Real Fire Revisted

Airbrushing in Phoenix has turned out to be such a blast compared to when I lived in New York.
Here, people have year round good weather, and love to dress up thier rides. Everyday drivers
get the same treatment as "show vehicles" back in NY where we only have 3 good riding/driving months!

Here, a girl approached me about painting up her BRAND NEW Jeep Sahara Edition with Real Fire. She is
also a big Pittsburg Steelers fan and wanted a helmet on the hood, with real fire around it. There is a big
contingent of Transplanted Steeler Fans living in the Northern Phoenix/Cave Creek area. This Jeep really
turns heads and gets alot of compliments. Especially on Sundays!

This hood is also an example of the "illustrative" quality I can achieve. This is NOT T-Shirt Airbrushing!
Again, if you are looking for an airbrush artist, pay attention to DETAIL!!!

A couple of Trucks owned by Russ Ellis with Cruizin' the Valley Custom Classics. The Top GMC is an '07
and a daily driver. Russ wanted to dress it up a little. So you see, Real Fire can be done on a red base.
The '72 Chevy above was really nice. Orange Real Fire on a yellow base. This picture was taken at the
94.5 Kool FM car show on 75th and the 101. There were over 1,000 cars at this show. The '72 took
Best Flames in the 1967-1972 class, and Best of the 70's. Congratulations Russ!

Here's a sandcar I painted for CR Designs in Peoria, AZ. This is a Tatum Sandcar with Carbon Fiber
panels. They wanted the carbon fiber to show thru, and then had this artwork they wanted along with
the name "OUTLAW" in Fire as well. Barbed wire trims the black basecoat with the Carbon Fiber areas,
and makes a nice effect. All basecoat, clear, final cut and buff was done by the crew at CR Designs.

Buggy Monsters. Real Fire with little Demons Ripping thru torn metal effects. This is an example
of an Affordable paint job. The customer had a plain black sandcar, and we just scuffed it up,
added the artwork, and re-cleared it all. All this for $1700. More than Affordable!

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