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You know what I want to do? I want to read all of the Discworld novels. They'd probably be better than these topics. You know that Rincewind? I want to be like him. When I read The Colour Of Magic when I was a kid, I knew I'd want to read all them Discworld books many times. That's what you do when you find something you like. You want to tell all of your friends about the cool series you've found and get them to read them. You want to read them all, but ordering books online costs a lot and they never send me the books fast enough. Pretty soon, you'll have blown your entire life savings. Still, it's cool. You love the books anyway. It's the same with me.
  • Super Sidekicks - I've added this one solely to taunt you all with my knowledge of what I emailed Kaas about. What could it have been? Maybe it had something to do with cheese. Or maybe I needed to know if I could borrow his car for the weekend. Was it.. sexual? YOU don't know! I bet you're all positively dying to know what I emailed him about. Well, no dice. Kaas and I will take it with us to the grave. Suckers!

    Actually, I forgot what it was, too. Oh.... how I wish I could remember. ;_ ;

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