This Bike was built by SSinister Choppers, Scottsdale, AZ for Mark Mulder,
A pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards won the 2006 World Series
and Mark wanted to have a bike built as a tribute to that team. The front downtube
is in the shape of a baseball bat, and the Oil Bag is fabricated like a baseball,
complete with lacing and logos. The wheels are custom and have 2006 World
Series Champions inscribed, complete with baseball bats. A baseball is bursting
through the top of the gas tank and is topped off with a spinner gas cap.
A very nice concept bike by John Shope at Ssinister Choppers.

Mike in Montana is a Cascade County Sheriff and wanted his bike done up.
He'd done some major modifications to personalize his ride, and needed to
finish it off with paint. A Medium Silver base was sprayed on, and then a complete
full skull coverage with a final coat of Brandywine Kandy. He wanted the bike to
look dark unless you were on top of it. When the light hits the paint, the skulls and
detail really pop out. He's gotten alot of complitments from alot of riders in Montana.
I guess it was worth sending me the tins here in Phoenix to get the results he wanted.

Ben in New Mexico lost his 19 year old son and wanted to have a tribute to his memory on his Titan Motorcycle.
The rear fender has a cross and banner with "BJ" on it, and an angelic light behind it. The same design carries
on the tanks with a portrait of BJ on one tank, and his surviving daughter on the other. A very warm tribute to
his children on this beautiful bike. I was all to happy to been able to do this job for Ben.

Dennis in Phoenix had a very nice Kawasaki Vulcan and has added alot of nice accessories.
The Bike looked really low and mean and sounded great, but what to do with that factory
blue, mamby-pamby pearl??? We scuffed the parts, added real fire and topped it off with
a hot pin-up chick on the front fender! Now he gets compliments wherever he rides, and
didn't spend alot of money to get a custom paint job. I can take your factory paint and
do it up nice, adding whatever scheme or artwork you desire for a very reasonable price.

Casey at Bad Voodoo Custom Paint's personal bike. Another nice example of Real Fire.
There are alot of people doing Real Fire. Ask to see alot of examples of thier work.
I have seen some really bad attempts at Real Fire and the general public will accept
some bad jobs because they really don't know any better. Until they pull up to someone
who had it done right! I've had people ask me if I can fix someone else's attempts,
and the answer is, "NO!" It has to be re-done completely. Don't be afraid to ask for
alot of examples of their work, not just the best jobs they show you. And don't be
afraid to ask for customer references. My customers are always coming back asking for
my business cards to hand out because they run out. I'd say that's my best advertising!

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