here, because it got purged, and that's what this site is about really. Everything is in it's unedited form, so don't worry about missing anything vital to the lifeblood of small furry things. I like this story a lot, and I hope you will too. It's definitely worth a read. The cool part is, this is the complete story, so you don't have to wait a week to read each new installment. That is the miracle of mayonnaise, my friend. If you like it or whatever, go to Supercross 3D and read Part II (in progress). It's shaping up to be even better than the first, if that's possible! Although, IR hasn't updated in like, months. Xim, October 21, 2003

Once upon a time at a place called Gamefaqs there were many thriving communities. Random Insanity, LUE, and Current Events just to name a few. But then there was the underworld. The underworld of secret boards. This is their story to stay alive...

Secret Board Hunter: Board number 500! I've now claimed my 500th board!

RdDragon: I'M HERE! Damn you SBH you beat my again!

Scum: Ah wait I'm here! 3rd I guess...

Medea: This one's been claimed. I might as well go back to the crypt...

RdDargon: Stay a while!

Scum: Yes please do. *Eyes Medea curiously.*

Medea: Uh sure...

Turd Ferguson: Anybody wanna hear a Bob Sgat joke?

Everyone: NO!

TF: Fine...

SBH: Sooooooo....

RdDragon: Anybody visited the popular boards lately?

Everyone: No...

Scum: Hear the rumor about CjayC wanting to get rid of all secret boards?

Everyone: WHAT?!?!?!?!

Scum: That's what I heard. He wants to repeal his law about secret boards.

Medea: Whoa...

*Infinite Rebirth wanders in.*

IR: Hi everybody. Hear that rumor but CJC and the secret boards?

SBH: Is it true?

IR: *Shrugs*

*Morgoth makes his way in.*

Morgoth: Look I didn't shoot Johnny Rock! Brett Penance either! BTW hear about CJC's wanting to close down secret boards?

Everybody: Yes...

RdDragon: We can't let this happen!

Medea: No way!

Scum: Sure I guess not. But what are we supposed to do?

SBH: Only thing we can do. Find CJC and stop him ourselves.

IR: But where do we find him?

Morgoth: Er I know.

RdDragon: We all kind of know...

SBH: The secret mod board.

Turd: Most secret of all boards.

Scum: So uh are we gonna go?

Everybody: *Shrugs*

Will CJC close down all secret boards? What will happen if he does? Find out next time!

PART 2!!!!!!

Medea: You wanna just go?

RdDragon: We have no way of finding it! You need to be a mod!

SBH: He has a point.

*LiMiTeDmOoN wanders in*

LiMiTeDmOoN: Hey everybody.

Everybody: Hi.

LiMiTeDmOoN: What's up with CJayC wanting to end secret boards?

Infinite Rebirth: You heard too?

LiMiTeDmOoN: Course. Everybody on the secret board network is talking about it.

Turd: Hey LiMiTeDmOoN wanna hear a Bob Sagat joke?

Morgoth: Quiet you.

Turd: *Is silent*

Scum: We need to get a mod to help us into CJayC's secret board.

Morgoth: Who would do that?

*DanKirby walks in*

DanKirby: Look I know you've heard the rumors and all I can say is that it's possible.

RdDragon: Who asked you, moderator??

DanKirby: Look I may be a mod but I love secret boards just as much as you guys do so I'm not happy about this either!

Medea: So why don't you do something about it?

DanKirby: I don't have as much mod power yet.

Infinite Rebirth: Than how about helping us do something about it?

DanKirby: Like what?

LiMiTeDmOoN: Oh you know the usual little things...

Scum: Yeah nothing out of the ordinary.

SBH: Right.

DanKirby: What is it?

Morgoth: Sneak us into the secret mod board!


RdDragon: It's for a worthy cause!

Turd: YEAH! Please help us!

DanKirby: Fine but you absolutly have to keep this whole thing quiet. It doesn't go beyond us 8 people.

DanKirby, a mod is going to help our heroes? Will he be a true help or betray them?

Who's ready for part 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

RdDragon: When do we leave?

DanKirby: Soon as you guys want.

Morgoth: Now?

Scum: Now's good.

*The group leaves the Supercross 3D board and head through the backroads of Gamefaqs towards the mod board. They arrive at the Atari 2600 game Space Attack.*

DanKirby: We'll rest here for a little while.

Infinite Rebirth: Are sure we're safe here?

Turd: Yeah what about lurkers?

DanKirby: Don't worry this place is safe.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Are you sure?

Medea: Yeah have you been here before?

DanKirby: Look it's either stay here or keep traveling!

Secret Board Hunter: Fine...

*The group rests for the night but is awoken suddenly in the middle of the night.*

Doodleheimer: Doodleheimer in the house!

RdDragon: Sweet God...

Turd: This guys even more annoying than I am!

IR: I wouldn't go that far.

SBH: Yeah me neither.

Turd: *Grumbles*

Doodleheimer: What are you all doing?

Morgoth: None of your bussiness.

Doodleheimer: C'mon I can keep a secret.

Scum: Nope sorry.

DanKirby: Now get out of here lurker!

Doodleheimer: DANKIRBY! You're all traveling with a mod?

LiMiTeDmOoN: There some kind of problem with that?

Doodleheimer: No none at all.

IR: Now get outta here!

Doodleheimer: Think I might hang around a little while.

RdDragon: Do what you want we won't be here much longer.

Doodleheimer: Leaving so soon?

Morgoth: Yeah...

DanKirby: In fact I suggest we go now.

Medea: Yeah let's get outta here.

*The group begins to pack up.*

Doodleheimer: Can I come?

SBH: Er sorry but know.

Doodleheimer: Fine....we'll meet again!

*Doodleheimer runs off and the group packs up and moves on.*

Doodleheimer vows to meet our heroes again. Will her return to the story?

Part 4 is now ready...

DanKirby: You guys walk slow.

Morogth: Got that right.

Secret Board Hunter: Uh huh.

Infinite Rebirth: So just where are we heading now?

DanKirby: Moon Ball Magic for the Master System.

Medea: Why there?

DanKirby: One of my little hiding spots.

Scum: Er....hiding spots?

DanKirby: Yup. Something wrong?

RdDragon: Well it's just that the last time you brought us somewhere we met that Doodleheimer guy.

Turd: Yeah this was supposed to be a secret trip!

DanKirby: Not my fault he showed up!

LiMiTeDmOoN: Or was it?

DanKirby: What you guys don't trust me?

Morgoth: Can't say I do.

DanKirby: Fine....ok we're here time to unpack and rest.

*The group unpacks their stuff and settles down. As they begin to fall asleep the moderator Solo appears.*


DanKirby: Everybody hide! QUICK!

*Everyone but DanKirby hides as he walks over to Solo for a conversation.*

DanKirby: Solo what brings you around here?

Solo: Just making the rounds. Not to mention someone tipped me off about a bunch of secret board hunters CJayC wants to round up coming through this area.

DanKirby: I haven't seen anyone.

Solo: Suppose I'll move on then.

DanKirby: Later Solo.

*Solo leaves and the group comes out of hiding.*

Medea: So what was that about?

Turd: YEAH!

DanKirby: Look it's not my fault dammit!

RdDragon (To Secret Board Hunter): I don't know about you but I'm trusting him less all the time.

The group now knows that CJayC is searching for them. Will more mods show up after them? Only time will tell...

Part 5 begins....NOW!

DanKirby: I'm sure you all don't believe a word I'm saying at this point but we have to continue on.

Morgoth: Continue on? With the mods on our trail?

Scum: AH MY TOOTH! DAMN APPLES! Oh uh yeah mods!

Turd: I don't know if we should trust Bob I mean DanKirby.

Secret Board Hunter: Look do we have a choice here? If we turn back and DanKirby has betrayed us then CJayC will find us no problem. And if he hasn't then this whole trip was a waste.

RdDragon: But what if we go forward? If he's betrayed us and we go forward we'll be caught for sure. If he hasn't then well I guess we have a chance.

Medea: But someone had to have betrayed us.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Yeah Solo said someone tipped them off. But who?

Infinite Rebirth: Doodleheimer....

Scum: Of course!

RdDragon: CJayC must've payed him off to talk.

Morgoth: But we never told Doodleheimer just what we were doing. Solo knew what we doing. One of us must've done it.

Secret Board Hunter: Ok who's the mole?

DanKirby: You all suspect me don't you?

Medea: Did anyone say that?

Turd: I never heard anyone.

Infinite Rebirth: Me neither. Someone has a guilty conscience.

DanKirby: Well you all obviously suspect me.

LiMiTeDmOoN: I won't lie...I think it's you DanKirby.

DanKirby: Atleast you're honest.

RdDragon: You know we don't have time for this. We need to just move on. How much further DanKirby?

DanKirby: We've got a long way to go still.

Scum: How long? Longer than long is or long as longer?

Everyone: o_0

DanKirby: Quite the trip is ahead of us.

Turd: Should we head out now.

Morgoth: With a mole in the group?

Secret Board Hunter: Deal with it!

