August 2007

Here's a few more projects that have been going on. If you don't see yours', Don't get
all mad on me. I can only show so much stuff! I do my own website so just finding the
time to maintain it is difficult, at best. Remember, I create whatever the customer wants.
I don't have "set" designs to pick from. If you have an idea, I can take it from there!

Bill Meyers had his Daughters' Psycho Barbie Banshee professionally shot by Image X Photography.
Eric Behrmann did a phenomenal job of shooting this in studio, complete with a Pyscho Barbie Model!
He can be reached at 602-695-3983 or email
Bill has a really nice website set up for people who love off-road sports:

Indy Car Driver Paul Tracy's Monster Sandcar. Built by Tatum Motorsports and painted by CRDesigns, Peoria, AZ.
Airbrushing and Lettering by Me. A nice Sandcar, all carbon-fiber with airbrushed Green Fire and Skulls. This
whole project was filmed for a pilot Reality Series for TV. Hopefully, you'll see this car soon on your cable stations!
Dupont HOT HUES sponsored the painting of this sandcar and provided paint for everything done.

HULK Sandcar. This was done on a Joyner Sandcar for a customer in Texas. Who's Big,
and Green and Bad Ass? THE HULK!

A Motocross Helmet for a Top Amatuer, Troy Allen. Lots of Flames, Skulls, Kandy Colors
and a Hundred Dollar Bill up top. Gonna be hard to NOT notice Troy on the Course!

Another Banshee Body. Skulls, Barbed Wire, Crosses, Spades, Dice....A "vice" theme.
This Banshee Races with an Alcohol Setup. Sponsers are located on the sides, and the
whole thing is cleared with a mirror shine. The Frame is Powder coated Cardinal Red
so we put an evil Kandy Apple Red Eyeball on one skull on each side. This Body Just
POPS and is sure to turn heads at the Race Track!

How about a couple Hockey Helmets? The Spider Web design was for Dave who plays in a Rollerblade
league in North Carolina. The Green Skull and Lightning was for a guy who plays in Michigan.
Hockey Helmets I can do for $450 and up, and that includes the back plate, not shown.

This Fairing was done from artwork provided. Javier Soto did this as a demo for Airbrush Action Magazine.
The Customer loved it, so I did it up for him with my real fire. This was done thru in
Peoria, AZ. Check out thier website for lots of cool stuff.

Here the Banshee had a Rear Fender cut out in the shape of a "Frill" like on a triceratops. The Customer
loved Dragons, so with a little imagination, VIOLA! We have a Dragon Banshee with scales, horns and Teeth!

Another Banshee with Tribal Flames, purple fire and skulls. I pinstriped it all in Slime Green
to really make it bright. The owner gets alot of compliments on this one.

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