Here's a few of my buddies sites that have helped me out
since I've arrived here in Phoenix. More than likely, they
can help you out if you're in need of thier services.

America's Fire Truck Tony Boulos and his wife, Michelle, have poured their hearts and souls into bringing this firetruck to life.
It is a tribute to all of America's Firefighters and the fallen men and women of Sept. 11, 2001. This truck is complete with 4
37" LCD TVs, Surround Sound Stereo, Lights, Awnings, 4 Infra-red Grills, and Soda Dispensers. They plan on using this
awesome rig for Fundraising and Corporate Sponsored Events. If you have an event planned, and need a vehicle/party
machine that will attract a crowd, give them a call at the office 623-572-2711. OR call Tony at 602-721-3911

John Shope of Ssinister Choppers in Scottsdale builds
some of the most unique, baddass bikes out there. Check out
his Captain Morgan Bike, the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals World Series
tribute bike, and all the other wild creations he's made.

David Sprowl in Southern California can build you a Custom
Guitar, Bass, or fix the one you already play. Very Meticulous to detail and
having a phenominal ear helps make him a master at what he does.
Check out his website and see what he can do for you!

Brian at Mazz Enterprises sure does some nice work on Street Rods, Bikes and Sand Toys.
He specializes in Graphics and does ALOT of Arlon Ness Bikes.
He asks me for help with Real Fire, Skulls and "Fine Art" type airbrushing.

Jeremy and Russ Ellis are a father and son team who love street rods.
Jeremys' '69 Chevy C-10 has one of my real fire jobs and took "Best Paint" at
the World of Wheels Car Show at Cardinals Stadium.
Russ's Prowler took "Best in Class" and also has one of my real fire jobs on it.
Besides selling Real Estate, they have a shop dealing with Custom Classic Cars and Trucks.
If you need to sell a classic, buy a classic, or have something you want to fix up but don't have the
time to do yourself, give them a call at 602-758-7117. Their shop is located at
2127 W. Melinda Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Gary Icke at Poorboys Sandcars builds Really Nice cars
from the ground up. These things are built to last, and Gary
and crew service what they sell. They also have a long list
of parts, tires, specialty items and all you need for the dunes.

Craigs Custom Pinstriping
Craig Henkel does some really nice striping on bikes, cars
and trucks. He does Von Dutch Style striping and also does some
custom painting on the side. Located in Cave Creek, Arizona,
he can be reached at 602-430-6438

Glendale Crane Service
Roman Newton at Glendale Crane owns a really sharp Ford F-150 that I painted Real Fire on. This was done while
I was employed at another Paint Shop here in Phoenix. Prep and Clear was done thru them. I did the artwork.
If you need any kind of Crane Service, Give Roman a call and ask him how he likes his paint job!

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