Medea: What's with you?

Infinite Rebirth: Hey ease up Medea.

Medea: ME EASE UP?

RdDragon: Hey hey everybody shut up!

Scum: You shut up or I'll throw my apples at you!

DanKirby: Let's just go dammit!

There is descension in the group. No one trusts anyone? What will happen next?

Part 6 is here...

Medea: Alright DanKirby where are we going?

DanKirby: Night of the Ninja for Atari 7800.

RdDragon: Planning on meeting up with another mod there?

Infinite Rebirth: HEY! Enough.

Secret Board Hunter: Yeah let's go.

*The group heads off towards their next destination.*

DanKirby: Let's take a small rest here.

Scum: Where the hell are we?

LiMiTeDmOoN: Yeah I don't like this.

Morgoth: DanKirby why are we even stopping?

DanKirby: Because it's late and we're all tired. Not to mention it's a long way to Night of the Ninja.

Secret Board Hunter: Hey where's Turd?

*Everyone starts looking for Turd.*

Scum: I don't see him anywhere.

RdDragon: Me neither.

Medea: Weird. We must've left him behind somewhere.

LiMiTeDmOoN: But where?

Morgoth: We didn't stop at all. I was right next to him until we came here.

Infinite Rebirth: By the way where, the hell are we?

DanKirby: Nevermind it's a secret.

Secret Board Hunter: No need to keep secrets.

*Everyone starts hearing muffled yells.*

RdDragon: What the hell...

Morgoth: Over there! It's Turd!

LiMiTeDmOoN: He's hurt.

Medea: Looks like some mods shot him.

Infinite Rebirth: And gagged him.

RdDragon: He's too hurt to go on.

DanKirby: Well I don't know what to do.

Secret Board Hunter: You son of a *****! You caused this!


Turd has been hurt. Who did it? Mods? Friends of DanKirby?

The next chapter of the story is now ready for your reading pleasure...

RdDragon: Look DanKirby tell us what's going on!

DanKirby: I'm telling you all I know! I don't know anything!

Morgoth: Looks to me like some mods got him...

Secret Board Hunter: No you think?

Medea: Look everyone just calm down we need a plan.

Infinite Rebirth: Plan?!?! What the hell are we gonna do? LOOK AT HIM!

LiMiTeDmOoN: IR's right. He's been modded to many times.

Scum: Ouch....

Morgoth: Ouch is right.

RdDragon: Ok let's get him to a hospital. Know where there's one DanKirby?

Secret Board Hunter: I wouldn't trust any hospital he takes us to...

DanKirby (ignoring SBH's comment): Alright I know where we can find one. Crazy Hospital for Turbo CD.

Scum: I'm not going to any hospital with the word "Crazy" in it.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Yeah...

Infinite Rebirth: Why do they call it Crazy Hospital?

DanKirby: Just a cover name. It's the underground hospital.

RdDragon: I've heard of it. Never needed to go though.

Medea: Do you know what it's like?

RdDragon: No idea. Just heard of it.

Morgoth: I think we should go.

Secret Board Hunter: I say we take a vote. Those in favor going please raise their hand.

*Morgoth, RdDragon, LiMiTeDmOoN, and DanKirby raise their hands.*

Secret Board Hunter: And now all those not in favor please raise their hand.

*Secret Board Hunter, Infinite Rebirth, Medea, and Scum raise their hands.*

Scum: A tie....

DanKirby: That didn't settle much...

RdDragon: Great. Just great.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Why are you all against helping him?

Infinite Rebirth: Because we don't trust DanKirby.

Morgoth: Well you should.

Medea: I say we leave him.

DanKiby: If we can't agree then we might have to.

The group is split. Half want to go to the hospital but half don't because of their dostrust for DanKirby. What will happen?

Time for another installment...

Scum: Well when do I get my roll?

Infinite Rebirth: The hell are you talking about?

Scum: In the story...

Everyone: o_0

Scum: Just forget it.

DanKirby: Back to bussiness. Where are we going?

Medea: No where.

Secret Board Hunter: Right. We're staying here and we aren't going to any hospital.

RdDragon: Then what do we do with Turd?

Morgoth: Yeah what do you thing we should do with him Medea?

Medea: I never liked him very much so...leave him.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Are you crazy???

Infinite Rebirth: I say two of us bring him to a real hospial for help while the rest of us go on.

DanKirby: You know what we're going where I say we're going. I'm the leader and guide therefore we are going to the hospital...NOW!

*Rather than risking a moderation the group follows DanKirby to Crazy Hospital.*

Scum: Well it looks ok...

Medea: No it doesn't. Shut up Scum!

Scum: Shut what up?

RdDragon: Let's just get him inside.

*Inside the group meets doctor Interceptor and they bring him to the operating room.*

Secret Board Hunter: Will he be ok Interceptor?

Interceptor: I can't say yes and I can't say no. It's a good thing you got him here so quick. He would've been banned for sure if you took any longer.

Morgoth: I told you it was a good idea in coming here.

DanKirby: Well thanks Interceptor. Just put the bill on my tab.

Infinite Rebirth: Just how often do you come here?

DanKirby: Often enough.

Interceptor: You're tabs filled.

RdDragon: Daaaaaaaaamn you must come here a lot!

DanKirby: Look can't we let it slide for once?

Interceptor: I've let enough slide.

LiMiTeDmOoN: This is bad...

Scum: We're gonna be washing those shocky things tonight.

Medea: Difibulators.

Scum: Uh come again.

Interceptor: That's it get the hell outta here DanKirby! This is going on your monthly bill.

DanKirby: I don't think so.

*DanKirby pulls out his mod gun and shoots Interceptor.*

Nurse: Guards help!

DanKirby: RUN FOR IT!

DanKirby has just shot the doctor that Turd's care is in the hands of. What will become of the group now?

The latest piece of the story...


DanKirby: Shut up and run dammit!

Morgoth: I can't believe this is happening! Don't you have money DanKirby?

*Suddenly 10 muscular females nurses run out in front of the group.*

Scum: Ooh la la. Hello ladies.

Medea: Your sick.

Infinite Rebirth: Er we need a new plan.

Secret Board Hunter: Any ideas?

DanKirby: I have an idea...

RdDragon: No moderations! Look where that thing got us!

DanKirby: Got a better idea?

Morgoth: How's about...

DanKirby: HOW'S BOUT THIS?!?!?!

*DanKirby pulls out his mod gun and starts firing like a madman. He shoots anything in front of him. All the nurses fall.*

LiMiTeDmOoN: Oh my God you modded them all!

Infinite Rebirth: You psycho! What the hell are you thinking?

DanKirby: Shut up and run or you're gonna end up just like them! And trust me you won't be reborn even once.

*The group runs out of the hospital's board and manages to avoid other moderators by hiding on Turbo CD boards.*

Scum: Close one...

Secret Board Hunter: Too close.

Medea: DanKirby explain right now just why you're helping us. It's obviously not for our benefit.

DanKirby: Ok you're right. I don't want to help you all. I'm in it for myself. My secret Darkwing headquarters could be destroyed if CJayC closes these boards. I can't loose it. You're all just for a little protection.

RdDragon: I knew it.

DanKirby: So trust me less?

Infinite Rebirth: Of course.

LiMiTeDmOoN: I knew there was something wrong here.

DanKirby: Well I'm your only hope now so let's go.

DanKirby's true intentions have been revealed. What will happen to them next?

Time for another installment of the story...

Morgoth: So where are you leading us now DanKirby?

DanKirby: Don't ask questions just walk.

*DanKirby flashes his mod gun at Morgoth and everyone falls silent.*

DanKirby: That's better.

RdDragon (whispering to Medea): We gotta get away from him.

DanKirby: Is that whispering I hear?

RdDragon: No...

*Lorelai and Kinnison walk past the group.*

Kinnison: Hey what's up fellow SBH's?

Lorelai: Yeah how goes it?

DanKirby: Get the hell outta here.

Kinnison: WHAT?

DanKirby: You heard me!

Lorelai: What's going on?

Secret Board Hunter: Just do what he says. Please.

*Lorelai and Kinnison walk off.*

LiMiTeDmOoN: That's it DanKirby I've seen enough of this!

Infinite Rebirth: Yeah this has gone far enough!

DanKirby: Ok if that's how you feel...

*DanKirby pulls out his mod gun again and fires a shot straight into the chest of Infinite Rebirth.*

Infinite Rebirth: Urgh!

Morgoth: What the hell are you doing?!?!?!

DanKirby: SHUT UP!

Infinite Rebirth:

*DanKirby fires two more mod shots at Infinite Rebirth, banning him.*

Medea: You banned him...

Scum: Not even I can make a joke of this.

DanKirby: Let it be a lesson to you. Now bury him!

Secret Board Hunter: Wh...what?

DanKirby: You heard me! Bury him!

*Everyone except DanKirby grab some rocks and sticks from off the ground and dig a ditch. They roll Infinite Rebirth into it.*

RdDragon: So long IR.

DanKirby: It's getting late. There's no sense in continueing on. We'll sleep here.

