Iron Maiden Tribute Bike

Titan Motorcycle Company, Phoenix, AZ

Gary flew in from New Jersey to complete his order on this bike, and to
sit down with me to go over the whole paint scheme. He had an armload
of old albums, and a barstool with artwork from Iron Maiden over the years.
With pen and sketchpad in hand, we discussed the various parts of the bike,
and what art would look best on which piece. A black base was decided upon,
and we figured out how to tie the different layouts together. When it was all
done, the bike came together beautifully.

These pictures were taken while the bike was undergoing final assembly. The
first photo, the seat isn't even on yet! The final product is one awesome ride,
and Gary and his wife were absolutely thrilled when they saw it for the first
time as it rolled off the truck in New Jersey and into their driveway.

This is one sweet ride and an awesome tribute to Iron Maiden. I'm sure Gary will be
getting alot of attention and awards for this bike. If you want a paint job that will turn
heads, give me a call. I can do whatever you have in mind, or come up with something
for you. I can sit with you like I did with Gary and draw out several sketches, and make
the whole process easy and enjoyable. You will be excited to see your dream come together.
I guarantee it!