July 2007

Here's a few recent projects. Panels, tanks, a couple pinups, helmets.
Don't be afraid to ask if I can do something you don't see. These are
not the only choices you get for your projects. You can ask for anything.
If I can't do it, or my skills aren't up to the task, I'll tell you! So far, that
hasn't happened. I love a challenge, so ask away with any requests!

How about a kids' wagon painted up to look like a P51? Complete with
exhaust ports, fuel door, bullet holes and a pinup chick riding a bomb.
This job was completed for CR Designs in Peoria, AZ.

This is another panel in the WWII pinup theme. I designed this myself with the
title: "FALL OUT!" Fall out is a command allowing you to go from Attention in
formation, to being dismissed. Here, our pinup chick is bringing a whole new
meaning to the term "fall out" when she has trouble with her bikini top!

Here's a panel and how it's done. First, Silver is applied, then black and white artwork.
Then, some yellow kandie color followed by organic green around the perimeter. Of
course, any Kandie color can be used, I just used this two tone for this panel.

This design was done for Vivid Dragon in Peoria, a shop that specializes in Custom Painted
OEM Harley Sets. Green Fire with an evil skull. Cool, mystical design! This tank is uncleared.

Vivid Dragon 

This is another Titan Bike, painted and cleared by Bad Voodoo. I laid out the graphic,
and painted in the artwork. The bike was then cleared and knocked down again. I then
pinstriped it with House of Kolor Striping Urethane and it was all re-cleared. This bike
was shown at Titans' booth at Laughlin and Myrtle Beach.

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