Morgoth: I'm not sleeping. Not with you here.

DanKirby: You wanna end up in a ditch too?

LiMiTeDmOoN: Let's just get some sleep.

Medea: Yeah you're right...

DanKirby has killed Infinite Rebirth! Obviously DanKirby cares little for the other group members and is just using them for a little protection. What will happen next time?

Turd is in a hospital far from the group. Infinite Rebirth's banned corpse lies underground on some desolate board where no one will find him for days. DanKirby is forcing the remaining 6 members to continue on with him to the secret board. Our story continues with the group resting only one board away from the site of Infinite Rebirth's makeshift grave...

LiMiTeDmOoN (whispering to Secret Board Hunter): What are we going to do? This psycho banned IR and probably tried to do the same to Turd!

Secret Board Hunter: Nothing we can do. Hopefully CJayC will realize he's been banning for no reason and revoke his powers.

LiMiTeDmOoN: You're looking to the enemy for help here? The whole reason for this trip was to stop him!

Secret Board Hunter: I know. But we might just need him to stay a mod. If his powers are taken away then they'll change the mod board position so he can't find it.

LiMiTeDmOoN: We're screwed either way...

The next morning...

DanKirby: Everybody up. Come on time to go.

Scum: Isn't it a little early.

DanKirby: You can be like that if you want Scum. We'll just leave you back with IR.

Scum: Fine let's go...

Medea: Don't mess around like that Scum.

Scum: Shut up...

RdDragon: So where we going now?

DanKirby: Alf.

Morgoth: Alf?

Secret Board Hunter: The Alf board?

DanKirby: That's right.

Secret Board Hunter (whispering to RdDragon): Doesn't he know that's a semi active board? We'll be found there!

RdDragon: Maybe we'll get some help there.

Secret Board Hunter: Better he stay a mod. We him as a mod to get into the secret board.

DanKirby: Hey shut up and walk!

Medea: Bastard...

DanKirby: Who's a bastard Medea?

Medea: YOU!

Scum: Crap! Shut up!

DanKirby: Ok I see how it is...

*Suddenly Snowy runs in as DanKirby goes for his gun*

Snowy: Hey everyone!

DanKirby: Hi Snowy...

Snowy: What's up?

LiMiTeDmOoN: Usual. Nothing big.

Snowy: Hey DanKirby what's with the gun?

DanKirby: Oh this? Nothing.

Snowy: Oh ok. Well I gotta get going. Bye!

*Snowy leaves*

Morgoth: I don't get it. Why didn't he shoot her?

DanKirby: Nevermind let's just get outta here.

DanKirby spares a victim? What is his motive behind this? Find out next time!

It continues...

LiMiTeDmOoN: So DanKirby what's the deal? You shoot anybody you come in contact with if you see them as a threat.

DanKirby: I've got my reasons.

Scum: DanKirby and Snowy sitting in a tree...

DanKirby: SHUT UP!!! *Kicks Scum in the groin*

Scum: *Gasp* Couldn't you...*Gasp* have just shot me?

DanKirby: Yeah I could've.

Medea: Got a crush DanKirby?

DanKirby: One more word out of you Medea and you'll join Infinite Rebirth in the ground.

Medea: And Turd to I suppose.

DanKirby: That's it...

*DanKirby fires a shot at Medea but she dives out of the way and it hits her ankle.*

Medea: Ah you son of a *****!

RdDragon: I've had it!

*RdDragon rushes at DanKirby and tackles him to the ground. They roll around on the floor fighting for a few minutes when Secret Board Hunter runs over and kicks DanKirby in the ribs.*

DanKirby: You *weeze* bastard...

Secret Board Hunter: Quick get the ropes out of my pack!

Morgoth: Got it!

*Morgoth goes into SBH's bag and throws some ropes to Secret Board Hunter.*

Secret Board Hunter: RdDragon hold him down!

RdDragon: Right.

*Secret Board Hunter ties DanKirby hands together behind his back, ties his feet together, and tapes his mouth shut.*

LiMiTeDmOoN: What a piece of scum...

Scum: I fail to see the insult there.

Medea: Ah God this hurts! Do we have any bandages or anything?

Morgoth: We used most of them back on Turd.

Secret Board Hunter: We don't need a whole lot.

Scum: I might have some. Lemme check.

*Scum searches his bag and pulls out the last of the bandages.*

RdDragon: I'll wrap it.

DanKirby: *Muffled yell*

LiMiTeDmOoN: Ah shut up DanKirby. Oh and I doubt you'll be needing this...

*LiMiTeDmOoN grabs DanKirby's mod gun.*

Secret Board Hunter: Good. How's it going RdDragon?

RdDragon: Not bad I suppose she'll be able to make it.

Morgoth: Yeah but how are we going to make it?

LiMiTeDmOoN: Easy.

*LiMiTeDmOoN holds the mod gun to DanKirby's head.*

Scum: Now we're in control. Get up DanKirby and lead the way!

Secret Board Hunter: LiMiTeDmOoN, let me hold the gun to his head.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Um sure...

Secret Board Hunter: Ok DanKirby lead the way!

The group continues out on their journey to the secret mod board in hopes of overthrowing CJayC but now they need not fear DanKirby. What shall happen next?

The quest continues....

Secret Board Hunter: Ok DanKirby sit down.

DanKirby: Yes sir.

RdDragon: Stand up!

DanKirby: Of course....

LiMiTeDmOoN: Spin in circles!

DanKirby: Yes mam.

Morgoth: Ok enough games....where we heading Kirby?

DanKirby: It's DanKirby you moro....I mean you uh Morgoth. Anyways we're almost here.

Scum: We are?

DanKirby: Yeah just a little further.

Medea: Finally. Just how much further?

DanKirby: Um a day or so.

Secret Board Hunter: In that case we need to devise a plan.

Morgoth: Yeah we never talked about that did we....just how will we overthrow CJayC?

DanKirby: It's a pretty simple thing to do for me atleast.

RdDragon: How is it an easy thing to do?

DanKirby: Ok I'm going to let you in on a little mod secret.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Talk.

DanKirby: Ok here's the deal...CJayC isn't an actual person.

Scum: Huh?

DanKirby: He's a computer. CJayC is the code name for the program the secretly operates Gamefaqs. He was created by a group of video game reps that wished to push up their video game sales. Unfortunatly it took on a mind of its own. CJayC was constantly worked on and updated. It overthrew the creators and had them killed by the original mods.

Medea: That's a lie and you know it.

DanKirby: It's all true. Not a lie. We mods know the code to shut down CJayC. It was passed down to us from the original mods. You see they left because they knew the program was getting to strong and would eventually cause problems. The mods except myself are to loyal or afraid to shut down the program. But this secret board act that threatened by secret base was going to far.

RdDragon: Madness.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Wow....

DanKirby: I am telling the absolute truth on this matter.

Morgoth: In that case I take it we'll infiltrate the base and have Dan input the code.

DanKirby: Exactly. Time to continue now...

CJayC a computer program? Find out what happens when the group infiltrates the Gamefaqs secret mod base next time!

Time for the latest installment of the story....

DanKirby: Ok I'd say we have about 6 boards to go through until we get there.

Medea: Lead the way.

*About an hour and a half later*

Morgoth: Is this it?

DanKirby: Yup we have reached the gate.

RdDragon: So now what do you plan on doing?

DanKirby: Well to sneak you in I'm going to have to pretend as though you're prisoners that I've captured.

Secret Board Hunter: What do you plan on charging us with?

DanKirby: They're trying to round up all major secret board hunters like yourselves.

LiMiTeDmOoN: Ok fine let's do it...

RdDragon: I don't know if we should trust him...

Morgoth: You wanna turn back now? Let's do it. Cuff us.

*DanKirby cuffs all of them and chains them togethor. He imputs the secret code and the mod gates open*

DanKirby: From this point on no one talks.

Scum: We'll cooperate if you do...

*Solo walks up to DanKirby*

Solo: Long time no see Dan. Not since we met on the board circuit a while back. Looks like you found what you were looking for.

DanKirby: Of course. We have available cells right?

Solo: Yeah right down the hall.

DanKirby: Got it...

*DanKirby leads the group down the hall and begins to unchain them. He opens up enough single cells and starts putting them in.*

Medea: What's your big plan now Dan?

DanKirby: I'm not sure yet.

Secret Board Hunter: I know what has to be done...

*Secret Board Hunter pulls out a mod gun and shoots DanKirby*

DanKirby: Ugh!

Morgoth: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!

Secret Board Hunter: Get in the damn cells! Now all of you!

LiMiTeDmOoN: What are you doing?!?

Secret Board Hunter: Wallywest it's done.

*wallywest80 walks into the room.

wallywest80: Nice work SBH. Your work is done.

DanKirby: Ugh....what's happening...

Secret Board Hunter: I'll tell you what's going on. All along it was me that was the supposed "mole"! Yeah that's right it was me. I'm the one that organized the hit on Turd!

Scum: No way....

