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If you think about it, video game systems bear a remarkable resemblance to children. The Bandai Systems are like those kids that we grew up with, but never played with. WonderSwan Color was always the popular, athletic, funny guy everyone wanted on their team, and WonderSwan was the kid holding a gun to the gym coach's head. He can't be bothered with sports!
WonderSwan Color
  • X: Card of Fate - Thiago Simoes made this topic on Card of Fate's board, "does any1 know where can i get the r o m?" because he wanted to find a rom for the game. It was deleted because it was asking for roms, but the topic didn't really have much to do with roms since like the first post. This is where I met Kaas, and there's something of a secret board hunting FAQ here. I've entertained the idea of making an actual FAQ for some time.. details at eleven.

    Update: Looks like I did make one. It's over there.


    Yeah, some have called me the greatest ASCII artist of all time.

  • Super Robot Taisen Compact - Aw, I really liked this topic. This was SuperMECHA's secret base ("I hereby claim this board in the name of DHX Heavy Industries!"). That guy is so cool. Reminds me of Kestrel a bit. It was quite old when it purged. Some of my earliest hunting posts are on here.

  • Kinnikuman Nisei: Choujin Seisenshi - This one, "How long before" was written and illustrated by Kinniku Man. He was waiting for Kissiosn, it would seem. Still not quite sure how he found it that quick. Although, since it's Kinni, it might have just been one of his alts. You can never be to sure with Kinnison! And that's why I always wear my Kinnison-protective gloves. There was a similar, better topic one board over, but I didn't get to it in time. The real reason I saved this one, was because of an uncanny premonition of mine in the topic. See if you can spot it. None of my posts are all that funny, because I was relatively inexperienced on secret boardin'.

    *beats up early 2003 Xim*

  • Digital Monsters: D Project - "R.I.P Scum? (Get over here Xim)" - ShadowNinjaAC. A story that can't be found in other topics on this site.

  • Makai-Mura - This topic was short, but fun, like a midget circus. DrM182, MI4 REAL and myself used to hang on this board back in 2003. MI4 closed this particualr topic in its early childhood for some reason. I guess he was intimidated by my ultra-fastness.

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