I like to think that my style of flames is not quite like everyone elses. Some artists out
there try to do them as fast as possible, and therefore, for as great a profit as can be done.
I like to take my time, and try to make a "artistic" representation of real fire. That is, it may not
look exactly like real fire, but it doesn't look like hot rod flames either. It's a nice, bright, bold
look for any vehicle. It doesn't necessarily have to be done on black either. These flames
look good on black, blue, yellow, or even Copper Pearl like on this Plymouth Prowler.

This is a Yamaha Roadstar 650. People see it coming and think it's a full blown custom Bike!

This Pro-Street Truck is a combination of Graphics and Real Fire!
A very nice Combination. This truck has won a few awards now!

This is a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 with "negative" flames. That is, using the black base color
of the truck, traditional 'hot rod' flames are laid out. Then, the real fire is applied over these
creating Black Flames. These are then pinstriped and you have two styles of flames on one truck!

Here, a factory paint job with cleared-over stickers gets a real fire paintjob. The original paint
from the factory is scuffed and prepped, real fire is applied, and then the entire job gets clearcoated.
There is no need for a complete paint job, or the cost of one, if the original factory paint is good.
On this job, even the original sticker was saved and incorporated into the final product.

Another example of real fire over factory paint. Here we have a deep black cherry paint job,
with "blue fire" and skulls over it. Add the final clear coat, and you have something custom!


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