Secret Board Hunter: Turd was starting to catch on. I had no choice but to take him out. Unfortunatly I wasn't completly successful.

Medea: I don't get it though. What's with the mod gun?

Secret Board Hunter: Well DanKirby has been stripped of his position and it was given to me. They hired me to find you all and string you along on this little trip. You were all too elusive for the mods to find so they hired me to get a good group of you. Look around and see who else is here.

*Kinnison, Gypsy, Snowy, NinjaMaster, and several other board hunters sit in cells*

Secret Board Hunter: The mods got them easy enough.

wallywest80: One small problem though SBH.

Secret Board Hunter: What?

wallywest80: You didn't get one.

Secret Board Hunter: Wh...wh....what? Who?

wallywest80: You were assigned to find DanKirby, RdDragon, Scum, Medea, Morgoth, LiMiTeDmOoN, Turd Ferguson, Infinite Rebirth, AND DOODLEHEIMER! WE DIDN'T GET HIM!

Secret Board Hunter: I wasn't.

wallywest80: Well SBH you served your pourpose and screwed it up. So then...

*wallywest80 fires a single mod shot directly into SBH's head, killing him*


The next exciting part....DUN DUN DUN!

wallywest80: Ok now that he's taken care of I'll explain your situation a little more. You are the main group of secret board hunters that we wanted to find. You see we have no intent of closing down secret boards. You see you were all going to deep into Gamefaqs and finding out things we didn't want you to know. Therefore we found you and intend to use you for information.

Scum: What kind of information?

wallywest80: Well originally we were just going to find you all and have you banned but now we're going to have to use you for information on where we can find Doodleheimer.

RdDragon: So once you get him we're done?

wallywest80: Exactly. A moderator will be sent in here in about 15 minutes and start sending you all one by one to be interrogated.

*wallywest80 leaves*

Medea: Great now what? When they find out that we haven't seen Doodleheimer in so long they might just decide to ban us!

Scum: For once I have to agree with you.

DanKirby: Ugh I'm hurt...

Morgoth: Well what do we do with him?

LiMiTeDmOoN: We're through. He's hurt and the mods are gonna start interrogating us!

RdDragon: I've got an idea as far as Dan's considered. DanKirby tell them that you're dieing and need medical attention now. They won't risk loosing one of us if they think we have information.

DanKirby: I'll try. *Cough*

*10 minutes later*

Morgoth: Here comes the mod.

*Fantasy Man enters*

Fantasy Man: Ok who wants to go first?

DanKirby: Fantasy Man come here...

Fantasy Man: What's the matter with you?

DanKirby: wallywest80 shot me with his mod gun. I think I'm dieing.

Fantasy Man: The boss wouldn't like it if you died. Ok take this pill.

*DanKirby swallows the pill that Fantasy Man gave him.

DanKirby: That's better. Thanks. Ok I'll go first.

Fantasy Man: Ok fine.

*Fantasy Man opens DanKirby's cell*

Fantasy Man: Ok walk.

DanKirby: Hey do you think you could maybe loosen these cuffs?

Fantasy Man: Not a chance. Now walk!

*Fantasy Man jams his mod gun into DanKirby's back and forces him to walk*

DanKirby: You asked for it...

*DanKirby kicks his leg back and hits Fantasy Man in the groin. He falls to the ground and DanKirby manages to grab the mod gun and shoot him in the head.*

Scum: Whoa nice work.

Morgoth: Great but now what do we do?

DanKirby: I got it covered.

*DanKirby grabs a small key from Fantasy Man's pocket and manages to unlock his cuffs. He then unlocks all the cells and cuffs*

Kinnison: Nice DanKirby!

NinjaMaster: Damn were those cuffs uncomfortable.

Interceptor: Hey DanKirby about the incident at the hospital....

DanKirby: Not now! Everyone follow me and be quiet!

*DanKirby leads a group of 15 secret board hunters including his orignal group down the hall of cells.*

Next time: The daring chase!

Time for the 16th....maybe the 17th....I dunno...installment!

DanKirby: Follow me and be quick.

*DanKirby leads all the board hunters down to the end of the hall where he opens a small door with Fantasy Man's key*

pepper2000: So what's the deal? What's going on here? Why'd you all come as a group?

DanKirby: No time for small talk we gotta act fast.

Mystery group member that no one has noticed: I belive I can help you DanKirby.

DanKirby: Huh? What do you mean? Wait a sec I know you! Crono LV99!


Crono LV99: I would recomend you don't. I'm in the same spot as the rest of you. They think I know something about Doodleheimer that I'm not telling them.

ibinsane: So you're with us?

Scum: You're gonna help us?

Crono LV99: Anything to get out of here. I want out of this position and I want to wash my hands of this whole thing.

DanKirby: Can I trust you Crono?

Crono LV99: Yes you can. And just to prove it...

*Crono LV99 pulls out a small key and opens a hatch in the wall revealing some high powered mod guns and rifles*

Crono LV99: Believe me now?

Kinnison: Holy crap look at that!

NinjaMaster: Are....are those for us?

Crono LV99: Didn't know about that huh Dan? I found that key just lieing around once and I decided to try it on this because I always wondered what was inside. No one except wallywest80, Jeff Veasey, JL Lee, Rydain, and Devin Morgan are allowed to use anything stronger than a mod gun.

RdDragon: Wait hold on...Jeff Veasey? Who's that?

DanKirby: Jeff Veasey owns and operates Gamefaqs. He's better known as CJayC.

Medea: I thought CJayC was a program.

DanKirby: CJayC is also the name for the program that runs basically everything. Jeff Veasey is the creator of Gamefaqs and a moderator.

Medea: I see....

Crono LV99: Ok what are we doing? Escaping?

DanKirby: I'm not leaving if CJayC is still operational. I'm shutting it down.

Crono LV99: How?

DanKirby: Ok I've got an idea. I say we split into two groups. One can secure an exit route and the other can try to close down CJayC. Me and you can each lead a group because we know this place well.

Crono LV99: Sounds good. How should we split the groups?

DanKirby: Well there's 16 of us so we'll go 8 and 8. I'll make the groups because I know them better than you.

Crono LV99: Right. Do you wanna try to close down the program?

DanKirby: Yes I would. I'll take Scum, RdDragon, Kinnison, Medea, ibinsane, pepper2000, and Dead Pig 7.

Crono LV99: Which means I'm left with Interceptor, LiMiTeDmOoN, Morgoth, SBH Hunter, Gypsy, outbreakorn, and NinjaMaster.

DanKirby: Good. Now everybody grab a weapon and let's get going.

Dead Pig 7: Revenge on CJayC at last....YES! All those times being banned. I love it.

Crono LV 99: You deserved it...

Dead Pig 7: *Grumbles like a mad man*

Crono LV99: We'll keep going down this hallway to sector F8 and secure that area for an escape.

DanKirby: We'll head up this ladder to the next floor and hopefully go through the air ducts. Crono if we don't get there in one hour leave. By then all the security will be there.

Crono LV99: Ok you got it. Good luck.

*An announcment comes over the intercom*

Voice: Attention all moderators! 16 prisoners are loose somewhere in the complex and must be found. They include FORMER moderators DanKirby and Crono LV99. All security robots have been released. Find them dead or alive. That is all.

SBH Hunter: Guess we should be going.

DanKirby: Definitly. Good luck Crono.

Crono LV99: Same to you.

And so the group splits in half in hope of stopping CJayC and securing a safe exit. If you're not excited now then you sure be next time!

We're getting closer to the end of the adventure....what will happen?

DanKirby: Ok follow me up this ladder. Cron you're heading down this hall right?

Crono LV99: Right. Come on let's go.

*Crono LV99's group head down the hallway and through a door at the end*

ibinsane: Where are we going?

DanKirby: We're going up into a ventilation shaft. We'll follow through it until we're above the control room. We'll drop down and I'll hack into the system and shut it down.

*DanKirby and the others climb up into the shaft and DanKirby leads the way*

RdDragon: So how far are we from the main control room?

DanKirby: It should take a good 15 minutes or so.

Kinnison: So between there and back it'll take a half an hour. Crono will only stay an hour.

DanKirby: That's fine.


Jeff Veasey: bruplex have you found them?

bruplex: Not yet but I'm working on it. They're not coming up on any cameras.

Jeff Veasey: Then check the records. Check what happened in the prison hallway in the last 20 minutes.

bruplex: Uh they escaped after Fantasy Man got killed.

Jeff Veasey: No ****! I want to know where they went!

bruplex: Ok here it is.

*bruplex plays the video which shows the group killing Fantasy Man and escaping down the secluded hallway*

Jeff Veasey: Dammit why didn't I think of that?!?!?! Pull up the camera from that hallway!

bruplex: It's not working.


Rydain: Yes sir?

Jeff Veasey: Get your ass with some security robots down to the little hallway in the prisoner hall in section K1.

Rydain: Right.

*Rydain leaves as bruplex tries to find the group on the cameras*

Jeff Veasey: Keep working. I'll be right back.

*Jeff Veasey leaves*


LiMeTeDmOoN: Where are we Crono?

