Dodge Chargers and New Stuff

Here's a couple of Dodge Chargers done up with Real Fire, and "Smoke".
Ram Head Skull on one, Grim Reaper on the other. Check out the art on these babies!


This Hemi Charger Owner has TONS of upgrades in his awesome ride. He wanted
a "SMOKE" real fire job, along with a Grim Reaper, and Skulls on the sides.
This too, is one bad-ass ride, and turns heads in every parking lot!

What is it? It's a HEADLINER inside a Dodge Charger! This requires taking the
headliner out of the car. No easy feat! Jeremy at Cruisin' the Valley Customs does it
for a reasonable price and I airbrushed the entire thing with full skull coverage
for a total of $500 which includes taking it out and putting it in.

Here's a Polaris Razor with Real fire and a Wicked Skull. This hood has
not been cleared yet. Base/Clear by H13 Kustoms in Phoenix.

This set was off of a Yamaha Rhino. Chad at CRDesigns did the base in House Of Kolor
Vivid Black, and I added all the skulls and Monster Logos in House of Kolor Kandies,
White and Black. Chad then cleared it all out and buffed to a mirror shine. This set
was sold then as a consignment set to a lucky local guy who couldn't wait to tool
around his neighborhood showing off his new skins!

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