John had a nice Suzuki and the base color was fine. He just wanted artwork. No Problem!
We took the parts, prepped them out, laid some Black Ice Base down, added a
Celtic Theme with Green Real Fire, and recleared it.
Taking the bike apart, doing the artwork, re-clearing it and putting it back together for less than
$2000 is a bargain! Quick turn-around time too! 2 weeks!

Here we started with a stock Road King. Originally Purple from the factory, Jesse wanted to be
completely custom. He added stretch bags and Side Covers from Sinister Industries, and Craig
at Hotassgraphics and Jesse did all the prep, base and clear. Base Color is Gold Metalic
with Kandy Apple Red over that. I added the Hot Rod Flames which were done in Black Pearl,
Real Fire and Artwork. Craig then Pinstriped it with Old School Process Blue. It all adds
up to one nice ride. Jesse works at a paint supply store, so I added PPG to the Cigar Band!

Here's ONE HAPPY customer!

Another Factory Paint job on a Street Glide. Plain old Black. Well, this former Marine
wanted Dragons and Action on his bike. All Artwork is out of my head save for the Right
Bag Lid, which is modified from an existing painting the customer liked. This bike you
can see coming from miles away! There's usually a crowd around it whenever he goes out.


This bike was built by John Shope at SSinister Choppers for the 2008 Series on CMT network,

"Chopper Challenge"

This bike is a tribute to the Rock Band "Seether" who've had numerous songs on the Billboard Charts.
Craig did all the base and clear along with body work on frame and parts. I handled graphics and artwork.
This bike went up against alot of top builders and painters and I'm happy to say, John took 1st Place!

Nice to see a couple guys, so called "unprofessionals" without a shop or high tech Paint Booths can
beat the self proclaimed "Professionals!" I guess we DO know what we're doing!

Glenn built this bike himself with a War Eagle Frame. This is one awesome looking ride
and really turns heads. Casey did the body work, paint and clear, while I handled all
the artwork and airbrushing. HOK Base of Sunset Pearl graced with my Skull work and Real Fire.

Here's another bike we did that had original, "boring" paint. Simply prep the factory paint,
add airbrushing, clear, cut and buff for a totally new look!

The Tank had an HD Sticker on it which we removed. Then we rebased it in Black, and added artwork.
The fenders had Blue and Grey factory pinstiping on them, so we taped off the stripes, and added
artwork and Blue "Natural Gas" Flames within the stripes. Reclear it, cut and buff and you have
a totally new Custom Look for your factory paint for around $1600! Who can beat that?

Here's a Street Glide with a Toxic Green Fire and Skulls Theme.
Base and Clear was done by CR Designs, Phoenix.

Kandy Apple Red Base, Lightning and HD Bar & Shield Logo.
The Rear Fender has a POW/MIA Logo on it as well as a tribute to
soldiers Lost and Missing. Base and Clear was thru Vivid Dragon.
Vivid Dragon is a shop I do airbrushing for that specializes in OEM Sets.

Again, these parts have NOT been cleared yet! If it looks good without clear,
imagine how it looks WITH clear! Totally different. The artwork just glows
and all the deepness of the kandy really comes out with the clear.
The POW/MIA logo is all paint by the way. NO stickers! I can re-create
any kind of logo or artwork the customer can provide. Logos, art, whatever!

And Here's The Bike all together! SWEET!

Here's a "Fighter/Bomber" theme on Green Base. I've also done them on Silver. Either way,
it's a cool tribute to the pilots who've graced the skies fighting for this country. My Uncle flew
25 missions in a B-24 during WWII, so I love doing this stuff up. This was another job for
Vivid Dragon, who did the base and clear work.

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