Crono LV99: We're going down some hallways that no one usually comes down. We need to get to the exit in F8 and make sure that we can keep the security robots at bay.

NinjaMaster: How many will there be?

Crono LV99: No idea. Probably not many at first but when they find out we're there the number will double and they'll get the mods down there.

Morgoth: Crazy. Just crazy.

Crono LV99: Shut up and get down!

*The group backs against the wall when several security robots go by*

Interceptor: They're....huge! They remind of something out of some movie....

outbreakorn: Terminator?

Crono LV99: Shhhhh copy right laws.


DanKirby: Ok here we are. Everyone keep quiet and I'll drop down. I'll give the signal to come after me.

*DanKirby drops down and gives the signal to follow*

Scum: Nothing here.

DanKirby: Look in there. The shafts don't go over it. This is just a little room before it.

Scum: Oh.

Dead Pig 7: I love this! We're gonna finally get CJayC!

Medea: Dead Pig since when do you secret board hunt?

Dead Pig 7: I wasn't in there for secret board conections. I was up for getting banned again.

pepper2000: Figures. DanKirby are we doing it now?

DanKirby: What's that up there?

*A TV screen drops*

RdDragon: What's it say?

*The screen reads "Now you are screwed"*

Scum: What the hell does that mean?

*Suddenly the floor drops out below them and they fall down a long shaft*


*They hit the groud in a round room*

Kinnison: Wh....where are we?

DanKirby: I hope it's not where I think it is.

Scum: Where?

DanKirby: Oh crap....

*A door at the end of the room opens and out comes....*

Hahahaha! Gotta keep you in suspense!

When we last left the story DanKirby's group had fallen in to some underground room, Crono LV99's group was trying to make their way to the exit, and the evil Jeff Veasey was conducting a mad search for the missing prisoners. What will happen next?

*...some type of huge fleshy dog with 3 heads!*

DanKirby: Cerberus! Good God!

Medea: It looks like the thing from Final Fantasy 8!

DanKirby: Everything in this base was modeled after a video game in one way or another! That thing is trained to kill anything in this room!

RdDragon: DO WE SHOOT?!?!?!?!?!?!


pepper2000: It's coming right at us! Run!

*The group dashes around the room while the huge beast comes straight at them*

Scum: I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!

Dead Pig 7: Are there any exits?

DanKirby: None that I know of. *Fires a shot at Cerberus that has little affect*

ibinsane: We can't kill it! What'll we do?

Kinnison: Look there's a hatch up in the wall! Can we use that?

DanKirby: *Fires a few more shots* We can try!


Crono LV99: Ok they've passed us.

outbreakorn: So now what?

Crono LV99: We keep going I suppose. It's a little bit further from here.

LiMeTeDmOoM: Good. But won't they be able to see us on camera or something?

Crono LV99: No. The exit in F8 is the only one that doesn't have cameras. But who knows what'll happen. They might have already seen us on cameras. We need to move fast.

Gypsy: There's a camera right there above us. What's with the little red light shining on it?

Crono LV99: Uh oh. Get down fast!

*Everyone hits the floor as a laser shoots out of the camera and hits the wall where they were standing*

Morgoth: What was that?

Crono LV99: They've entered our descriptions into the camera system so that they'll shoot if they see us. *Fires a shot at the camera and destryos it*

NinjaMaster: Great just great. Now every camera in the facility will be shooting at us.


bruplex: What the hell is going on?

*Devin Morgan enters*

Devin Morgan: What's wrong?

bruplex: One of our cameras just got blown off. In sector F6 I believe.

Devin Morgan: You think that's where they are?

bruplex: Good chance. They must be heading for the exit in F8. Get down there and I'll keep looking for them on the cameras.

Devin Morgan: Ok. I'll have them announce it on the intercom.


Rydain: Hmmmm I guess they're not here. But where could they be?

*An announcment comes over the intercom*

Voice: Attention all moderators and security, we have strong reason to believe that the escaped prisoners are nearing the exit in sector F8. Report to that area immediatly. That is all.

Rydain: I'm right near there. Let's go quick!

*Rydain and the security robots run down the hall towards the group*

Continued in next post....


DanKirby: Quick everyone in the hatch! *Blows lock off* Everyone get in and I'll go last!

Kinnison: No you go before me! Everything's useless if you die!

DanKirby: Ok everyone in!

*Everyone climbs into the hatch while shooting at Cerberus to no affect. DanKirby climbs in and Kinnison after him*

Kinnison: ARGH! HELP!

*Cerberus has bitten Kinnison's left leg and is pulling Kinnison out*

Scum: Holy crap! Now what?

DanKirby (screaming over the roar of Cerberus): GIMME YOUR HAND KINNISON!

Kinnison: I'M TRYING! *Kinnison gives DanKirby his hand*


RdDragon: OK!

*RdDragon grabs DanKirby and togethor they pull at Kinnison but the force of Cerberus rips him out and all that is left is hand that DanKirby was holding*




*DanKirby closes the hatch just as Cerberus lunges at it*

ibinsane: Oh my God he's dead.

DanKirby: W...we don't have time to stop. Just start climbing up.


Crono LV99: Ok here we are but look at all the robots guarding the exit.

Interceptor: We'll need to start shooting.

Crono LV99: Not yet....give it a minute or so.

Kinnison is dead! There's security everywhere you look! What else can happen?

Better late than never right?

Crono LV99: Ok here's my plan....

Interceptor: Well what is it?

Crono LV99: Ok honestly I don't have a plan.

LiMeTeDmOoN: So we're screwed?

Crono LV99: I never said that.

Gypsy: But basically we are right?

Crono LV99: Shut up and let me think!


RdDragon: Any idea where we are DanKirby?

DanKirby: No not really. I don't know these tunnels well and it's to dark to see anything. Let's just keep going up.

Medea: *Sigh* Poor Kinnison.

RdDragon: Poor poor Kinnison.

Scum: You show sympathy towards him but I'm on to you RdDragon.

RdDragon: The hell are you talking about?

Scum: You know what I'm talking about.

Dead Pig 7: Hey shut up I think I found something. DanKirby come up here it feels like another tunnel.

DanKirby: *Climbs up to Dead Pig 7* Yup this looks like another route we can take. I suppose we can take it because it's better than going upwards.

pepper2000: How's it better?

DanKirby: Less tireing. I have no clue where we're going anyways so it doesn't matter.

Medea: Works for me.


Jeff Veasey: They're headin for F8....but that can't be right.

wallywest80: Boss come on let's go!

Jeff Veasey: No you come with me.

wallywest80: Where are we going? bruplex tracked them to the exit in F8.

Jeff Veasey: That doesn't make sense. They didn't come here just to escape. They came here to shut us down. I'm guessing that not all of them are going to F8. They're probably securing the exit and the others are going to shut down CJayC.

wallywest80: I'll bring some security with us. Let's go.


DanKirby: Ok we're at the end of the tunnel.

Scum: What's behind the hatch?

DanKirby: I don't know but we must be cautious. *Opens hatch*

RdDragon: This looks familliar.

DanKirby: It's the room we were trying to get into before when we fell down the hole. This is where w close the system down.

Medea: Well let's do it.

DanKirby: I'm already on it.


Crono LV99: Ok now I can say we're screwed.

Morgoth: What do we do?

Crono LV99: Stay back against the wall.

*Devin Morgan enters*

Devin Morgan: Where are they?

Solo: I don't know but I think they're probably in that little passage right there.

Devin Morgan: So why haven't you all been shooting?

Solo: We've decided to let them make the first move.

Devin Morgan: Screw that we're attacking. *Shoots towards area with Crono's group*

Crono LV99: Holy crap! Ok now we shoot back.

NinjaMaster: Are you nuts???

outbreakorn: SHOOT! *Shoots shots at security robots and mods*

Crono LV99: Everyone just stay here and let them come to us. *Shoots*

Solo: Argh we can't just go straight in after them because they'll find a way out! What'll we do?

Devin Morgan: Cut around and surround them.

Solo: I got it.

Crono LV99: Be ready to jump up into the shafts if needed.

SBH Hunter: *Unhooks gate over shaft* It's ready whenever.


DanKirby: And with the push of this button the cameras are gone. *Pushes button and disables cameras*

Scum: Ok keep working.

DanKirby: Yeah no kidding.


bruplex: Uh oh the cameras are out. They made it to the control room! *Taps into intercom system*

bruplex (over intercom): All security cameras have been disabled! We need security in the main control room immediatly!


Jeff Veasey: Hurry up they're in the control room!

wallywest80: I knew they'd be there! Let's move!

They're making progress but will it be enough?

I'm half asleep bet I'm here to write this latest installment!

DanKirby: Alright I'm just about done. *Finishes*

RdDragon: That's it? Nothing happened.

DanKirby: Don't worry it should take a few minutes.

pepper2000: Uh DanKirby we got company.

*Jeff Veasey, wallywest80, and several security robots come down the hall*

DanKirby: Uh oh we're in trouble. *Closes door to room*

Medea: We're trapped in here! What are we gonna do now? They're gonna blow the door in!

