The Latest Stuff

I have been Swamped! Out of Control! BUSY! My apologies to everyone who has had work done,
and have been waiting to see it on my website. I just can't do all this work AND maintain my site.

I am really happy with the results I have been getting, and some of the jobs I've done are really
over the top. The World of Wheels Car Show is coming up soon at Cardinals Stadium, and I'm
still trying to get work done for that. In the meantime, here are a few examples of the latest:

How about a "COACH" bike to go along with your "Coach Purse"??? This Ladies' Big Dog was
tricked out by Ssinister Choppers. The seat is custom and matches her purse complete with straps!
I re-created the Coach Pattern and did the "C's" in dark charcoal, over a medium silver base.
Hot Rod style flames were added over the design in silver, but transparent enough to allow
the design to show through the color. Way to Accessorise! You Go Girl!

Here's a Heritage Classic with Spokes, White Walls, and a Vegas Theme. Lots of Chrome
and being lowered, the bike has a classic look with Dice, Cards, and Flames!

Another Theme Bike from Ssinister Choppers. This copper bike is really cool. John Shope, the
builder and owner of Ssinister Choppers named this bike a Bad Penny. So naturally, a pinup girl
came to mind with the aura of the roaring 20's. A gangster chick flipping a coin complete with
Thompson Sub-Machine gun on either side of the tank completes the look.

This is not a big tank. In fact, the penny is only 4" across. Lotta detail in that small space!

This Sandcar owner wanted to pay tribute to his FAVORITE Beverage Miller Lite!
This is not a digital print. All of it is airbrushed art. These parts are not cleared in this photo, nor are the following.
This job was contracted from CR Designs, Peoria, AZ. They also did the base and clear.

A couple of off road vehicle hoods. A nice 50's style Devil head with Real Fire on a Joyner Commando.
And an example of "Shredded" graphics on Black Base, with a Tiger Looking out, on a Ranger Hood.
Take a good look at the detail in both of these hoods. Compare my efforts to alot of the so-called
"airbrush artists" out there. More like airbrush technicians. Hey, I can turn a wrench. Doesn't make me
a mechanic. Simply being able to spray paint thru an airbrush doesn't make you an artist either.
If you want work done by anyone, really, REALLY take a look at their work with a critical eye
before you fork over your hard-earned money to them. It's up to you to be sure you don't get
ripped off, be given subpar work, or get what you pay for without being overcharged.
There are some really talented artists out there. There are a lot of "wannabes" as well. I just
hate losing a customer to someone else, and then seeing that job done and it looks like STINK!
Now the customer has laid out some money, and gotten crap in return. I am tired of people coming
to me and saying, "Geez, can you fix this?" Again, the answer is NO! It has to be re-done, and
you get to pay for it all over again. If you have a limited budget, I will work with you to get
the best possible job for your money, and most times, I go beyond what the customer is paying for.


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