August 2008

How about your Favorite NASCAR racer on your Sandcar? Here we have the legend himself,
Dale Earnhardt on the hood of this customer's sandcar, along with graphics on the sides
and the wing. This was done over a powder-coated Black base, which you see here all
prepped for artwork. Now it's off to the paint shop for clear coat and buff! This job was
done for a Joyner Customer. Prep, Artwork, Clear, Buff, Pickup and Delivery was $2,200.

This Job was done with Craig at for Poor Boys Sandcars in Glendale.
Just the sides were done to "spice it up". Silver Hot Rod Flames were added over the Powdercoat
base, pinstriped, cleared and buffed out. This can be done for as little as $700.

Got a truck with a plain tailgate? I can jazz it up for you. Flags, murals, Wildlife, whatever you
want. I can do it for you. Tell me you budget and I'll work with you. A job like the above is a
little more involved than average. Something like this Graveyard scene goes for $1250, but for
$700 -$900, you can still get alot. That includes everything, prep, art, clear, buff and we'll
even put the thing back on your truck for you!

Here's a Sandrail Hood done up with Burning Money! I did the artwork over a Black Base
which was shot by Chad at CRDesigns in Peoria. He then did the clear which here was sanded
done with 2000 grit sandpaper, and readied for buff. I just never get a chance to see these things
all together as a finished product! One of these days, I'll get to the dunes and take photos!

And here are the sides and the back of the wing. 25 plus years as a signpainter shows in my
lettering skills, eh? I don't like "plain ol' lettering". Airbrush it up and add some depth I say!
Again, none of the above pieces are cleared. To show how clear looks, take a look at the dash pieces below:

So you've seen Burning Money. How about Burning Cards? This job was done
for Vivid Dragon. Shadd there will clear this now and buff it out and get it ready for shipping.
Cards, Poker Chips and Real Fire. This will look sweet when it's back on the bike!

Again, all this artwork is uncleared. It's just Raw Base on Black Base Coat.

Here's an interesting request...the customer liked my real fire, but wanted spider webs. So,
here we have my latest, Spiderweb Flames! He wanted it to look like the bike ran thru a big
web, and it was trailing down the sides. No spiders, Just webbing! Definately different.
Again, these parts have not been cleared or buffed.

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