DanKirby: If we need to we can go up in the vents.


Crono LV99: We're surrounded now. Ok get into the vents and hurry!

*Everyone climbs into the vents as shots come at them and no one is hurt*

Crono LV99: Ok follow me and we'll try to get out.

Interceptor: What about the others? We need to secure an escape!

Crono LV99: They told us to get out anyways if they weren't back in time!

outbreakorn: I don't feel right about this.


Jeff Veasey: Shoot the door in! Blow it off I want in!

wallywest80: You heard him, shoot it you morons!

*The robots shoot at the door....meanwhile on the inside*

Dead Pig 7: They're shooting at us! Are we going into the vents?

DanKirby: No other choice. Get in.

*Everyone goes into vents as Veasey and wallywest80 break into the room*

ibinsane: Quich let's get outta here!

DanKirby: Follow me!

Jeff Veasey: They're in the vents! Quick follow me up!

*As the group hurries away down the shafts Jeff Veasey, wallywest80, and the robota climb up and follow them*

Medea: They're right behind us!

DanKirby: Don't look back just follow me!


LiMeTeDmOoN: Crono they're right behind us!

Crono LV99: Yeah just don't look back and keep crawling!

*Crono LV99's group hurry down the shafts while being followed as DanKirby's group does the same*

SBH Hunter: Crono I think I hear something coming at us!

Crono LV99: They'll have us trapped!


Scum: DanKirby I think I hear something coming at us!

DanKirby: Ok we're in trouble. We've can't go back so say we just go for it.

RdDragon: You know I recognize those voices....CRONO!

*The two groups meet*


DanKirby: I suppose I could ask the same thing.

Crono LV99: Turn around we've got mods behind us!

DanKirby: Yeah so do we.

*Mods corner the group*

Jeff Veasey: Well well it looks like we're about to kill two birds with one stone. All the runaway in one shaft and cornered. I don't suggest trying to fight your way out because you can't win. Now all I ahve to decide is if we should kill you all or recapture you and procede to torture.

CORNERED! What'll happen next?

This story will be done by the final day of this me.

RdDragon: DanKirby what do we do?

DanKirby: Nothing we can do. It's all over.

Jeff Veasey: That's correct DanKirby. There is no way out. You two are finished. Come along quietly now.

Dead Pig 7: Quietly? I've never been up for going out like that...

Crono LV99: What are you talking about?

Dead Pig 7: *Pulls something out of his pocket and attatches it to the floor of the vent and hits a button* Hehehe.....

Solo: What did he just do?

DanKirby: Oh crap tell me he didn't just do that....



*The bottom of the vent explodes and everyone falls out. Smoke rises in the air. All the vents in the whole facility are filled with flames. Suddenly the CJayC program looses more power and the lights dim.*

LiMeTeDmOoN: *Cough* What's going on? Where is everyone?

Crono LV99: *Cough* Hurry everyone head for the exit! *Cough*

Interceptor: But where is it??

DanKirby: Just run they're everywhere!

Jeff Veasey: *Cough* Mother of crap! Get them! Get them now!

*Everyone runs in seperate directions in the confusion*

Rydain: I think I got one!

NinjaMaster: No you don't...*Fires a shot from his gun back at Rydain and kills him*

Jeff Veasey: Did you shot him Rydain? *No answer* Rydain was that you that just fired a shot? *Still no answer* Dammit everyone find them!

*Mostly everyone has gone in different directions. Some stayed in small groups. Morgoth and Interceptor ran off togethor. Medea and outbreakorn ran off in the same direction. Gypsy and SBH Hunter followed the same path. Scum, RdDragon and pepper2000 all stayed togethor. ibinsane took off with DanKirby. Crono LV99, Dead Pig 7, and LiMeTeDmOoN stuck with eachother. NinjaMaster ran off on his own.*

Morgoth: Hey Interceptor where did the others go?

Interceptor: I dunno. We'd better get outta here before the lights turn off altogethor.

Morgoth: Definitly.


Gypsy: Hey SBH Hunter I found the exit!

SBH Hunter: Really? Ok let's go.

Gypsy: What about the others?

SBH Hunter: No use in waiting when they could already be dead!

Gypsy: You're right let's go.

*Gypsy and SBH Hunter run off back into the secret board network*


RdDragon: Hurry up you two we need to get out of here!

Scum: I'm not going with you! You'll kill me!

pepper2000: Knock it off! We don't have time for this. *Bites an apple*

Scum: Are you eating an apple? An apple? That's my apple!

pepper2000: No it's not! I've got a whole bag with me!

Scum: GIMME THAT APPLE! *Jumps on pepper2000 and they start fighting*

RdDragon: Why did I have to get stuck with him?

Everyone has been seperated! Two have escaped but will the others? Only time will tell.

How much longer can I stretch this damn story?

pepper2000: IT'S NOT YOURS!

Scum: *Bites pepper2000's hand* GIMME IT YOU THIEF!

pepper2000: NEVER!


Dead Pig 7: Where are we going?

Crono LV99: Shut up I'm thinking.

Dead Pig 7: You mods sure do think a lot.

LiMeTeDmOoN: Yeah I noticed that too.


Dead Pig 7: You know I never really liked you. Even before you were a mod.


LiMeTeDmOoN: Like DanKirby did to Infinite Rebirth.

Dead Pig 7: You mean he's dead??? IR!!!!


ibinsane: DanKirby found the exit let's go!

DanKirby: You go I can't.

ibinsane: Are you nuts? This is out chance to escape! The others could be dead anyways!

DanKirby: No I have to stay here and right the wrongs I've commited.

ibinsane: Like what?

DanKirby: Like when I killed Infinite Rebirth and tried to kill Medea. Remember?

ibinsane: YOU DID WHAT???

DanKirby: Oh yeah I forgot you weren't there. Look just get outta here and leave me your gun while you're at it.

ibinsane: Alright good luck.

*ibinsane runs off into the secret boards and leaves DanKirby his gun*

DanKirby: Time to fix things.


Jeff Veasey: Holy crap Rydain! Solo look at this!

Solo: Oh crap. Who did this?

Jeff Veasey: It must've been NinjaMaster. I'm putting a 10,000 credit bounty on his head! Anyone that kills him gets it. NOW ALL OF YOU GO!

*The remaining mods scatter in search of NinjaMaster when all of a sudden in walks Deathjester with one prisoner in front of him*

Deathjester: Sir we've captured this secret board hunter that we've been searching for. *He pushes Lorelai towards Veasey* And sir might I ask what's going on here?


Deathjester: You're the boss. *Puts his mod gun to Lorelai's head* Say your prayers....*BANG*

Lorelai: What was that? *Deathjester drops dead on the ground*

Jeff Veasey: Who the hell was that? *The dimming lights completly go off in the area they stand in*

Lorelai: Huh what's happening? Wh...*She suddenly stops talking*

*The lights return and Lorelai is gone*

Jeff Veasey: DAMMIT! *Rushes off in search of the prisoners*


NinjaMaster: Crap I should've stayed with someone. I'm all alone.

CyricZ: Well well what do we have here? A mod killer eh?

NinjaMaster: Who the...*begins to turn around whn shots ring out*

CyricZ: Ugh I'm hit! *Dies*

*DanKirby runs in holding two smoking mod guns*

NinjaMaster: Holy crap you saved me!

DanKirby: Shut up and follow me I know the way out. ibinsane just left.

NinjasMaster: Why don't you leave too?

DanKirby: No time to explain just follow me.


Morgoth: **** those security robots are right behind us!

Interceptor: Yeah with about 4 mods too!

Morgoth: An exit let's go!

*Morgoth and Interceptor run out of the complex but mods and security bots fire after them*

Interceptor: It's too far of a run we won't make it!

Will Morgoth and Interceptor escape? Will DanKirby make up for the wrongs he commited? I don't even know what'll happen next but when I do you'll all be first to know...

The adventure continues.....

Morgoth: Come on we can make it!

Interceptor: There's no chance!

*Robots andmods fire off shots at the Morgoth and Interceptor*

Interceptor: We're almost there! We might just make it!

Morgoth: UGH I'M HIT!

*Morgoth falls to the ground*

Interceptor: Oh no! Morgoth! Get up!

Morgoth: Go...on. Save.....yourself....

KatThePoet: We hit Morgoth. Quick finish him off and get the other one!

Robot: Got it.

Interceptor: Gimme your arm I'll help you up!

*Interceptor pulls Morgoth up and tries to help him run when another shot goes into Morgoth*


Interceptor: DAMMIT! *Runs into the boards*

KatThePoet: Dammit the other one got away. Ok he runs the Crazy Hospital right? Ok I want you three robots to go find it and burn it to the ground. But first make sure to kill everyone inside.


RdDragon: You idiots! Enough with the damn apple!

Scum: Not until he gives it back!

pepper2000: You'll have to kill me first!



Medea: Where are we going?

outbreakorn: Beats me. Sooooo...

