July 2008

Here are some more examples of recent stuff. I can do just about any job,
in any way the customer wants. I can sit down and talk to you and together,
we can come up with a plan, and a price, to fit your budget in these tough times.

Here's a 1936 Ford Pick Up. Based in Yellow, the customer wanted to add "just a little" custom
flames. On Yellow? SURE! Not a problem, especially because he wanted them "subtle". Not
to loud but definately there, and now it's really a head-turner. Paint/Clear by William at Voodoo
Fabrication, this job was co-ordinated by Russ Ellis with Cruizin' the Valley Customs. Once again,
we prove that we can be your "One-Stop Shop for finishing your street project."

Here's an -04 Dodge Ram. Factory Blue Paint. Russell and Crew at H-13 prepped the truck,
got it ready for paint, and then I laid Natural Gas Flames and skulls all over it. These flames
really dance and the skulls really add character to this nice 4x4.
Russell can be reached at 602-455-3782 and is located near 35th and Osborne in Phoenix.

Here's a couple of "Show Quality" Banshees all tricked out with Chrome
and high-performance parts. The owner was thinking of taking them out
to the dunes, but after seeing the paint, he said, "No way! These are gonna be just for show!"
Full paint with artwork on Banshees like this is in the $1400-$1500 range.

This is a piece off the front of a motorcycle. The graphics had a little spot for artwork,
so the customer wanted an evil skull with Indian Headdress. The graphic still has to be
pinstriped, and the whole thing cleared, but you can see the detail and the size of this.
This was done for Brian at Mazz Enterprises in Peoria. www.bmazz.com

Here's a Street Glide owned by a VP at Merrill Lynch. He wanted a Wall Street Theme
on a silver base. So one side of the Bike shows a "Bear" market, the other side is a
"Bull" market. Buy, Sell, Stock Charts, Evil Bankers and Wall Street itself, All complete the look!
Check out the detail in this bike. The Evil Banker on the Side Cover is Reading the Wall Street Journal!
This job was contracted thru Vivid Dragon, who did all the base, clear and buff.

This is a Custom Chopper Craig Henkel and I painted for Ssinister Choppers.
All Flat Clear, Red with White Racing Stripes.
We "altered" the Radio Flyer Logo to have the kid in the wagon giving the Finger!

Here's a set of door on an old Panel Delivery Truck. This Character is from an old movie,
and the owner of the truck asked me to reproduce it for him. He took delivery of these
doors and did the clear himself. He also prepped the doors himself. All I had to do was
do the artwork! Hey, I have no problem with customers saving themselves money!

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