Medea: Soooooo what?

outbreakorn: I dunno just trying to start conversation. You like GWAR?

Medea: I love GWAR. Ever been to a GWAR show?

outbreakorn: Oh yeah....*Rambles about GWAR*


Lorelai: Wh...who are you?

Mysterious Person who saved Lorelai: My name is.....DOODLEHEIMER!

Lorelai: Hey I've heard of you! You were the guy that wanted in on this story way back in the beginning but only got a small cameo unlike me who got a big cameo.

Doodleheimer: Exactly! I've come here to exact my revenge on the author of this story....INFINITE REBIRTH!

Lorelai: I think he's dead. *Reads back* Yup he's dead.

Doodleheimer: Oh. Well then I guess I don't have much a purpose here.

Lorelai: Well you saved me. And just why did you do that?

Doodleheimer: Needed to enter the story somehow.

Lorelai: Makes sense. Come on let's get outta here.


Dead Pig 7: IR....

Crono LV99: Oh shut up.

LiMeTeDmOoN: Crono we've been here too long. When are we going?

Crono LV99: Beats me.


DanKirby: Ok this is the exit NinjaMaster. Get outta here while you still can.

NinjaMaster: What are you gonna do?

DanKirby: I'm not sure. We'll see though. Now go.

*NinjaMaster leaves*

DanKirby: It's time.


Jeff Veasey: I'm gonna get those bastards....

Will Jeff Veasey catch "those bastards"? Who will win the apple? All next time!

We're getting there....

outbreakorn: Wow we have so much in common. We both love GWAR!

Medea: Everybody should love GWAR!

outbreakorn: Come on let's get outta here and go listen to GWAR.


Scum: I'll kill you I swear!!

pepper2000: *Hits Scum with the apple* Take that!

Scum: Finally we agree on something! *Takes the apple of pepper2000's hands with his teeth and swallows it whole*


RdDragon: We don't have time for this. Come on let's go we can settle this outside.

Scum: There's nothing to settle. I won the apple in a fair contest and it's over.

pepper2000: Save it for outside you Scummy little rat.


Crono LV99: Ok I know where we're going.

LiMeTeDmOoN: Finally. Where to?

Dead Pig 7: Ok I'm better now. We can leave.

LiMeTeDmOoN: Did you honestly think we were waiting for you to get out of your depression? Geez.

Dead Pig 7: Whatever. Can we go Crono?

Crono LV99: I believe I should be the one asking you that Dead Pig 7. *Pulls out his mod rifle and shoots Dead Pig 7*

Dead Pig 7: Help me....LiMeTeDmOoN...

LiMeTeDmOoN: My pleasure...*Shoots Dead Pig 7*

Dead Pig 7: UGH! WHY??

LiMeTeDmOoN: Why not? Hahahaha. It's not yours to know.

Dead Pig 7: Dammit you're in with them....

Crono LV99: Well you see Dead Bacon she was our back up plan in case Secret Board Hunter failed. She was our insurance policy. We saved her just in case an incident where you all escaped like this actually happened.

Dead Pig 7: Damn...

LiMeTeDmOoN: Crono shouldn't he be dead?

Dead Pig 7: can't kill me....that easily...I've been banned far to....many die that quick...

Crono LV99: He's right too. *Shoots him again*

Dead Pig 7: ARGH! I'm done...

LiMeTeDmOoN: About time. Ok let's go get the others.

*Crono LV99 and LiMeTeDmOoN walk off*

Dead Pig 7: *Gets up efortlessly* Morons. They should've known it take a good 20 mod shots to take me down. Those hardly even tickled. I gotta warn the others and get outta here! *Runs off*


Jeff Veasey: Bastards...I hate them...

*KatThePoet enters*

KatThePoet: Sir we got Morgoth. He's dead.

Jeff Veasey: Good.

KatThePoet: But unfortunatly Interceptor got away.

Jeff Veasey: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! &^%$#*&(&^^

KatThePoet: But I sent troopas to burn the Crazy Hospital and kill everyone inside.

Jeff Veasey: Alright good. Now get out of my sight!


Nurse: Turd how are you feeling today?

Turd: Better. I'm getting better each day. My strength's coming back.

Nurse: That's very good. I'm glad. In a few days we can probably release you.

*Dr. Bastard Knight enters*

Bastard Knight: Nurse we have a problem. It seems that several mod bots have arrived here and they're looking for Dr. Interceptor.

Nurse: Well did you tell them he isn't here?

Bastard Knight: I tried but they won't leave. I think we might have some trouble.


Lorelai: Hey how'd you get in here?

Doodleheimer: I have ways.

Lorelai: Tell me.

Doodleheimer: Nothing special really.

Lorelai: Oh come on...

Doodleheimer: Maybe when we get outta here.

*Meanwhile on the outskirts of the mod base...*

Infinite Rebirth 2: Geez what happened? I get killed and all hell breaks loose. Well I better see what's going on...

Infinite Rebirth has returned! LiMeTeDmOoN has turned to the other side! The apple is won! What'll happen next?

Ok I'm almost done....really!

Medea: So how many times have you seen GWAR live?

outbreakorn: Lots of tims. They kick ass.

Medea: Who'd they kill at your show?

outbreakorn: Pope, Bush, and the other usuals.

*Dead Pig 7 enters*

Dead Pig 7: Finally I found you two! Look you gotta listen to me, Crono LV99 and LiMeTeDmOoN are on the other side! They're working for the mods and they're out to get us. They think I'm dead but I'm ok.

Medea: Huh? Speak slower.

Dead Pig 7: Look just do me a favor and get the hell outta here.


pepper2000: Oh man I hate you Scum.

Scum: Awwww I hate you too.

RdDragon: You both make me sick.

Scum: I bet he makes you sicker.

pepper2000: Do me a favor and shut your hole.

Scum: pepper2000 kisses boys....

pepper2000: Scum bites big ba...

RdDragon: Hey this is a family show, watch your language.


iamnothing: Figures, everyone else is out looking for the escaped prisoners and here I am guarding the main gate.

Infinite Rebirth 2: A guard at the door eh? Well we'll just see about that. *Walks up to gate*

iamnothing: Who are you?

Infinite Rebirth 2: Who are you?

iamnothing: I asked you.

Infinite Rebirth 2: I'm Infinite Rebirth 2. Lemme in.

iamnothing: Whoa there buddy why should I?

Infinite Rebirth 2: Cuz I said so.

iamnothing: Is that supposed to mean anything to me? Let's see some ID.

Infinite Rebirth 2:'s my ID....*Punches iamnothing in the face and knocks him out cold* Damn they really gotta train these guys better. *Walks inside*


Bastard Knight: Look you guys realy need to leave. We've got sick patiants in here that don't need to be disturbed.

Mod Bot 1: Hand over Interceptor and we'd be glad to leave.

Bastard Knight: I already told you that he isn't here.

Mod Bot 2: Well where is he?

Bastard Knight: We haven't seen him in a few days. He's disappeared.

Mod Bot 2: Yeah I bet he has. Look if you don't want trouble hand him over.


Doodleheimer: Oh no look!

Lorelai: Mod bots...and we're trapped!

Mod Bot1: Hehe what do we have here? A couple of escapies I believe. What to do, what to do?

Lorelai: You bastards might as well just get outta here.

Mod Bot2: What was that you said? I don't care for your attitude. Well if you hadn't been so rude maybe I wouldn't have done this but now I have no other choice. *Readies guns* Bye bye. *Fires at Lorelai*

Doodleheimer: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Dives in front of the shot*


Mod Bot1: He would've died anyways.


Lorelai: I love you too Doodleheimer! *Cries*

Mod Bot2: You know I may be a robot but I just can't bring myself to kill her now. Ok then you'll just have to come with us. *Handcuffs Lorelai*


Jeff Veasey: I don't need this kind of stress. I've got back logs to deal with! This is too much for me.

DanKirby: Talking to someone Jeff?

Jeff Veasey: *Spins around real quick and fires a shot* Where are you?

DanKirby: Over here.

*Jeff Veasey fires shots everywhere but fails to connect*

DanKirby: You need practice Jeff. *Fires a shot that hits Jeff in the shoulder*

Jeff Veasey: Dammit! Argh!

DanKirby: Ok I'll stop screwing with you. *Steps out of the darkness* Now let's dance.

The final show down between DanKirby and Jeff Veasey is upon us! Who will win next time in the shocking conclusion of the story of the secret boards?!?!?!?!?!?!

It all started back on November 21, 2001 on a day when I had nothing to do. Now here we are on June 13, 2002, about 7 months later. The 26th and final chapter of the story of the secret boards is finally ready. When we last left out heroes Medea and outbreakorn were warned by Dead Pig 7 of LiMeTeDmOoN and Crono LV99's attempt to savatage the entire group. Doodleheimer just took a shot for Lorelai as the two confessed their love for eachother and mod bots arrested her. The apple was finally won in the long and heated argument between Scum and pepper2000 which was supervised by RdDragon. Bastard Knight attempts to defend the Crazy Hospital against mod bots. Infinite Rebirth 2 entered the base. And finally DanKirby and Jeff Veasey prepare for the final battle....

Medea: Wait you mean to tell me that this whole time LiMeTeDmOoN and Crono were working for Veasey?

Dead Pig 7: That's right. They tried to kill me but they should've known it take a lot more than two mod shots to even tickle me.

outbreakorn: We gotta get outta here then or we'll be next.

Dead Pig 7: Yeah but don't forget that we need to warn the others.

Medea: Oh my God there they are!

Dead Pig 7: **** hurry up and hide behind this wall.

*They hurry to hide behind a nearby wall*

Dead Pig 7: Hey do either of you still have your mod guns?

Medea: Nope.

outbreakorn: No. What happened to yours?

Dead Pig 7: Lost it in the confusion. But I do have these....*Pulls out a small bomb*

Medea: Sweet. Here they come you gonna use it?

Dead Pig 7: You know it.


Scum: So uh where do we go?

RdDragon: Well if you two morons hadn't been fighting over that apple we might be outta here by now.

pepper2000: Ah mod bots! Crap!

RdDragon: Thank God I still have my mod gun. Do you two have yours?

pepper2000: I lost mine.

Scum: Yup got it. Hey RdDragon do you think you should give your gun to pepper? I don't trust you with it.

RdDragon: Shut up and take aim. *Aims gun*

Scum: FIRE! *Shoots RdDragon in the ass*

RdDragon: OW! DUMBASS! *Shoots a mod bot and blows it up*

Scum: Oops. Sorry. *Shoots the other two mod bots and destroys them.

pepper2000: Close one. Now what?

RdDragon: I think I see a light at the end of the corridor!

*The 3 run to the end and find an exit*

Scum: We made it! Should we leave or wait for the others?

RdDragon: Maybe we should wait.

pepper2000: Forget you two I'm outta here! *Runs off but steps on a mine and is blown to bits*

Scum: Great I'm stuck here with you. I bet you planted that mine.

RdDragon: Ugh...


Dead Pig 7: Do or die time I guess. *Throws bomb at LiMiTeDmOoN and Crono LV99*

Crono LV99: What the hell was that?

LiMiTeDmOoN: *Cough* Small bomb!

outbreakorn: Let's get them.

*Medea, Dead Pig 7, and outbreakorn jump out and attack them but are confused in the smoke*

Medea: Where are they? *Cough*

LiMiTeDmOoN: Right here! *Smacks Medea wither mod gun and prepares to fire when all over a sudden a giant guitar riff is heard*

Dead Pig 7: What the hell?

Crono LV99: Wha?

outbreakorn: No can't be....GWAR!!!!!!!!

*GWAR enters the scene and they blow LiMiTeDmOoN away with their outerspace style guitar riffs*



outbreakorn: Aliens from space! They've come!

Crono LV99: Take this rock trash! *Shoots the members of GWAR with his mod gun bu they blow the shots away with guitar riffs and they come back and hit him instead* UGH! *Dies*

GWAR 1: That takes care of them. Are you two okay?

outbreakorn: We're fine. Thank you.

Medea: Yeah thanks.

Dead Pig 7: Hey space crap there's three of us here! Forgetting me?

GWAR 2: What'd he say? KILL HIM!

Medea: He's our friend don't!

continued in next post

GWAR 3: Fine we'll spare him. Now come on our ship is on the roof, we'll fly you three outta here.

GWAR 4: Yeah.

Medea: Excellent!

*GWAR brings the 3 on top of the building to their ship*

Dead Pig 7: What about the others?

GWAR 2: No time. Come on.

Dead Pig 7: But how did you know what was happening? How'd you find us? How'd you find this place?

*GWAR doesn't answer and forces them aboard*

GWAR 3: Maybe you'll find out in the sequel. *The ship flies off*


Lorelai: You can't do this! It's not fair!

Mod Bot1: Yes we can. Now walk!

Mod Bot2: I love my job.

*They arrive at a cell*

Lorelai: Don't put me in there! NO!

*They shove her in and leave just as Infinite Rebirth 2 walks in through the other door*

Lorelai: Oh thank God! I recognize you! Infinite Rebirth right?

Infinite Rebirth 2: I'm the 2nd one, the first guy was killed about 15 or so chapters ago.

Lorelai: Whatever just get me outta here! There's a mod gun lying over on the floor there!

*IR2 picks up the gun and shoots the lock on Lorelai's cell*

Lorelai: Woohoo! Thanks. Now let's get outta here.

Infinite Rebirth 2: Sorry I got bussiness here. You can leave straight down the hallway I came from.

Lorelai: Why do you want to stay?

Infinite Rebirth 2: I'm going to blow this place to kingdom come.

Lorelai: And how do you plan on doing that? And how did you get here? And how do you know where you're going?

Infinite Rebirth 2: You know I really don't have the time but I can explain. You see after DanKirby killed the orginal Infinite Rebirth...

Lorelai: WHAT???

Infinite Rebirth 2: Nevermind let me finish. You see after that happened I was reborn hence my name. I drifted along the secret boards for a while hoping to find DanKirby and get my revenge when I came along a drifter who was selling information about the mods. See he was a former insider and wanted to bring this establishment down. I bought a map how to get here, a map of the facility, and a book and how to blow this place up. I figured I'd take the mods down and DanKirby cuz I figured he'd be here so here I am.

Lorelai: Who was the drifter?

Infinite Rebirth 2: Maybe you'll find out in the sequel. Now I gotta go. *Runs down the hallway*

Lorelai: Sequwl eh? *Runs out of the facilty like IR2 told her to*

*Meanwhile at the Crazy Hospital*

Mod Bot1: Ok I've had enough of you. Let us in or else.

Bastard Knight: Or else what?

Mod Bot2: Or else this...*Shoots Bastard Knight and it has no effect* What the hell?

Bastard Knight: Ever heard of a mod proof vest stupid? *Pulls out a gun and blows up number 2* You want some too?

Mod Bot1: Alright I'll leave. But you haven't heard the last of us. *Turns to leave but is shot in the back by Bastard Knight and explodes*

Nurse: Do you think they'll come back?

Bastard Knight: Maybe we'll find out in the sequel.


RdDragon: If we're gonna get outta here we'll need to work togethor for once.

Scum: Agreed. Do we dare run across the mine field?

RdDragon: No I have a better idea but it requires you apples.

Scum: I don't like the sounds of that.

RdDragon: Look I'll throw them and blow up the mines so we can run across.

Scum: Fine...

continued in next post


Jeff Veasey: So this is how it ends huh? A duel to the finish?

DanKirby: Just the way you would've wanted it right?

Jeff Veasey: Got that right. How do you want to do this?

DanKirby: Fair fight. We both draw at the same time and from there on we shoot it out til only one is left standing.

Jeff Veasey: On my count.

DanKirby: No. I don't trust your count.

Jeff Veasey: You've got my word.

DanKirby: *Spits* On your word. I auggest we draw when I finish this sentence...*Draws and fires but Veasey dodges*

Jeff Veasey: *Shoots* Take this you worm!

*A shootout ensues and eventually DanKirby's gun is knocked out of his hand*

Jeff Veasey: Well if it's gonna be fair I might as well drop my weapon. *Drops his gun* Hand to hand combat now.


Infinite Rebirth 2: *Looks down at DanKirby and Jeff Veasey fighting* That's DanKirby down there but who's the other guy? Must be Jeff Veasey I guess. Turns ou that guy wasn't lieing about CJayC being just a program. Doesn't matter though as long as I take out this base and DanKirby I'll be happy. *Slips a disk into the computer he's at and enters a code. The entire facility begins to rumble* Looks like I should be going. *Runs off*


Scum: Ah crap this place is gonna go up in smoke! Huryy up start throwing apples!

RdDragon: Let's just hope that this works. *Throws apples onto the mine field which seperates them from freedom. Many explosions occur* Ok look where there's a ditch from a mine that's where you step. NOWHERE ELSE OR WE'LL BOTH DIE!

Scum: Right.

*The two cautiously run off and escape the mine field*

Scum: We made it! We escaped!

RdDragon: Right now let's get outa of here.

*The two run back into the secret board network*


Infinite Rebirth 2: I'm home free. Looks like someone left me a path right in the mine field too. *Crosses the same path as Scum and RdDragon to freedom and stands on the other side, staring at the facility.* Soon it'll all be over.


DanKirby: This place is gonna blow. We can settle this another time.

Jeff Veasey: Yes we can.

*Both run off in different directions*


Infinite Rebirth 2: 5...4...3...2...1...*Infinite Rebirth 2 watches the facility explode* Ah it's good to be alive.

*Walks slowly into the secret board network once again*

And so the story is done. All has been settled. Or has it? Did DanKirby survive the explosion? Did Jeff Veasey survive the explosion? Did the mods escape? Who was the drifter Infinite Rebirth 2 spoke of? What will become of Crazy Hospital? What will become of the surviving heroes of the story? The surviving villains if there rae any? GWAR? Maybe we'll find out in the sequel...